TiPb Asks: What Apple products do you own?

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What Apple products do you own? If you're reading TiPb then chances are high you have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV, but what about iPods nano shuffle and classic? What about iMacs and Macs Mini and Pro? What about MacBooks Pro and and Air? Airports Express and Extreme? Time Capsules and Cinema Displays?

Apple products spawn like tribbles I tell you, really expensive tribbles! I know I have more than I ever thought I would. What about you, what Apple products do you call your own?

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TiPb Asks: What Apple products do you own?



15" 2010 MacBook pro, 32gb wifi ipad, two iPod touches, and an apple tv with two (verizon) iPhones to come soon.

15" MacBook Pro, 20" iMac, MacBook Air, 64 GB iPad, 32 GB iPhone 4, Apple Tv x 2, Time Capsule, Airport Express, 160 GB iPod Classic, 16 GB iPod Nano

27" iMac, PowerMac G4, MacBook 13", 16GB WiFi iPad, 16GB iPhone 4, iPod Shuffle 3G, iPod Classic 80GB.

2004 - iPod 20 GB Black n White
2005 - iPod Video 30 GB
2006 - iPod Shuffle 1GB
2007 - iPhone 2G 8GB
2008 - MacBook Pro '15 inch
2010 - iPad Wifi 64GB
2010 - iPhone 4 16GB
2010 - Apple TV 2G
And yes they all work including my ipod 20 gb bw (Battery life 15 min).... i use that in my car.

2 iPhone, 3GS, 3G, nano, shuffle, ATV2, Airport, Mac Pro, iPad 32 and a old Apple notebook that my daughter uses everyday for school. Yeah, I think that's about it. Forgot to mention I love all the products, they all work great even after years of constant use. My favorite, I'M LIVING A VIRUS FREE LIFE! no issues whatsoever on my Mac. Thanks Apple.

15" 2007 MacBook Pro, 2010 Mac Mini, first and 4th iPhone, the fat iPod Nano, a few airports and an old shuffle.

Me: 15" MacBook Pro, Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, iPhone 4, iPod mini, iPod shuffle
Household: 20" iMac (alum), 17" iMac (white), Magic + Mighty Mice, 15" MacBook Pro, 13" MacBook, iPhone 3G x2, iPod nano (3 different generations), iPod.
Many additional cables, docks, and chargers for them all.

21" Corei3 iMac (2010 model), 20" C2D iMac (late 2006 model), Original AppleTV, iPhone 4 32GB, the kids each have an iPod Touch 2G
Ohh, and a Lenovo S10 Hackintosh netbook ;-)

I have iPhone 4 , iPad 64GB Wifi only & Apple TV 2. This year I'll be getting the New MacBook Pro when announced, crossing my fingers hoping they come with Sandy Bridge Chips!

Just bought last year: 2010 27" i7 iMac at work, 2010 27" i7 iMac for home, 27" LCD, 2 x iPhone 4, 2 x 64g 3G iPads, 2 x 2010 iPod nanos, 2010 Apple TV, 11" Macbook Air, and lots of magic trackpad/mouse/keyboard types of things.
It was a good year. This year we'll get the 2011 27" iMac when it comes out and will be ride of all our PCs.
Older stuff - some iPods, 4 x Airport Expresses etc.
And yes, the iPad did finally get me to make the move to Mac - not looking back...

I have a 160G iPod Classic, 5 Gen Nano, 21 in iMac, and an Apple TV. And on Feb 11th I will finally "Praise Jesus" have an iPhone on Verizon. :)

eBay PAYS for Apple products, so very few old ones left now!
MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and iPod shuffle is enough for me today.
Old iPhones in sock drawers don't count ;)

I have a 2005 14" iBook G4, a 16 GB iPhone 4, a 2010 Apple TV, and soon to have an iPad. (I'll be buying my friend's once he gets the iPad 2.)

27" iMac (9/10), 13" MacBook Pro (6/09), 30GB iPod Photo, 8GB 2nd Gen iPod Nano, 32GB 3rd Gen iPod Touch and 64GB iPad.
Soon to be 2 (probably 32GB) VZW iPhone 4's & an AppleTV.

I own a MacBook Pro i7, an iPhone 3GS, a 16gb iPad, and an Airport Extreme and two Airport Express.
I never thought Apple would take over my house, like it has.

iPhone 2g 8gb
iPhone 3G 8gb
iPhone 3G 16gb
iPhone 4 16gb
iPhone 4 32gb
iPad 64gb
iPod nano 2g
iPod shuffle 3g
iPod U2 edition
iPod classic 160gb
Airport Extreme

iphone 4, 3g, ipod touch 16 gig (3rd gen), 2009 15' macbook pro. best products of all time, just waiting for the 2nd gen ipad, when is it coming................

1st - White 13" MacBook (2007)
2nd - 8GB iPod Touch 2G
3rd - 8GB iPhone 3G
4th - 16GB iPhone 4
5th - Waiting for iPad 2
Would anyone recommend the Apple 27" Cinema Display? I like the fact that it has all the ports required for a MacBook or am i better off buying a Samsung display?

