TiPb Apps 4.4: Paypal Mobile for iPhone (Macworld 2010)

Paypal Macworld 2010

For the last time, live from Macworld 2010, Rene and Leanna talk to Kent Griffin, Product Manager, Paypal Mobile, about their new iPhone offering that will allow developers to add easy Paypal payment integration right into their apps.

Watch along and let us know your thoughts!

YouTube link

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 55 comments. Add yours.

Akeif says:

Doesn't Apple offer in App purchase? I guess the cheaper will win.

Ex j a p resident says:

Updated paypal. How nice you can create a PIN. Oh wait! Your mobile number can't be one out side the US. Great! Thnx.

Tnerb says:

Thanks for the YouTube video that's not viewable on the iPhone, tipb.

Michael says:

I've been using PayPal for as many years as it's been around, and it's never felt really useful. Every so often they come up with a new idea to extend the functionality into the mobile market, but it never seems to go anywhere. I really hope this app is what actually takes that the other way and makes PayPal a valid, alternate mode of payment.
I like the bump feature. I sure hope that catches on because it would make paying at the grocery store or gas station fun. :)

Jin Lim says:

Wow paypal is really stepping it up now. I feel like this will give developers more flexibility in refunds and what not instead of the limitations they though apple.

Daniela says:

The PayPal app looks nice, but I wonder if its secured.

dloveprod says:

that is a really good idea, I like the new features in paypal 2.0, make it a lot more useful

lagmefragme says:

Is it just me or does rene look a little drugged and the guy looks scared in that header pic. Anyways... i can has win!

TroyRific says:

Looks very promising. I know if I were a developer, this would be a really nice way to collect payments. Very cool.

Orangensaft says:

Really enjoying the new PayPal for iPhone app. The "Bump iPhones" feature is gimmicky, but you know you still love it anyway. Also, I'm very excited about the PayPal in-app API. If only PayPal didn't charge you a massive commission on all money transfers...

Dave01568 says:

I never really trusted paypal on iPhone. If I did I like the improvement

Jason Tsai says:

yeah paypal on iphone could be a real security risk...

Freiteez says:

paypal is so secure, love it and love what they are doing with it on the iPhone!

David says:

I have enjoyed the PayPal app, and appreciate the improvements. The "Bump" does seem gimmicky and I'm not sure I would trust the security of it. I am only an occasional user, but have mostly appreciated the ability to check my PayPal balance prior to making an eBay purchase.

GrandmaBetty says:

The bump feature seems a bit silly. If you are standing next to someone you owe money, just reach into your wallet and give it to them (or at the most, drive to the bank to avoid paypal fees.)

brandonc14 says:

I agree with farmdreads the bump is a silly feature but the other updates are intriguing. Its a nice way to transfer money with people who you don't trust with all your personal info

Leo from Miami says:

Hey that's a good idea now I can manage my paypal acoount without putting www.paypal.com I just open the app and that's all :)

deadman36g says:

This is a great app for anyone that does a lot of business on ebay or similar sites

Michael says:

I think the integration of paypal in an app will help consumers but could hurt apple as they will not get a cut of the purchases done through paypal. Great idea though and would love to see it in a couple of my favorite apps.

Nathan says:

NICE. i think ill use this

Chris Vitek says:

I have the paypal app, but I don't really use it much. Of course, I don't use paypal too much in general as well.

jhoffmeyer says:

I wasn't really impressed with the initial PayPal app but this update seems like it's opening up a lot more possibilities.

ken says:

interesting. I think this will be really useful as more apps add papal- I really hope square adds some sort of similar functionality.

LonerATO says:

I like the change made to the PayPal app and it actually works when using EDGE and not 3G

RRobinson4633 says:

I had the paypal app for a while. It looks nice. Too bad I don't use it nor do I use ebay anymore...

AndyLu says:

this is a great app for paypal users. i personally don't use paypal but i feel that i should. since they have a great return policy. like someone else posted i think it would be best if apple got a small cut from this app. but thats just my opinion

HGG says:

I'll try this, it sounds neat. I want to know how the "bumping" works.

appchel says:

I am not a fan of paypal. I just never got into using it. So I doubt I will ever try this app

Wolfmore says:

Has this been approved already? I just would think Apple would allow it cause they have their own solution for in app purchases. Plus this would mean Apple would be able to get a piece of the in app purchase pie.

tyrran says:

Paypal is really a bittersweet service for me. On the one hand, I really enjoy the convenience that it offers and the fact that it used to be an alternative to credit cards online. On the other hand, in an effort to make sure the buyer is protected, I feel like it's become a whole new field for scammers. The potential for portability makes it...intriguing, and perhaps may rekindle my interest in making everything Paypal.

Frank Catalano says:

Things just keep getting better and better... This sounds awesome and Fandango announced recently they are doing paperless tickets. I like how the iPhone is becoming a replacement for certain things. If I owed a friend $20, I can simply Bump him the money. Now going to the movies, they can just scan the ticket on my iPhone. Sweeeet!

Dyvim says:

I could have used this recently when I was selling some stuff locally on Craig's list. Instead I had to fumble around with the website. Guess I will download and add this to my app arsenal.

Joel says:

I wonder if you sell something on your website, will it be possible that a user on an Iphone be able to click on the buy link and have the paypal application automatically launch?

MacBipes says:

I like this, as right now I am using Amazon for some in-app purchases.

sputnik says:

The updated paypal app seems to be a different, better animal. I haven't actually made use of it, but I might now.

Hellpop says:

I would think about getting this app. but Kent's eyes really freak me out.
Oh, and TipB? We can haz html5 pleaz?

ninjamattic says:

I've been using paypal for so long I can't remember when I started lol. I'll use the app for sure.

Triangle says:

I'm not a big fan of paypal, but I guess there are some instances when they are useful. I don't think I'll really be using the bump feature very much, but I think it's interesting. Maybe it'll catch on.

hpfontenot says:

I could care less about paypal, but now that ebay requires it I guess I am stuck with it.

JK says:

Looks pretty neat. Would be cool to use when selling something via craigslist if both seller/buyer has an iphone.

slls says:

This thing with "Bump" has be concerned (security wise), if I'm logged in to my paypal account & my phone is lost/stolen another paypal user can bump themselves cash out of my account, granted they'd be easy to track down & probably (greedy) ebay/paypal would eventually reverse the transaction but but still... Thanks for the reviews (keep'em com'n) they're very informative.

smalls says:

It just seems a bit dodgey to me. How fast do you need to send someone money like this?

zeagus says:

Has potential, I think the bump part is silly, but :).

coolkendude says:

It would be interesting to see if consumers would want to use this on their phones vs on their laptops / desktops.

AC5 says:

i dont trust just bumping my paypal stuff like that. idk. i prefer using my comp.

Colin says:

I use my PayPal app a lot due to selling on eBay, and I gotta say that the upgrade that PayPal has done to their app is great. Not only does it look smoother, but they added the ability to bump! Great job on the upgrade!

mysimba97 says:

I do love the new Paypal app. It is a nice upgrade over what is available on my old Blackberry. The UI is seamless.

dloveprod says:

Paypal should come out with a doggle to accept payment with their iphone app, that would be cool.

Tyron says:

I find Paypal iPhone application very useful..The updated version added more features which i missed in earlier one..
Highly recommended for Paypal users

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basur says:

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