TiPb Apps 4.4 -- Business Card Reader for iPhone

Business Card Reader iPhone

While I'm busy editing all the GDC 2010 gaming video we just shot, we're putting up our second to last look at Macworld 2010. Here Rene and Leanna talk with Alexander Ostroysky, Customer Care at Shape Services about Business Card Reader for iPhone, IM+, and their other apps.

Watch along after the break, and let us know what you think!

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TiPb Apps 4.4 -- Business Card Reader for iPhone


Business card reader is not too bad but in the end it is not perfect(depending on the kind of card, the light, the shadows...) and it take a long time to scan many cards.
If you have a lot of card and you want the job to be done fast and well, you should try Econtact Pro
It is already number1 in France.
You can send 50 to 70 cards in 10 minutes, and there will be no error in the transcription !
there secret ? no OCR, transciption is made by humans :)
the app comes with 3 credits and you can buy additional credits in the application

yes i have tried Econtact pro and i confirm it is a great app
transcription is made in india so you get the job done in 24 hours
i already sent 200 cards
very easy, very efficient

I have this app, but for some reason it always gets the info wrong maybe I don't do it with enough light or something , but I get horrible results...

I've had a hard time finding a business card reader(OCR, not sent to a site and sent back to me) that works well most of the time. I'll have to try this one out.

Interesting app and useful although the user has to be very careful with lighting or cards that don't have high contrast colors.

Currently use different apps to keep track of all the business cards I get but will have to give this one a try to see how it compares to the others.

I think I am going to get this, and get rid of the HUGE stack of business cards I have.
Does it integrate information with existing contacts? I couldn't really tell from the video.

Glad to see there's an app for that. Now, if only I knew someone with a business card to try this on...

This looks fantastic! I've got a stack of business cards in my desk drawer and this is going to make my life so much easier.

I am deeply interested to see how this application does in the Japanese job market. In a culture where business cards and their handling are a huge make/break for corporate relations, what effect will it have to scan in someone's business card? More than likely, common practice will be followed and then scanned in out of sight, but still, I wanna see if this sells in Asia.
Brilliant app, hope I have a reason to get it soon.

Not a fan of this - gotta have the right lighting without the flash - I prefer the MS Tag reader or other barcode scanners. Work great

Look looks like a great use of the iPhone, an always-available business card container.

I might try this out as well, would be great like apps that allow you to do similar with discount cards and such.

I agree that this is still a useful app but personally, I'd rather just plug all the details myself in my contacts program.

it is good for a little fun but if you have 200 cards, just forget it it will take weeks to scan them all...

this app is like as bad as every other card reader.
we all wish it could work but it does not
i find that only Econtact Pro does a good job because it is not OCR but human data entry...

It would be great if it worked ...
but i must admit that this application was a big disapointment for me.
I agree that it can make the wow effect once or twice but most of the time it is very bad and long...