Nothing yet. I have always found another brand that does 'the same thing' for less money. I'm not poor, just frugal. Apple makes some good stuff and one day I might find something at a competitive price.

iPhone 4 32gb, iPad 32gb wifi + 3G, , iPod touch 2g 32gb, MacBook, wife has an iPhone 3GS 16gb, and picking up an apple tv this week

I don't own many, but I'm slowly building up my collection.
1st gen iPod Nano, 2nd Gen iPod Nano, 2 iPhone 4's, AppleTV2, Airport Extreme, iPad

mac book pro (2.66ghz i7, 8gb, 128gb-ssd),
magic trackpad,
apple tv (g1, soon to be replaced with g2 i think),
ipad (16gb, wifi),
ipad (64gb, 3g),
macbook (2005, wife uses it, on to 3rd hd after previous died),
mac-mini (2007, acts as media server),
airplay express,
iphone 4 (16gb),
ipod touch (g2),
ipod nano (the one with a video camera),
time capsule (died once, replaced with refurb for free)

I have iPhone 3G 16gb, iPhone 3GS 16gb, iPhone 4G 32gb, iPad 32 3G, Apple TV 2G and a mid 2010 iMac 27" quad
Apple has taken over in my house, and i couldnt be happier.

MacBook 5,1 (Aluminum unibody) 2X iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, Airport Extreme, iPhone 4 w/ bumper, Apple TV 2G, iPad w/ case, iPod Nano 3,4 generation, and Apple Keyboard + Mighty mouse.

iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPad, AppleTV, iMac, MacBook 13. Does the Airport extreme count?

All the Apple products I have ever owned include iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod Nano 1G, iPod Nano 3G, Polycarbonate MacBook, iPod/iPhone to composite cord, Mini DVI to DVI adaptor, extra iPhone headphones (grrr), I think that's it! I would love an iPad and Apple TV, an iMac to replace my main Windows desktop (which i would dual boot with windows) and a new MacBook Pro to replace my current MacBook!

24" iMac, 15" MBP, 2 iPhone4's, 1 iPhone 3G, 500GB Time Capsule, new Apple TV (2010 Christmas present!), 60 GB iPod with color display, 3rd Gen Nano, 4th Gen Nano, 6th Gen Nano, 1st Gen Touch. AND WAITING FOR iPAD 2!!!

I have an iPhone 3G (8 GB) and an iMac (27"). My dad has an iPhone 3G (16 GB), an iPad (32 GB, WiFi + 3G), and a MacBook Air. He plans to get a Mac Pro for work when he needs a new computer. My mom only has the iPhone 3G. We all plan to upgrade our iPhones this June. Our contracts with AT&T ended last June, so we could have gotten the iPhone 4 then, or we could get the Verizon iPhone 4 next month, but we're going to wait a little longer for the next-gen iPhone on Verizon in June (hopefully)

In my house there are four iPhones, an Apple TV, a 27in iMac, two iPod touches, a classic, a photo and the macbook I am writing this on.

My household has been assimilated Apple products over the last few years, including:
iMac 27"
Macbook 13"
Apple TV2
Airport Extreme
Airport Express (2 of them for Airtunes streaming and WIFI extending)
iPad 64gb 3G
iPad 16gb WIFI
iPod Touch 64gb (latest)
iPhone 3GS (not on a carrier anymore)
Magic Trackpad
I think that's about it! On the other hand, I returned my iPhone 4 last summer during my 30-day trial and switched to a Droid X on Verizon. I like the phone, but will be going back to iPhone soon. I haven't decided whether to go with the iPhone 4 on Verizon next month or wait for the iPhone 5. I'm leaning towards buying the iPhone 4 now off contract, selling it when the iPhone 5 comes out, and then using my upgrade (I'm on a 1-year contract) for the iPhone 5 (if it comes to Verizon right away).
Sounds like a plan to me!

I have an iPhone 4, a 3GS, a MacBook Pro 13" and plan on getting an AppleTV in the next week or so.

iPhone 4, iPhone 2G (for a reminder of how great it was),and iPad.
I would own a MacBook Pro but the iPad does everything I need out of a mobile device (besides my phone). If I had more funds available, I would buy an iMac but the reality is that I don't spend too much time on my PC anymore. iMac will be a definite though... down the line.

iMac 27"
MacBook Air
MacBook white
Time Capsule
Airport Express
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
Hope to resist anything new they bring to the market ;)

120gb iPod classic, 80gb iPod classic, iPhone 4 16gb, iPad 32gb, Apple TV. To think, two years ago I didn't have a single Apple product!

iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, 2nd Gen apple T.V., and of course my old black and red U2 32 GB classic.

iPhone 4, 16GB Wifi iPad, 13 inch MacBook and iPod classic 80GB. Love apple products even if they are bank account ruiners

Currently I own: iPhone 4 16gb, iPad Wifi+3G 64 gb, MacBook Pro 15in, Apple TV 2nd Gen, iPod nano 8gb, iPod 30gb (2005), Magic Mouse
My wife owns: iMac 27in, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, iBook G4
I previously owned: iPhone 4gb, iPhone 3G 16gb, iPad Wifi 16gb

Mac Plus
ImageWriter II
24" iMac (mid-2008)
15" MacBook Pro (early 2009)
iPod Nano (1st gen.)
iPod Nano (current gen.)
iPhone 4 (x2) - have had 2 each of all previous versions
iPad (1 16Gb WiFi & 1 64Gb 3G w/unlimited data)
Time Capsule (1Tb)
Apple TV (2nd gen.)

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Keyboard, Airport Extreme, Airport Express & iPod 120GB Classic.

