TiPb Apps 4.3: Street Fighter IV for iPhone (GDC 2010)

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Live from GDC 2010 Rene talks to Tezuka-san, Street Fighter IV [$9.99 - iTunes link] iPhone producer for Capcom (via translator) about making Street Fighter for the iPhone and iPod touch, getting the controls right, and whether or not we might see Street Fighter for the iPad.

Tezuka-san points out how Capcom decided to make the controls very customizable, allowing users to choose whether they want the button low down, in the middle, or high up, and set the level of transparency. This means you can hold the iPhone or iPod touch anyway you like and set up the controls just the way you like.

I had a chance to play it just before release and while I got my butt kicked in multiplayer, the game looked gorgeous and handled very well. I could pull off what few moves I remembered from my childhood in the arcade, and I could resort to button (er... screen) mashing when all else failed. (Yes, just like my childhood in the arcade.)

For the iPad, they're going to sit down and figure out how the controls work and what the experience is like on that screen with that form factor. If it makes sense, they'll do it. If not, there are other Capcom games that certainly might. It's all about the quality of the end product for them.

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Reader comments

TiPb Apps 4.3: Street Fighter IV for iPhone (GDC 2010)


I don't get this Tipb Apps mac world thing. Why is this Tipb Apps "4.3". Where do they get 4.3 from? And when the hell was mac world?

I got it...amazing. I don't mind the touch screen controls. You might need to restart your phone to play it if you have the 3G.

Got it earlier too a while to download.
Now, I had it set to easy... As I'm no hardcore gamer and it took me 8mins to complete. I'd like to see alot more fighters.
Also, when completed, what's with the "super" street fighter IV trailers/videos? Is this game coming out aswell? On what platform?

The game is awesome! You can actually pull off the super moves. I was worried about that. You can make it easier and turn on the assist.

The controls look a bit difficult, maybe it would just take some getting used to. The game itself looks great however.

after watching this i got the app. Hopefully there is in app purchase for new characters. Im so surprised how well this works. its awesome

I have played SF a lot over the years and am looking forward to getting it for the iphone to take with me wherever I go.

This looks sick. It's refreshing to see the big name developers actually put out some quality content.

cant wait to play this. Always thought it was cool that my name is one of my favorite characters.

I've been waiting for this for along time. I don't care if you "need" a controller for this game you can't carry a console.

i've read that you can only play other players over wifi. correct me if i'm wrong. if i'm right it would game wouldn't be as fun. it would be better if you can log onto a server and player others from anywhere. i might be asking for much though. maybe some time in the distant future. other than that the graphics looks amazing

Wow I haven't played street fighter for a long time looks like it may be time to get back into it.

Downloading for myself now and then I'm going to get my brother to download as well. It's been forever since we've played this game!

I could see the controls taking some getting used to, but other than that, this looks like a great throwback to the original classic!

This brings back absolute waves of nostalgia. The game is definitely worth the price tag, and it handles even better than it shows in the video. If possible, i would love to get my hands on a bluetooth controller and try to play it that way, but even the touch screen seems natural. Suddenly I'm a teenager again and yelling at my brother to stop being E.Honda and hitting the low punch over and over. Good times...

Brings back memories of SF on SNES. I had the big ass arcade style controller that cost more than the game cartridge! Not too sure about the on screen virtual controls. An iPad version would be really hot!

I need this game so bad... I'm just having a little difficulty justifying the cost until I get some hands-on time with it... I guess I'll have to see if the local apple store has it on display

Oh watching this has got me looking at the app store right now. Let me check if my son has it on his iPod Touch first. If not, one if not both of us will get it. Can you imagine what this would look like on the iPad. Yup. Just bought it before this TiPb video finished.

Great Iphone port of a great game. The controls work much better than i would have thought and the overall design (menu/command list/etc) is just done really well. Maybe a bit pricy but meh.
Online Versus would have been nice though :(

I used to go out to pizza with my family every Wednesday night. I think my friends and I about wore out the joystick and buttons on the machine there...

Must... resist... buying my 1,000,000,000,000,000th game :) Don't have a fighter, though... hmmm...

I don't have this app yet but it looks like the Shoryuken might be hard to execute on the iPhone. Also, if you're trapped by your opponent on the left side of the screen, would you still see your character?

I don't like how you have to play with the phone oriented so that the home button is to the left of the screen. I'm just so used to playing games with the home button to the right of the screen. Anyone feel me on this one?

To the guy above me: You can change the screen orientation in the settings. I agree though, the default setup was weird to me. This game is amazing overall, takes a little practice to get good with the controls, but after a while, FADC ultras can be accomplished pretty consistantly without using the special move shortcuts.

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