TiPb Apps 4.5: Pool Pro Online 3 for iPhone (GDC 2010)

Pool Pro Online 3 for iPhone

Live from GDC 2010, Rene talks with Jonathan Kromrey, General Manager of Apple Games at Namco about Pool Pro Online 3 [$4.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch... and coming to the iPad as well!

Namco's Apple group, known as Order of Magnitude, started with the iPhone version but since much of the game runs server side, and they've got high resolution art for the PC and Mac versions, moving it over to the iPad is something they can do very quickly. (It will also allow them to bring it to Android -- already in beta -- and other platforms). Due to the server-side nature of the game, you can also play it across platforms with your settings and customizations linked to your username. That means if you play on the iPhone now, when you get the iPad you can log in and just keep playing.

Multiplayer is supported over Wi-Fi and bluetooth and you can chat (i.e. trash-talk) in any language supported by the iPhone via their Unite SDK, the same system that allows cross-platform challenges to be sent and received. (And you can wager with virtual cash to make it a little more interesting).

We've been promised this kind of multi-player, multi-platform gaming for a long time now but Namco looks like they're delivering. The performance and real-time rendering are slick and swift and the controls and customization are precise and robust.

Check out the video below, and if you're playing Pool Pro Online 3 let us know how you're liking it!

YouTube link

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TiPb Apps 4.5: Pool Pro Online 3 for iPhone (GDC 2010)


I had a decent pool game on my Helio Ocean when I had it... strange thing was I think all that game was about was girls with huge racks.

This game looks awesome. LOVE the multi-player aspect. Any chance we can get a trial version to test the waters?

It's funny how I use to play pool on an old samsung phone that I had several years ago, I don't even remember how it use to work, I'd love to play on my iphone but I'm not gone lie, I won't pay 4.99, I'll wait til it drops to 2.99, maybe I'll buy it then

@ack124 I had that same pool app on my helio ocean too haha. well done pool game. This app/game looks really good

It is a great game but I'm waiting till the next Iphone refresh till I decide to buy it. I don't think my old 3G would do the graphics justice

namco makes great games from what i've seen in the past with the arcade systems, i feel 4.99 is a bit pricey for a pool game. ive played many pool games and let me say they aren't good at all. its hard to use english (side spin) on the games. i'm actually a pool player but its never fun on the computers or phones. its a good try though namco

I partially agree with andylu, at least at his first comment. Namco has seriously delivered on the iDevice field, and this one looks like an interesting winner. Instead of just remixing another classic game (which is still a powerful formula) it almost looks like an original concept. Also, on the iPad, this will be a serious tabletop for people with friends both nearby and out across the airwaves. Good job Namco!

Is it any easier to play than the real thing? I must admit- I stink at billiards. Love the cross-platform stuff though. I wish more games worked that way or at least could transfer progress across devices (or allow it to be saved online so you can restore your iPhone to new without losing your progress). Square Enix (FF)- are you listening?

This is the first app I have seen reviewed on TiPb that I plan on buying. The video looks seemless and the physics great. As #9 says, it looks like a new concept for digital pool. Gonna wait until I turn in my pocket change for an iTunes credit, tho. $4.99 is a bit much.

This one will be awesome on the iPad, methinks. Not sure I'll pay $4.99 for it, though I do have some GC credit from Christmas.

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