Way too many. Mac mini, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPod Touch 3G 32 GB, iPhone 4 16 GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, 24" Cinema Display, Airport Express, Air Port Extreme Dual Band, Airport Extreme (older version), 2 Apple aluminum keyboards, 3 Mighty mice and an iPod Classic 160 GB.

27" i7 iMac, with secondary 27" cinema display, 21" iMac, 15" Macbook Pro, 11" Macbook Air, iPhone 4 (have handed down the 3GS and 3G) iPod Touch 64GB, new AppleTV, airport extreme, magic mouse, magic trackpad x2.
now if Apple would just sell me a house, and car.... :p

macbook, 80 gb iPod, 32gb iPod touch, 16gb iPhone, 32gb iPad :) No matter how expensive, I love them all! lol

2008 13" MacBook Pro, 11" MacBook Air, 8GB iPhone, 16GB iPhone 3G, 32GB iPhone 3GS, 32GB iPhone 4, 64GB WiFi iPad, Apple TV first and second generation, 5th generation nano, 1st generation iPod touch, 30GB iPod Video, AirPort Extreme. I think I got everything.

27" iMac (i5), 13" MacBook, 11" MacBook Air, iPod Touch (64GB 3G third gen). PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, Apple ][+ (and lots of others now gone)

MacBook Pro 13"
MacBook pro 17"
1.8 Dual G 5
Mac pro quad 2.66
iPhone 4 32
Airport express
Apple TV and apple tv 2
Countless keyboards and mice and software.

macbook (older work machine), 80 gb iPod, 32gb iPod touch (2 - 1 1st gen, 1 3rd gen), 32gb iPad,
iPod (Fat) Nano, iPod Shuffle

You are all some true fanboys.
Just a year a half ago I had only an iPod Touch. One day I said "screw it, I guess I'll get an iPhone and see what all the fuss is about." Today, I own; iPhone 4 16GB, iPad 16GB WiFi, 27" QuadCore iMac, Apple TV 2nd Gen, and a 2GB iPod Shuffle (latest gen). I guess one could say, I'm officially a Fanboy.
Next up, iHome Airplay speakers, maybe a second ATV.

4GB iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPod touch G4, iPad WiFi 16GB, unibody Mac Mini, White MacBook, Magic Trackpad, Aluminum Wireless Keyboard, iPod 5.5G, iPod shuffle G3, Mighty Mouse(I hate it, too), Apple TV G3, 2 Airport Express, and a Time Capsule 1TB.

I have an iPhone 4 16 gb and a 160 gb iPod Classic. The only reason I got this Classic is because my old iPod Classic (a 120 gb) died. :-( I really want a MacBook Pro, but damn they cost a lot.

first generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV, 15" Macbook Pro, and an iPod Shuffle to finish out the roundup.

Iphone 4 32g, time capsule 1TB, airport extreme to extend network, Mac Mini, two magic mouses, magic trackpad, wireless keyboard, apple rechargeable batteries and charger, mac book pro 15", wife has iphone 3gs 16g, 32g wifi ipad, and mac pro desktop with 27" apple display.

17" iMac Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz, 15" MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz, 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Intel i5, iPod classic 30 GB, Airport Express, Wireless keyboard (2), Mighty Mouse

iPod mini 4GB, 1st gen
1Pod 60GB, 4th gen
iPod nano 4GB, 1st gen
iPod shuffle 1 GB, 2nd gen
AirPort Express 802.11g
iPhone 2G 8GB x 2 (both sold)
iPhone 2G 16GB
early 2008 15" MacBook Pro
1 TB Time Capsule
AirPort Express 802.11n
Wireless Might Mouse
Airport Extreme 802.11n
iPhone 3G 16GB
iPod classic 120 GB, 2nd gen
early 2009 Mac Mini
iPhone 3GS 32GB
Apple TV 160 GB, 1st gen
iPad 64 GB WiFi
iPhone 4 32 GB
Magic Trackpad
Apple USB Keyboard
mid 2010 13" MacBook Pro
Apple TV, 2nd gen
Plus docks for all iPhone models, component & composite video cables, and a universal dock.
Wow, this stuff really is like tribbles!

And it all started with an iPod mini from my wife that she got as a freebie on some business trip. If only she knew, what kind of cascade effect it would cause!

2008 unibody 15" MacBook Pro (2.4ghz), 3rd gen iPod Touch (32gb), iPad WiFi (32gb), Apple TV 2, Dual band Airport Extreme, Verizon iPhone (32gb)---the day it comes out

I have a first gen iPod touch, that I never use. But I also have an iPhone 4, apple tv (and soon will an iPad 2, as well as a MBP 13")

iPod nano third generation, iPod touch third generation, MacBook Pro 13", Apple wireless keyboard, Apple magic trackpad, Apple battery charger, and an Apple remote.

24" iMac early 2009
32Gb iPad Wifi
16Gb iPod touch (2nd gen)
32Gb iPhone 3GS Black
32Gb iPhone 4
4Gb iPod Shuffle (4th gen)
Airport Extreme
Airport Express

iphone 4, iphone 3gs (wifey), iphone 3gs (baby boy), iphone 3g (on sale on ebay), Ipod 2nd gen (gym), ipod 4th gen (baby girl). ipad 32 g (wifi), Mac Mini, Apple TV 2nd gen. Saving for a Mac Book Air.

