TiPb Asks: So what did you think of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event?

What did you think of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone Event?

That's it TiPb Nation, Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event is all over now but the celebrating and complaining the triumph and the tragedy.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, TiPb was right on with the story this time -- iPhone 4S. (Shakes fists at Rene and Apple!)

Now we're going to be covering every little bit of news imaginable from the show right here on the blog, and talking about it tonight in a special early edition of iPhone Live at 9pm EDT, but right here, right now, it's your turn to let us know what you think.

Did Apple knock it out the park? Did they strike out? Or was it somewhere in between? The comments are open!

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TiPb Asks: So what did you think of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event?


Does anyone think this feels like "The New Coke?" I do. Kept waiting for "one more thing" to be the unveiling of the 5, to great fanfare. Thought that Apple had done a miraculous job of concealing their new market killer. Such a letdown, though the specs and Siri are strong in their own right.

Really? Are you aware the the iPhone 4 is STILL the best selling phone even with all those 4"+ Android devices out there?

ditto, at least a 4 inch screen, maybe 4.3. Wish iOS 5 would have been released today as well (not just for Devs).

wtf is wrong with you people? it's a COMPLETE HUGE upgrade? oh wait.. so because they don't do ONE thing make a bigger screen this is it? the end of the world? it's got the new A5 Chip, more speed, better camera, Siri voice.. the list goes on.. and now everybody is all UP IN ARMS because we didn't give it a new name "iPhone 5" and a larger screen?
I thought it wasn't all about specs Android fanboy's? and now that we give it actual specs, everyone disses the fuck out of it.
YOu people are lunatics.

I browse the web on my phone and want the bigger screen...moving to Android now with a 4.3" screen!

If you stay stock and run everything yes but jailbreak and flash a new rom, well 24 hrs for me with moderate use (same settings as i did on my old 3gs.

See, that's a thing of the past! My Epic Touch aka GSII lasts from 7am until 8pm and its still at 20%. Using GPS, internet, and texting! Try again!

it is a huge upgrade like 8 megs camera thats huge, dual core processor that huge, considering all this innovation are in the Android devices now like 7 months ago I think Apple is left behind oh wait SIRI what if i dont speak fluent english? would siri understands me?? I think they have run out of ideas to make the Iphone better. Its a complete disaster and Apple shares are dropping now...
Nexus Prime is coming out its got 4.6-inch screen, a dualcore 1.5GHz processor and a 1280x720 resolution HD display. eat that Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

dude you are an idiot, I've owned every freaking product apple made specially their iOS devices but this is just a disappointment and yes if they expect people like me who sold their iPhone 4 to buy that piece of junk they made a big mistake, and let me tell you I'm not alone in this, lots of people think like me. just check around the web and read ppl opinion.

pretty much in line with all the competition, expect apple to be ahead of the curve, not this time unfortunately...sucks that i waited this long for it

Disappointing is an understatement. If your going to release a phone once a year then that phone should be a game changer, it should make the competition go back to the drawing board. I mean what happened to NFC? Larger screen? etc....

What about NFC? Apple never said they were adding that feature. They never said they were adding a lager screen eather. It was rumors. Learn the difference.

Done with apple cause they released a great product? Or is your judgement clouded with all the media saying there will be an iPhone 5
I'm tired of people complaining, iPhone 4S Is a better version of the iPhone 4 (Just like 3G and 3GS) stop your complaining this is a normal update

Only people who want to compliment the phone can post here? It is better than the 4 and it is a good phone, but it could have been great and it is not.

Oh my they could have just put out a 1-2 page press release. Instead they drag all our hopes along for 1-1/2 hours. Oh Apple so sad.... IPhone 4S not the IPhone 5 :'( Please excuse me while I go wallow in disappointment. Still might buy it though :) Apple Fanboy till the end.

exactly iOS5 on iPhone 4 was the best part of the speech.
I think most of the world wanted too much from "iPhone 5" and just the fact that there was no "5" is a disappointment within itself.
World Phone is a great update tho, that's a big move.

