TiPb Asks: Will Apple TV get iOS 5 and iCloud?

TiPb Asks: Will Apple TV get iOS 5 and iCloud?

When Apple finally announced the iOS 5 preview for next Monday's WWDC 2011 keynote, they didn't include Apple TV in the list of iOS devices. Now Apple has never really talked about Apple TV's OS, not back when it was still OS X Tiger, not now that it's iOS. They might just think, like iPhone and iPad CPU specs, it's not something we consumers should worry about. Or it could just be that, because there's no Apple TV SDK, developers don't need any advanced information about iOS for Apple TV the way they do iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's just not meant for us mere mortals.

What about iCloud? If that's going to be streaming or downloading all the music, and maybe even the media, we've bought from iTunes, wouldn't that make a huge impact on Apple TV? Sure, it could just end up being yet another item in the long list of Internet source, but it could also become a new and important part of the iTunes menu.

Do you think Apple TV will get iOS 5 and iCloud, and how would you like to see them implemented?

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TiPb Asks: Will Apple TV get iOS 5 and iCloud?


I agree. I use my apple tv 2 everyday. It has quickly become a main source of media in my home theater and I use it for everything except the MLB and NBA crap. They need some NHL and NFL action on there! I wonder though, why not just use the home sharing feature? It would basically do the same thing local on your network, instead of streaming the content you already have there over the Internet

It'd make sense to get iOS 5 just to keep integration with the other devices. And iCloud for the obvious reasons

I would like to see it replace more and more of my cable. How about the ability to add live TV streams from the internet. Add vimeo support for those videos not on youtube. I want to watch some NFL games as well. Live sports/news is the only reason i cant get rid of cable completely (and the reason for my ugly bunny ears on my roof)

Could they at least add the ability to view iTunes LP an iTunes Extras? I have all this content that I really don't want to watch on my computer.

Before Apple add anything to the Apple TV, they need to sort out how YouTube subscriptions are handled. The subs list makes no sense, doesn't even show all your subscribed channels and there's no freakin' 'New Videos' option!

Could enable Apple TV2 to conference a bunch of FaceTime calls. Virtual family reunions could be possible. Could add sharing stuff from camera rolls of the far-flung participants.

I'd like to see apple tv use icloud and be come a console via streaming video games, similar to onlive. This would definitly move them into a position to sell a lot more apple tvs.

I would like to see the Apple TV pick up iCloud so I don't have to have a computer on all the time to access my music via Homesharing

The Apple Tv still is an untapped goldmine. I have one and use it to stream Netflix and every so often rent a movie. Movie prices are still to high for my taste though since Redbox movies are only a buck. Icloud would be an excellent start. They need to do four things to really let the Apple TV takeoff.

  1. Enable support for other video types. I have downloaded over 200 movies in a variety of formats. My computer plays them fine but if I could stream them I would instantly have my whole collection ready to watch on my main tv with no hassles, no problems and ease of use. That is totally Apple. Ease of use and customer experience.
  2. Video games. There is a huge market here. The real problem becomes the controller. Do you use an iPhone? Do you use something similar to a Wii or Ps3 controller? Apple loves easy and simplicity...just look at the current remote. My solution? Tough. Ive got nothing. Cmon Apple the controller is the key, come up with it and you own the living room.
  3. Apps, Apps, Apps. This is not so much about having Twitter on your TV...I mean c'mon are you really wanting Twitter on your TV?...but is more about opening up the Apple TV to developers and the imagination of the whole development community. What about a web browser? A CNN app? A weather app? What great things would all the developers come up with? No one knows and that's the point...the "killer app" might not have even been thought of yet.
  4. Sports. Even more specifically the NFL. Find a way to stream NFL Sunday Ticket. Every NFL Game every week. Then enable ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3. FOX and others would quickly follow. One of THE main reasons people won't cut the cord with cable is sports and the NFL and ESPN are two of the biggest names.

iOS has the potential toreally further embed itself and make Apple more powerful and the Apple TV is the key. Win the living room and you can win the war.

Hi Brian,
Your second point is dead on. The answer to your question about the controller is that you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The market there is huge... A $99 game console with games as cheap as $0.99 and a ridiculously simple delivery mechanism. I'm not sure what they are waiting for.

Brian, Craig, you guys are absolutely right, it is all about the "controller". I use an Apple TV2, iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Why couldn't we be using our iphones and ipads to surf the internet via Apple TV? Logitech + Google TV have come up with this gadget called "Logitech Revue" which has a STB and a full size keyboard+touch pad. Wouldn't it be cooler (and smaller) if we could do all the things the Revue does with Apple TV + iPhone ?

I would like to see AppleTV get iOS5, iCloud abilities, but what's really important to me is apps! I'd love to see TV apps, like The NHL, The NFL, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and HBO. I'd subscribe to those channels and dump cable altogether in a heartbeat. We need this, consumers need this...

if you can airplay Ipad & Iphone games onto Apple TV with IOS 5 then there will definitely be an update on the Apple TV side.