It all started when I found a blue iPod mini in stock in 2004. I upgraded to a 20GB iPod and then a 30GB with video. My 80GB iPod has lasted since 2007. I added a 1GB purple shuffle and a green 8GB Nano along the way. I switched from PC to Mac in 2005 with my, still running, iMac G5 20". In 2009 I added the 15" Macbook Pro. I wanted the original iPhone but, I waited until iPhone 3G in '08. Then I got iPhone 4 last summer. Just got Apple TV when it came out in September. I have a sirport express and Time Capsule too. Oh yeah, also got iPad 32GB 3G for my birthday when it came out last year. Many accessories and cases etc... Guess I went from no Apple to all Apple in just a few years!

2nd gen iPod (craped out), 1st gen Nano, 2nd gen Nano, black 16 GB iPhone 3GS (mine), White 16 GB iPhone 3GS (wifes), 13 in Macbook Pro.
iPad, 27" iMac, Apple TV

iPod classic 32GB
iPod Nano 8 GB
iPhones: 3GS x2, 4 x1
iPod touch x2
iPad 3G
What is amazing, is that all of them still work and always have.
I didn't think it was that remarkable until I thought about it and realized I don't own 8 Motorola products, or 8 Samsung products....Apple also is making good money on our App purchases, too. Sneaky, brilliant bastages...;^)

iMac 27", MacBook Air 11.6, (2) iPhone 4s, classic 32gb U2 IPod. Just sold my iPad 32gb 3G to make room for the MBA.

2nd Generation iMac(roundbase)
24" imac
13" mac book pro
ipad2, not a typo, will be a future purchase. Pre-ordering once able to.

What would be more interesting is a poll on how long people (well, TiPB readers) have been using Apple products, and maybe a separate poll on whether they're all in or what other platforms they use.

Spread out amongst the family: (1) iPod Shuffle, (3) iPod Nanos, (3) iPod Touch (1G 8GB, 2G 32GB, latest 64GB), white iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPhone 4 32GB, iPad 3G 16gb, iPad 3G 64GB.
Or in simpler words, LOTS. But no actual computers.
At least not yet.

iPhone 4, 27" iMac, 13" Macbook Aluminum, 160GB iPod classic, airport express, time capsule, tons of accessories(ear buds, dock, etc). I also still have the original iPhone although its busted up thanks to my sister.

iPhone 4, Airport Extreme, 3 Airport Expresses (Remote speakers), AppleTV (2nd Gen) Gave my old 2nd Gen Touch to my daughter.

iPhone 8 gb, iphone3g 16 gb, iphone4 32 gb, Mac mini 250 gb, MacBook pro 250 gb, TC 500 gb, apple tv (new and old version), cinema display, various expresses and iPad (64 gb, 3G and wifi). Also have iPod shuffle 1 gb, nano (old and new) 4 gb each, 30 gb and 16 gb touch.

I didn't realize how many Apple products I had until I read this. I have the 64 Gig 4th Gen iPod Touch, 64 Gig iPad3G, iPod Shuffle, Apple TV 2nd Gen, and I am pondering a Verizon iPhone

MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G (had the iPhone OG gave it away though), gen 1 ATV, two ATV 2, Airport Express, Airport Etreme.

Items we currently use, in order of purchase: iMac G4 Lampshade, Blue and White PowerMac G3; MacBook Core 2 13"; 2nd Gen MacBook Pro 15"; iPhone 3G 16G white; iPhone 3G 8G black; AppleTV v2
Items I've previously owned: Macintosh IIcx; One of the old Mac clones I don't remember the name of; PowerMac 9600 with G3 upgrade daughter card; iBook G4; PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17"; PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15"; 1st Gen MacBook Pro 15"; iPhone 2; iPhone 3G black (shattered screen if anyone wants to buy it cheap).
Purchases to be made this year: iPhone 4 or 5, can't decide.

I forgot to add: iPod nano (first gen I believe), green iPod Mini, iPod Video 60G.
Jebus, I think this makes me a fanboi....

macbook pre-unibody in white, ipod touch 2nd generation, ipod nano, apple tv 2nd generation, and soon i will be purchasing the iphone 4 on verizon wireless

macbook pro 17", ibook g4 white laptop, iphone 3gs and a G4 tower stripped down and packed with 5 hard drives

I own the steel 13" MacBook, iPhone 4, 4th Generation iPod Nano and I'm planning on an iMac instead of my budget PC.

iMac 20" (early 2009); iMac 24" (early 2009); MacBook Pro 13" (mid 2010); iPhone 3GS 32GB; iPhone 4 32GB; iPod Nano 4G 16GB (x2); iPod Touch 4G 64GB; iPad WiFi 16GB; iPad 3G/WiFi 32GB; AppleTV (1st Gen)... And I have an old iPod 5G 32GB lying around somewhere...

I have a 5th gen iPod. An iPod shuffle, not sure what gen. I used to have a pink
iPod mini but a friend jacked it. I have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and an iPad Wifi 16Gig. Hoping to get a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro soon!

MacBook Pro, 24" iMac, iMac (Bondi Blue), iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod 5G, iPod Shuffle, 13" White MacBook, AirPort Extreme Base Station (1st Apple product was an Apple IIC; first Mac was a Mac SE)

after my first 3gs i bought a 5k macbook pro, magic mouse, iphone 4 and looots of accesories

21.5" iMac
iPhone 3
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
Apple tv
iPod nano G6
*Waiting for iPad 2 since announcement of first iPad.