Do you really think that < 1 month of him being gone really made that big of a difference? Do you honestly think that they designed and planned this in the time since he left?
The iPhone 4S was in PRODUCTION before Jobs left the company

Bit of a let down really - nothing revolutionary just a place holder for the iPhone 5. Even the presentation/key note was a bit somnolent.

While I know that the 4S is touted as a worldphone and has CDMA and GSM activated on it, will it be configured for us to select the carrier, and be produced as one phone?
In effect, will all 3 US carriers now use 1 OS rather than minor point variations between us. And can I replace my Verizon Palm Pre with an iPhone 4S and if I choose, take out the SIM from my AT&T 4 and stick it in the 4S (assuming I continue to pay both contracts)?
This last ability would be great and I can see my company being in love with it as it removes the obstacle of having to re-buy the phone to switch carriers.

Dont really believe that SIRI ..."couldn't"... be made to run on an ordinary iPhone 4.
Not enough of an upgrade for me to bother with I'm afraid.
Sorry Apple...you really dropped the ball here. You weren't listening to your customers, and it hurt you even during the keynote as your customers kicked you in the "stocks and shares".

Stock always goes down the day of a Keynote. Are you new? Apple is far from hurting. But what do you know? Nothing!

Why would Apple use the same shell asa 16-month old phone? What incentive is there for iPhone4 users (many of whom like me are coming to the end of their 18month contract) to upgrade? Voice control? Do me a favour.
Having a better camera is nice but all they are doing is playing catch-up with most other smart phones.
Samsung Galaxy Note is looking pretty neat from here.....

I was not impressed at all. The competition is gunning for Apple and they appear to be resting... IMO.

Was what i was wanting. Same device with better guts. A win for me.
But not a win when it comes to the masses. I don't get Apple making such a dumb move with the names. If they called it iphone 5, sure there might still be disappointment, but not nearly as much.
For a company like Apple to not get this simple marketing stuff. It makes you wonder what else the reason may be.

I'm going to preorder. I recently reached the end of the contract with my 3GS, and the 4S has everything that I need/want right now. I'm happy with the camera, screen size, etc. I'm looking forward the new apps that will be able to take advantage of the faster processor.

don't think it was a let down theres only so much you can do in terms of innovation you have to look at how small technology is to fit in an already small phone and we want it smaller. yea i would've loved a different design but really, most of your opinions would've changed if they gave the exact same tech specs inside of a different shaped iPhone with the same screen and call it iPhone 5. so to me a faster processor more ram better camera that has been the main upgrades of the iPhone since daybreak.

who the hell wants a smaller iphone? give me a freakin bigger screen and it would have been the best thing to ever hit the streets. Im severly disapointed that it looks EXACTLY like an iphone 4. I love my iphone 4 but i want NEW!!!!! WITH A BIGGER SCREEN!!!!! that would have made it perfect. other than that im pissed. specs are great but thats not all that comes with a new phone.

3G? HAHAHAHAH no. Upgrading to the 4G was the best decision I ever made short of originally getting the iPhone. 3G --> 4GS would be awesome.
I mean really, what, aside from maybe a bigger screen, could the new one, a year from now, POSSIBLY offer you?

I figured it would be a bit of a dud since many of the rumors seemed to attempt to lower expectations. It's pretty hard staying on top. I will buy the 4S, since I had held out this long because Verizon didn't have the iPhone until recently. My contract is up and I waited for this announcement. Since this will be my first iPhone, I will probably be very happy with it.

It sucked!! On my way to check out the Galaxy Crap 2!! I'm tired of looking at this design and I'm not gonna buy it AGAIN!!!

Very disappointed. I was expecting the iP5. will NOT upgrade now. Will have to wait til next year. Very boring. Really miss Steve.

A single that may stretch to a double. Enough to advance to runners but no runs scored. iOS5 appears to be the better of the two updates. Hopefully, most features will be available on the 3GS. A bit baffled that it took Apple 16 months to come up with the same external design. Obviously the hardware group was asleep for much of that time. Could be that the rumored iPhone 5 just wasn't ready - could it be coming out faster, on the old iPhone announcement date in 8 months? Let's get the rumors flying!

