TiPb Asks: What should Apple add next to Siri?

TiPb Asks: What should Apple add next to Siri?

This week on iPhone Live we discussed rumors of new Siri functionality coming in iOS 5.1 and what we'd like to see. Seth wanted easy access to settings -- "Siri, turn off bluetooth" "Siri, turn on Wi-Fi". Rene wanted the current services evened out -- "Siri, read email" "Siri, send tweet". I want the ability to launch App Store apps, but what about you?

TiPb Nation, what great new Siri features are you hoping for? Facial detection so you could say "Siri, show me the last two photos of Leanna"? Document integration so you could say "Siri, find me that PowerPoint from Chris"? Nike+ hooks so Siri could say "You have not gotten up off your butt to exercise yet today, no Angry Birds for you!" Or just "Siri, aGive us your Siri wish list!

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TiPb Asks: What should Apple add next to Siri?


Application launching
Settings toggle (WiFi/BT)
Third party navigation launching when asking for directions
Sports scores and schedules via ESPN or Yahoo Sports
Additional voices

I agree but also I want business support in Australia like where's a petrol station and it says here's you nearest petrol station not like saying I can only find businesses in u.s. And offline Siri not that it bothers me

I could care less about launching apps - simply because the apps I keep usually require my interaction - with the exception of iPod.app - but that already works with Siri.
I would enjoy the "turn on/off ____" prompts, or perhaps even "send this to my TV" assuming I have all the necessary hardware on the same LAN. Would also be nice to have a "silent mode on/off", for when it's bed time :)

I'd be happy with an update so that we in the UK can access more of Siri's services here - like directions etc!

alarms for arbitrary days, i find it amazing that it is not yet possible
"new alarm for next tuesday 6AM"

I want to get sports information. (scores etc)
I would like to create contacts.
I would like to be able to create list
add to a list like Groceries.
retrieve scriptures and daily Mass readings
Nike +
Developer API's
AND for it to make my coffee and breakfast in the morning

Definitely apps, and especially third party media apps like Slacker - I'd like to have voice control of Slacker just like we control the native media app now. I want to be able to:
- launch Slacker
- pick a station (cached or otherwise)
- and have song control - next, pause, etc.
Hoping Apple can extend Siri APIs in this way....

Support for iPhone 4 and iPt4
Lots of users will be pleased...
Apple, don't be unsupportive for older devices like nokia.

I use Siri almost exclusively in the car for hands-free emailing and texting. "Read new email" would be my number one. A close second would be to have the option to add additional text to an email I've dictated. Instead of only giving me the options to "send" or "change it," I wish it would say "add more," too.

Acces to apps, settings(wifi would be great), navigation in The Netherlands, more voices(sorry Siri but you dont sound sexy enough), dictate and send tweets without the text service, and last but not least; DUTCH INPUT!

Siri, I want you to get a high-paying job and pay my bills for me and grant me three wishes!
Joking aside, I would really like more sassy quotes, responses, and conversations with Siri! :D

App launcher!
While having her adjust settings like brightness, Wifi, bluetooth, etc would be good. I'd prefer those to be on the notification center for easy access.
Why Apple put volume control on the application switcher and not brightness is baffling.

App launcher!
While having her adjust settings like brightness, Wifi, bluetooth, etc would be good. I'd prefer those to be on the notification center for easy access.
Why Apple put volume control on the application switcher and not brightness is baffling.

Ditto on Brightness under App Switcher. At least give us the choice!
I don't care if Settings are controlled by Siri or on Notifications, just let us control the most used in ONE of them.

Hi all, The question we have to really ask is does Apple really care what we want. I am so sure about that? Most users of apple products would like to see Siri on iphone 4 and iPad, but Apple is fighting us to make this happen. Their is no reason for that rather. I have an iphone 4 and I would still upgrade to the latest and great, new iphone when I could. That's my main complant about Apple they need to give us Siri on the newest Idevices.

I cleaner interface for toggling on/off bt or wifi is that we should just be able to tap on it in the menu bar to turn it on or off, similar to the Mac os x.

Spanish!!!! Siri doesn't understand any of my friend's names!! I can't use her half the time because I can't say call or text someone because I say the name and she can't recognize it. I wish that could be rectified!

I have the same issue but with french names. The solution? Pronounce the names as if they are English names. The names sound weird, but it works.

Create a Reminder list called "Grocery" and use Siri to add things to it. You can say, "Add carrots to Grocery List" and boom....its there.

This can already be done, by creating a "Reminder List" from the iCloud PC or Mac program. Note, this is not a new reminder from the iphone or iClould, select the drop down menu at the top right of iCloud and select "Reminder List". Then name the list Shopping.
Next start Siri and say, add Milk, eggs, etc to my shopping list.

Here's my list:
1. Ability to turn on/off functions. Think verbal SBSettings.
2. Execute functions in 3rd party apps. May need legwork on behalf I developers... Think "Siri, use Foursquare to check-in at TiPb Headquarters."
That is all I want...

  • Nickal7

Have SIRI be able to perform actions at a later time.
Example --- "SIRI, send a text to JOHN DOE at 4pm today". SIRI would then ask "what do you want it to say?"
After that its all set. At 4pm - SIRI send the text (or email) automatically.

siri Add/edit contact,
siri download "facebook" from appstore.
siri open facebook
siri switch to silent mode after 4:00pm or any time...

Enabled location services in the UK (which I think will be coming due to the UK adverts now being broadcast which show it) & a translation service would be brilliant.

I would like support for every function in every standard apple app that comes with the phone, as well as API's being made available to developers to integrate Siri with their apps.

I'd like for my Siri to work every time I want to use it. Often slow service, or she just says "I'm having trouble connecting to the network." is this just my iPhone? Should I get a replacement?