I have an iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 64G with WiFi, Apple TV, Apple TV 2G, Airport Extreme, MacBook and more Apps then I can count. Now I am waiting to get a new MacBook Pro.

iMac (24"), Unibody MacBook, iPad (64GB, 3G), iPhone 4 (mine), iPhone 3GS (wife), iPhone 4 (son), apple TV, iPod nano (watch), iPod nano 3rd gen.

Currently, I have...
13" C2D MacBook Pro
80 GB iPod Classic
2 GB iPod Shuffle
My old broken apple products I still have:
32 GB 1st Gen iPod Touch
16 GB 1st Gen iPod Touch
iPod, 3rd Gen
iPod, 5th Gen
Old apple products I once had but sold:
White 13" C2D MacBook

iPod 20g, iPod mini 4g, iPod 80g, iPod touch 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, MacBook, MacBook pro, iMac, apple tv, apple tv2.

In my family... Iphone 4, 2 iPhone 3GS, Ipod touch 4, Ipod Touch 1, IPhone 1st Gen, Power Mac G4, 2010 Macbook Pro, 2005 Macbook pro, original ipod shuffle, 3rd gen ipod shuffle. 3rd gen ipod nano, 1st gen ipod mini.

27" iMac, 13" Macbook Pro (Just Purchased), iPad 16gb, iPhone 4 32gb, (2)White iPhone 3gs 16gb, Black iPhone 3g 16gb, 4th Gen iPod Touch, (2) Apple TV's, Green iPod mini, 30gb iPod video, 80gb iPod Classic and an Airport Extreme.

I never thought that I would own as many Apple products as I do now. Myself alone, I own a MacBook Pro 13" (Spring 2010), iPad, iPhone 4 (personal), and an iPhone 3Gs (work). My wife has an iPhone 4 and we have an iPod Touch 3rd Gen for my daughter. I hope to add a MacBook Air for my wife soon as well as whatever new iPhone comes out this year!!

MacBook Pro 15", Apple LED Cinema Display, Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Airport Express, Airport Extreme Base Station, Apple TV 1G & 2G, iPod Classic, iPhone 4

The question is not what I own, but what I have owned in the past
Currently: iPhone 4 32gb, iPod classic 6g 80gb, apple in-ear headphones, and a trucked out 13" MacBook pro 2.66
In the past: iPod mini 4gb, iPod video 5.5g 30gb, PowerBook G4 12", iPhone edge 8gb, iPhone 3G 16gb, iPhone 3GS 32gb.

MacBook Pro, white MacBook, iMac, eMac, iPad 32gb wifi, iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Video 30gb, Apple TV 140gb, Airport Extreme and soon an iPhone on Verizon. I sold the iMac and regret it every day. There are 5 of us users in the family from 5 to 57.

Previous to today I would have told you that I'm not "an Apple guy"...and probably still will, but after listing out my Apple products I have to wonder:
iPod Shuffle - 1st Gen
iPod Shuffle - 3rd Gen
iPod Touch - 4th Gen
MacBook Pro - 15" 2010

Wow, let me think... IIc, IIe, PowerMac, 17 inch Titanium MacBook Pro, iPod Photo, 4 Shuffles, iPod Nano [RED] 8GB, 2 x iPhones, 2x iPhone 4 and planning to get the iPad 2.

I have a MacBook Pro 13in, 32gig 3G iPad, 32 gig iPod touch 4th gen, iPod shuffle, apple tv, and soon the verizon iPhone 4. My wife has a 13 inch MacBook pro, 8 gig iPod touch, iPod nano, and soon a verizon iPhone 4!!!

MacPro 2008 with 10GB Ram, 4-SSD RAID Array and a few more harddrives, 30-inch Cinema Display, 24" iMac, Aurport Express, iPod Mini, nano (5 gen), touch (2 gen), touch (4gen), iPhone 4, and an Apple USB Modem... which is for sale if anyone wants it.

2010 MBP 13", 2007 MBP 15", 16GB iPad wifi, 32GB iPod Touch (3rd gen), 32GB iPhone 4 (AT&T AND STAYING!!!)

I have: 32GB iPhone 4 (used to have 3gs and before that 3g), 64GB iPad Wifi, iPod Nano (6G 16GB), iPod Nano (4G, 8GB), iPod 5G, Unibody MacBook (al late 2008), Apple TV (org), Apple TV (iOS), Time Capsule 500GB(upgraded to 2TB), 3x Airport Express, Wireless keyboard, Mighty Mouse, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad.

Mac 128k, Mac Peforma 636, Duo 2300, Mac Performa 6300 previously.
Currently, iPod Classic (4th gen), iPod Shuffle (1st gen), iPod Touch (1st gen), iMac 21" Brushed Metal, MacBook Pro (2009), iPhone 4, 2 x Apple TV (2010)

Wow, somehow totally missed the PowerMac G3 and PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver) under previously owned (though I still have the G4)

this should be a more formal survey so you can collect data not just comments...
ipad, ipod touch 3g, iphone 4, ipod nano (last year)

I have a 16GB iPhone 4, a 32GB iPad and a six month old MacBook Pro. My wife has an 8GB iPhone 3G and a ridiculously upgraded Mac Mini.
I also have a Mac Classic, a Performa 675 and one of the original prototypes for the Mac Portable, as I was a designer on that group.

iPhone 3G with 8,3GS with16, 4 with 32. 3 iPads. 16, 32, 64. All 3G. 2010 MBA 4 ram. 256 gig. Dual boot windows 7. Apple tv. 27" iMac.