Absolutely disappointed! Apple is so cheap. Just like the ipad2 they give very minor updates because, just like always, they will release another product next year. But there are those of you who will run out and wait 10 hours in line to get this 1/2 an updated phone. Good way to double your profit. I'm getting so sick of apple doing this. I truly hope this phone fails so Apple will never think of being cheap bastards again.

Steve Jobs presided over Apple for most of the time that the 4S was in development, and I doubt Cook put the kibosh on radical changes that Jobs was cooking up for this announcement, so it's not likely it would have been any different had Jobs still been there. Clearly Apple just couldn't deliver the radical changes this time around.

Absolutely disappointed! Apple is so cheap. Just like the ipad2 they give very minor updates because, just like always, they will release another product next year. But there are those of you who will run out and wait 10 hours in line to get this 1/2 an updated phone. Good way to double your profit. I'm getting so sick of apple doing this. I truly hope this phone fails so Apple will never think of being cheap bastards again.

Looks like Apple is sitting on their big pile of cash since the 4s brings ZERO innovation, only straightforward upgrades. No 4" screen, wireless charging, LTE, NFC, notification light, etc... This is disapointing since we might not see another iPhone before 2013...

As someone whose iPod Touch died a month ago and has been waiting for the announcement of the new model, this could not have been worse.

The iPhone 4S was a HUGE let down for me. Nexus Prime will be my next phone aswell. Though, I will more than likely be switching back to iOS when iPhone 6 comes out with, hopefully, a bigger screen.

Well glad it came to Sprint, but really Apple - that is the best you could do? I know everyone is bashing you, but when you continually hit home runs, a double will get you down to the minors again!

It's really just another cash grab from Apple. I love my iPhone 4 and don't really see anything other than a better camera or a faster processor with this new model. I already use Suri on my iPhone 4. You don't need the 4s to use Suri. Apple is all about hype. These are features the iPhone 4 should/could have had, but this is how Apple makes their money. They put add a few new features on the phone and put an "S" on it and take your $300 until the new redesigned iPhone 5 comes out in January, which could have been released now. Ughhhh!

Coming from Blackberry, this will be a huge upgrade. The iPhone 4s is an awesome phone...but then why do I feel slightly cheated? Wish the screen would have been bigger...duplicate the iPad 2 body...When it is all said and done, I will buy the phone asap, but I am not has happy / excited as I was yesterday.

Complete and utter failure in my opinion...16 months and all I get is a faster chip and a phone that can talk to me...what a compete joke!

OK, Apple went two iterations between 3 and 4, and now they're doing the same between 4 and 5. So now everyone thinks the company has jumped the shark, when they're just repeating past history. And everyone is so unhappy because they expected manna from apple, and all they got was a smartphone. Guess what. That's all an iphone is, and apple isn't God. Deal with it.

Wrong...There was NO competition when Apple went from the 3G to the 3GS...Wait til Nokia ships WP7.5 next month...It will blow the iPhone out of the water!

People will have to figure out how it works first. They'll be pushing buttons with cryptic symbols and not seeing what they expect. Then, they'll see the iPhone two feet over, grab it, and immediately get it.
Another failed competitor. End of story.

I have a 3G, so this new iPhone will be a total upgrade for me. I did wish for an iPhone 5, but when I'm ready to upgrade again, the iPhone should be even better.

Is Apple that overconfident that they can simply do a quick "gloss over" after 18 months and everyone will be happy and laud them as geniuses? Wow....I didn't expect the slippage to start so soon. Sell high yee stockholders....sell high

VERY disappointing. Mashable's article on an official Facebook iPad app announcement to be made at the event was of course a load of nonsense as suspected, and ALL the major sites jumped on that article- LOADS of people are waiting for that to happen and nothing! Also, of course no iPhone 5. I don't like the design of the 4/4S and so won't get one just because its faster and I can talk to it. I'll stick with my 3GS for now. The rest of the event was just babble to waste time.

Wow...we already see the difference with Steve Jobs stepping down.. If you are like me, and just recently in the past year bought the Iphone 4, there is no reason to consider the Iphone 4s. Im with Verizon and my phone already downloads faster than every phone ive come across whether they are on a 4g network or not. I was so looking forward to a bigger screen and new shape to really knock the other competitors out the box, but todays announcement after all the hype on the internet is a big big disappointment. Ill wait for a true Iphone 5

Siri not only remembers, it knows.... it knows that the world was waiting for an IPhone 5, with bigger screen, 4GLTE speed, a new design, a version that would outsell any Android beasts from other manufacturers... Siri knows is not happening, and Siri doesn't care.

I was hoping (and im sure im not the only one!)for a larger screen maybe 4''? LTE, a new design for the backing and the sides with all the upgrades inside the phone. and LTE!!!! lol, who the hell uses CDMA anymore?!?
disappointed... :(

I spent $199 eating out last week, I am using my eligibility and my wife's to upgrade my 4 and her 3GS to 4S.
At this pace the 4GS won't be out until Spring of 2013 and will unlikely have the quad-core due out end of next summer.
What are the benefits of a quad-core over a faster dual-core per battery life? Not enough for apple to use it...
Do phones even benefit from quad-core unless new hardware features work better with it? NFC, mirroring, etc...

I will wait for the Nokia World and probably go to Windows Phone...
Seems pretty cool and refreshing.

I cant understand why so many people are upset, they didn't use a new design. All of these phones basically look the same, with the exception of screen size. I personally like the smaller screen of the current iPhone, bein it needs to be carried around. If you want a bigger screen so bad get an iPad.

Couldn't agree with you more. If all they did was put the same insides of the iPhone 4 with a 4" screen everyone would be jizzing themselves right now. Personally I like how easy the iPhone is to put in my pocket, but perhaps no one keeps phones in pockets anymore. Apple has a change over in their CEO, adds iOS 5, iCloud, iTune Match, and they fit ipad 2 specs in a device less than half the size (adding in a better camera), and people are beside themselves that they didn't add a bigger screen. I feel like 90% of the people that are complaining are only doing so because if they get the new one they will have to tell people it is the new one, it won't look different enough. Snobs.

Yes thank you. I read someone say that there was no insentive because they didn't change the look. How stupid. I won't care if it looked like a fraking cylon. I need better guts and that we got. Why does it need to look different every year? It doesn't!
Snobs is right. Chill people! Chill!

They didn't change the screen which is something many many many people have been wanting for years now. In business I thought the goal was to ultimately give the people what they desire?

So ... only a better (resolution, sensitivity, speed, video) camera, a much faster processor incl. faster graphics, (hopefully) improved antennas, new OS with some interesting features, same size, no dip in battery life, (maybe) more RAM, available with twice as much storage, held the line or dropped prices = epic fail? Huh? Reminds me of the 3G/3Gs comments. Apple has failed since then, eh?
A bigger screen and longer battery life would have been more impressive, thinner/lighter would have been nice.
A cosmetic redesign so it is obvious that I have the newest thang, as many seem to want ... not so much. For me.
An unamazing incremental upgrade, to be sure. But I think (1) fail is an overstatement, and (2) look at the timing, this is Jobs' phone as much as Cook's. This is not an indicator of post-Jobs apple, in my opinion.
Somewhere in between home run and fail, I say.

I bought an iphone in 2007 and left the cool-aid drinking bandwagon when I left AT&T for Verizon and they didn't have the iP4 yet...missed IOS since then. Right now my internal debate is iP4 with 32gb or iP4S.

C'mon, 15 months we've waited for an iPhone 5 and all we get is an iPhone 4 with a dual core chip and and an 8 megapixel camera!!

And a faster CPU and a faster GPU and the option of 64GB of internal storage and a better cellular radio with dual antennas and dual CDMA/GSM functionality.
The 4S seems to be a significantly better device except for the already excellent screen and best in class external design.
I think it is great they didn't increase the screen size. Who wants to hold a dinner plate to their ear?

This just breaks my heart. What a disappointment. Tim Cook should hang hisbhead in shame.