Have had every iPhone, currently have iPhone 4, had ipod mini now have iPod video 32gb?, MacBook 250gb (black), 2 Apple TV's girlfriend has 11" MacBook Air 128GB

Oh my, this is a fun one, dear Georgia. ;)
I bought the first iPhone that I actually kept and replaced my BlackBerry Bold with in December of 2009. Since then, I purchased the iPhone 4, the iPad, the iMac, a Time Capsule, 1st gen Apple TV, an iPod touch for my girl, and an iPhone 4 for her for Christmas.
The accessories I bought and use (for the most part) are the two docks for iPhone 4 and iPad, the black iPad case, and darn it, I even bought the friggin' battery charger they came out with last summer. LOL
I love the wireless keyboard and would buy it separately, if it hadn't come with the iMac and I also love the Magic Mouse, which I would also have bought separately, if it hadn't come with my iMac.
My favorite accessory, however, is the Apple "Magic Trackpad" that I bought to use with my iMac. This thing is just something extra special. I still get a kick out of how much joy it brings me on a daily basis. lol...
I also love the fact that Apple's stuff all matches in color and design! My desk looks like some kind of futuristic command center or something like that. :D It's like beautifully designed furniture that doubles as computer equipment. I've been told I sound like a Mac fanboy and I can certainly understand how one can get that impression by how I talk about Apple gadgets, but this is all still somewhat new to me. I didn't have any of this until July 2010. I'm definitely here to stay, though! :D

2006 MacBook, Apple Wired Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Airport Extreme, Apple TV (2010), iPhone 4 (16 GB), iPad (16 GB Wi-Fi), Apple Battery Charger

Far too much!
27" iMac, aluminum MacBook, 16 gig wifi iPad, 16 gig iPhone 4, 32 gig iPod touch, 4 gig iPod nano, iPhone 3G 16 gig white, airport, battery charger (ha), trackpad
Probably forgetting something. Also my bf has an iPhone 4 as well, plus his 3G is in the same drawer as mine.

Did have: iBook G3, Macbook (C2D), iPod Touch (1G), iPhone 3GS
Do have: iPhone 4, iPad (3G), Airport Extreme (dual band), 2x Airport Express (802.11n), Airport Express (802.11g).
Do want: Mac Mini, iPad 2.
The g/f also has a Macbook C2D, Wireless Mouse (not magic), and an iPhone 3GS.

Currently own: 2005 IMac 24", iPhone 4, iPad, Current MBA
Archive: Apple ][+ with 48k RAM, two 143k 5.25" FDD's. And a $300(1981 $'s) 300 baud modem. Screamer!
Given or sold: 3 iMacs, 2 Mac Mini's 2 MBP's, 7 iPhones, 4 iPod Touches, 2 iPods...

Currently I have iphone4 and my daughter has iphone 4. My younger daughter has an ipod3. I also have ipad1 and recently traded in an iphone3g at radio shack for daughter's iphone.

15" MacBook Pro (2.66Ghz Intel C2D, 4Gb Ram, 256Gb HDD)
32Gb White iPhone 3Gs
32Gb Black iPhone 4
Black iPhone Bumper
160Gb Apple TV
Apple Airport Extreme
32Gb iPad Wifi + 3G
About 1 million Apple branded carrier bags
8 Pairs of Apple Headphones!!!

ipod classic 3rd gen ( i think?) ipod touch 2nd gen, and the iPhone 4. Love them all dearly ;-)

just an ipod 5g, ipod nano, old broken ipod 3, working but pretty useless mac mini that it took from my dad who was gonna throw it away. i'm not really a mac person so i thought i could just upgrade the parts but not that simple. it sits in storage.

I have....
iPhone 2G 8GB
iPhone 3G 8GB
iPhone 4 16GB
iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen [White]
iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen [Blue]
iPad 3G 16GB

iPod touch x 2
iPhone 3G S
iPhone 4
Apple Tv 2010 x 2
Apple TV pre 2010
iPad 64gb 3G
iPod nano

Wow umm 14" ibook g4, 17" power g4,apple imac 15" 800mhz powerpc g4, 10gb ipod, 20gb ipod, 4gb ipod mini 2nd gen, 20 gb click wheel, 1gb ipod nano 1st gen, 8gb ipod nano 2nd gen, ipod 30gb 5th gen, 1st and 2nd gen ipod shuffle, ipod nano 5th gen 16gb, 3rd gen ipod touch,iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs.
Currently 21" imac 3.2 i3 , macbook pro 15" 2.4ghz i5, ipad 32gb wifi only, iphone 4, 3rd gen ipod shuffle, 2nd gen apple tv, airport extreme base station.

Yeah. Like others, I was a pc / win mobile user until I bough my first iPhone, the 3G.
Now I have a :
28inc iMac
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS (for the wife)
Apple tv (160gb)
I didn't realise it had got so bad until, no word of a lie, for Christmas my sister in law bought
me a fridge magnet which says "I'll buy almost anything if it's shiny and is made by apple" !!!!
Oh dear !!

2006 iPod video 30 gb, iPod Shuffle 4th Gen model, iPhone 4, Apple TV, 15" MacBook Pro. Now I want to add either a Mac mini or Mac Pro to the mix

I own a 13 inch macbook (black) a 13 inch macbook pro, the old apple tv 80 gig, an apple airport and iphone 1,3g,3gs and 4g.

3 old Power Macs 2 G5s, 1 G4, soon a new Mac Pro, 3 iMacs 1 G5, 2 G3s, iBook, Macbook, iPad, iPhone 4.

2011 macbook air 11-inch, late 2010 27-inch iMac Core i5, time capsule 2TB, iPhone 4, Defunct iPhone 3GS, 2009 120GB iPod Classic, and a partridge in a pear tree!

I have started my apple journey from an iPhone 2g that I imported to Australia. Now I have a 3GS and my gf has the iPhone 4. Also an ipad and an airpot express. I keep looking at the fantastic laptops and will probably get one sometime this year. I have been A pc user since the begining

In order of purchase: MacBook (2008 white), iPod Touch (1st gen), iPhone 3G, iPad, iPhone 4 (gave the 3G to my bro), and recently got the new Apple TV.
Accessories include a Magic Mouse, wireless aluminum keyboard, Apple iPad case and iPad dock.
I plan on upgrading my MacBook later in the year

What is the point of this? Who's going to read a list of what other people own? (and if you have the new macbook air 11", please include your address and the hours you are not at home). :-)

Mac pro12 core 2.93,MacBook pro 17",3 apple tvs,2 magic mouse,magic trackpad, iPad 64gb, iPhone 1 16gb, iPhone 3GS 32 gb, iphone4 32gb,14&30" apple cinema, display, 24 " led display, 2 Bluetooth keyboards, airport express, time capsule, iMac bubble design..... What more can I say I work play communicate with apple products

2009 Macbook Pro 13".
2010 iPhone 4 16GB.
2009 iPod Nano 5G.
2003 iPod 3G.
This is would have been better as a poll.

Here's my list of Apple gear that's currently in use:
- PowerMac G5 Tower (June 2004)
- MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2008)
- iPhone 4 (32 GB)
- iPad WiFi+3G (64 GB)
- iPod Classis (160 GB Late 2007)
Here's my list of Apple gear that I've gotten for my wife:
- iPod nano (4th gen, 16 GB)
- iPod Shuffle (2nd gen)
- iPhone 3G (formerly under my contract)

iPhone 4, the latest generation iPod Nano! & an Airport Express. Soon to own an iPad, hopefully.

Currently I own a iPhone 4 32gb, 2 iPads 16gig wifi and a 21in late 2010 iMac.
Previously... iPhone 2g, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS late 2006 Mac book pro 15in and a late 2008 white MacBook

I own a 2010 macbook Pro 13.3", on which I run Windows 7 90% of the time because I really can't stand the UI of OSX. I was a 2+ year owner of iPhone, which I evangelized like crazy, until this past November when I went to upgrade to an iPhone 4 and discovered the Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7. I was sold just by playing with the two side by side, and I'm not looking back.
I like the build quality of my MBP, but the specs are underwhelming for the price (Core 2 duo? REALLY? When others are selling i3's for less than half the price?!) and OSX, I'm sorry to say, lacks far too much of what makes Windows 7 great. Luckily, W7 runs fine on it :)

  • MacBook 13" Late '08 Unibody
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB (waiting on iPhone 5 or 6, previously had iPhone 3G 8GB)
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Hold out on iPad 1 (anxiously waiting to get iPad 2)

Currently I have an I4, and iPad, before that I had a 32 gig 3gs...wife has an I4, before that she had a 8gig 3g

I have a 24" iMac (late '08-early '09 model) and a 32 GB iPhone 4. They are, hands down, the best computer and phone I've ever had.

Switched from PC to Mac in 1999, gladly never looked back, even though have to work in Windows environment at work.
MacPro (for heavy work), MacMini (media), MacBook Air (light work), iPad (consuming media), iPhone 3GS x2, iPod Classic (data/music), Airport Extreme, Airport Express x2
Legacy items that get some use: iPod Touch 1st gen, iPod Shuffle 3rd gen, lime green iPod mini, 24" white iMac, 2001 PowerBook G4

I have a 24" iMac (2009), Mac Mini (2010), MacBook Air 11", iPad 64GB wiFi, iPad 32GB WiFi, iPhone 4G 16GB, iPhone 3GS 32GB, AppleTV (iOS), AirPort Express, Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic TrackPad, iPod Shuffle 2G, and a working Mac SE (1989)
I have to say I didn't even realise I had so many Apple products!

MacBook Pro 2007: C2D 2.4GHz / 4GB / 500GB Seagate BarracudaXT HybridSSD.
iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4
iMac G4 15"
Xserve G4
I'm also an Apple Authorised Reseller so you could count all the stock there too ;) lol
Plus a load of stuff I can't be bothered to make-up like so many other people do.

In our house we have a 21" iMac, a 15" MBP, a 13" MBP, 1 32gb WiFi iPad, 3 iPhone 4s, one iPhone 3GS, 1 first-gen Apple TV, 1 second-gen Apple TV, 3 iPod nanos. Soon to have two more iPads (second gen)

i use an old iphone 3g as an iTouch(i have an android phone---yes it is possible to like both) a 13' Macbook as my daily computer and a 27' iMac as the family's computer

iPhone 4 32GB, white iPhone 3G 16GB, powermac g5, 2 iPod video 5th gen 30GB, iPod touch 2nd gen, iPod nano 4th gen, Mac pro.

2 ipod touch 2g 8/16 gb, 1 ipod touch 1g 8 gb, iphone 4 16 gb, 1 nano last generation, 2 nano first gen and a 3 gen ipod 10 gb

I own a 60GB iPod Classic, a iPhone 3GS, & a iPhone 4. I use the Safari Browser & iTunes apps on my PC. I look forward to one day owning a iMac, a MacBook & an iPad. Can't wait to get ride of all my Windows garbage!!! Maybe I should throw it all out a window and film it on my iPone lmao!!!

24' imac, 27' imac, white 3gs (as ipod touch), iphone 4 32gb , iphone 4 16gb (wife), 80gb ipod video classic, 6th gen nano (watch) , ipad 64gb , airport extreme 2tb, 2 apple tvs , (living room)-(bedroom)

Just the iPod, but don't know if I should get the Verizon iPhone been a Verizon customer and all or just wait for the iPhone 5 and if it does comes out this year....if nothing gets Announce in three months after the Verizon phone comes out then I'll get it then

iPhone 4, 3G, OG. iPod Mini gen 1, gen 2. iPod touch gen 3. iPad. MacBook. Airport Express.

iPhone4 32GB. iPhone 3GS 32GB White. 13" MacBook. 13" MacBook Air 2nd Gen. 64GB iPad Wi-Fi. Apple TV 2nd Gen. Airport Express.

iPod shuffle 1st gen
iPod nano 1st and 5th gen
iPod touch 1st and 4th gen
Wife's got an iPad, along with her mini, nano, and touch.

iPhone 3G 16gb, iPhone 3GS 16gb, iPhone 4 16gb, iPad wifi+3G 16gb, MacBook Air. Future- iPhone 5 32gb, iPad 2 wifi+3G 32gb...... Hopefully.

24" iMac as my main desktop computer, 13" Macbook as my laptop. 4th gen iPod Touch as my main MP3 player. 32gig WiFi iPad. 3 iPod Shuffles (2 of which were gifts from people that didnt know I had one (and then two!) already). I've owned 2 previous iPods from the old days that no longer work / are stuffed into drawers that I don't know where they are anymore. Waiting like others for the iPhone 5 on Verizon if they are going to get it the same time as AT&T.

Oh yes and an Airport Extreme Base Station as my router at home! Forgot that one (and possibly other products around the house)

Iphone 4 16gb , imac , apple tv , ipod on my car my wife and my son iphone 4 users my son imac and my wife macbook magic mouse trackpad

MacBook pro, iPhone 3G, iPhone4, Time Capsule 1 TB, iPad 64gb 3G, iPod classic 80gb... I think that's it...

13" MacBook Pro, 32GB iPhone 3GS, Airport Express, 32GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch, 8GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch, 2GB iPod Shuffle, 32GB iPod Video

My wife and I own 2 iPads, 2 iPhone 3GS, kids have 2 4th Gen. ITouchs, old video iPod and a nano as well as a Mac book pro. Just for good measure, I bought a pc laptop (Samsung) to keep out feet in the PC world we live in.

iPhone 4 16GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, 4gen iTouch 8GB and 3 iTouch 2gen (8,8 and 16GB)

1st gen iPod shuffle, 1st and 3rd gen iPod Nanos, 30gb iPod classic, might mouse, magic mouse, wireless keyboard, 160gb apple tv, aluminum remote, 30" cinema display, 15" MacBook pro, 13" MacBook, original apple mouse pad, Lisa pin, iLife '08 and '09, OS X Leopard, OS X Snow Leopard, Aperature, three iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, apple Bluetooth headset, and soon a 27" i7 iMac and an iPad2 :)

iMac 20", iPod Touch 2G, iPhone 4, iPod Nano 4G, iPod clickwheel with monochrome display, MacbookPro Unibody, Powerbook 12", Airport Express, Magic Mouse, In-ear Earphones.

iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, 2005 MacBook, 2009 15" MacBook pro, 2008 17" MacBook pro, g4 tower Mac, 2005 21" iMac, 2009 27" iMac, 2010 iMac, MobileMe family subscription, 4 x airport express (all for Internet extension and airplay) apple tv 40 gb, apple tv 160 gb, apple tv 2g, airport extreme, airport extreme dual band (both with 2tb backups), logic pro, final cut express (fantastic combo), apple remote desktop. 60 gb iPod photo, 3G iPod nano, 4g nano, 2 x 5g nano, 6g nano. I think that is about it. BTW, as an avid fan of your website for the last 2 and 3/4 years, I think you have nailed the blogging business. Thanks

And 3 magic mice, 2 wireless mighty mice and 3 wired mice. Bit hard to say mouses. 3 recent wireless keyboards and 2 older wired. 3 x apple battery chargers. My only wish is for the Australian prices to somewhat reflect the American exchange rate!!!

First apple product was a gen2 shuffle that I still used up until a few weeks ago, just replaced it with a gen6 nano.... Very cool
I'm also a Mac user now since my iPhone 4, been a pc user since late 80's (an still use some of my windows software on parallels desktop, very cool)
iPhone 4, MacBook Pro 13" (with 8 gig of ram, luv it), gen2 shuffle, gen6 nano, and 64gb 3G iPad.....
Cheers :-)

iPod Nano 5G 16GB
iMac 27"
Magic Mouse
Apple wireless keyboard
Display Port to VGA converter (27" just isn't enough, so I use my old 24" as a second display)
iLife 11
Aperture 3
And in a few days I'll buy an Universal Dock for my iPod Touch 32GB.