All it would've taken for me to switch from my HTC Evo is a bigger screen on the next iPhone. They could've repackaged the same iPhone 4 components into a bigger body/screen, and I would've ditched my Evo and bought it, but no... nice going Apple.

Like okay apple I hope you guys get no profit whatsoever because everyone knows about your little scam you got going on. Adding a new lens to the camera tweaking the photo app and keeping the same design, no Thanks I hope everyone sticks with their current iPhone or mobile device so apple learns a lesson not to jew its customers, and honestly if anyone upgrades to 4s from a 4 your just an idiot.

I can't believe all of the negativity with the news that Apple is releasing the 4S as opposed to the iPhone 5. Had this been branded the iPhone 5 in a teardrop case and all of the same hardware inside, everyone would be all excited. Um, hello! They just handed you an iPad 2 with a better camera, full 1080p video in an iPhone 4 form factor and you're complaining? Wow! I can say that I will be getting my new iPad 2 Mini first thing on the 14th.

You can't beleive it? It's simple, a lot of people want an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. Apple knows this (as they know we also want an iPad with retina display). But instead of giving us the iPhone 5, they gave us a straightforward upgrade, that coincidently is required to use IOS5 voice control...

Think all the media hipe & speculation over the last 6 month causes the let down. While there is a LOT to like.....appleholics feel the let down! I feel the 4S is a stop gap until they nail down all the new Tech they want in the iPhone 5! (need more time for development) Most of the new sales will come from new owners or Sprint or Vizion that have been waiting for contracts to upgrade. I for one with a iPhone4, speed, voice is not enough to upgrade! Better Camera, Video in HD1080 are nice but again nothing I NEED! I do like the 64G the most but will still wait. $399. on all the above when I can just use the APPS I own like Suri doesn't make me want to run out & snagg one in this current stagnet economy.

I completely agree. I went from a 3.5" to a 4.3" and the difference was unbelievable. I never want to go back to a smaller screen again. Sure, there gets to be a point where it gets too big, like the Dell Streak, but a 4.3"-4.5" is a great size range for this media driven generation.

I don't understand why release of iPhone 4S took so. darn. long. Given the very few feature updates, they could have released the phone in June. And, I have no understanding for why it will take until Oct. 12 to release iOS 5. They announced those software features in June too. In my humble opinion, it seems that Apple has chosen to sit this year out on iPhone innovation. iOS 5 is merely catch-up with competing smart phones, and the hardware is not impressive. I'm disappointed.

Youre correct
All this iis result of Mr Jobs resigning from a very important position.
Maybe Jobs realized its time to jump off the sinking ship, who knows.
But with the iPhone 4S they piss of the majority of the consumers :
Those who wanted an iphone 5 are pissed of cause they dont think its worth it to spend money on a phone that looks identical to what they already have with some minor updates.
Those who buy the iPhone 4S will be double pissed, come February or June when iphone 5 comes out and they can only get one at FULL price cause they already used their upgrade on iphone 4S .

With Verizon getting rid of the yearly upgrade an Apple not changing the hardware, I'm kinda stumped at what I want to do. Get the 4S an keep the same style for 2 more years or hold out longer for the iPhone 5 next year. I really the like all the new upgrades on the 4S but I don't think it's worth using my upgrade when I would be just as happy doing the iOS5 software update on my iPhone 4.

I agree. I actually like the iPhone 4 design, so I'm fine with it staying the same. All the changes they made to the 4S make it worth upgrading to for me. Especially looking forward to Siri.

I think iPhone 4 was a great design.. Bigger screen just means bigger phone which is dumb. I laugh at people with the htc Evo or samsung galaxy 2 because they carry a brick in their pocket. My phone is perfect size and does everything. What more could I ask?

I am underwhelmed. I just went and bought a Pre3 unlocked (no contract) on ebay...this along with my 3gs and my ipod touch 4th gen will tide me over until there is a real new iphone.

very dissapointing..apple has how much money and they can't even come up with a new design after 16 months...where is our money going?
what's the point of innovating a product design that's been out that long

this would have been acceptable, perhaps, if it were in June this announcement! the SAME shell? come on. atleast change the location of something. boring is the key word. they just helped out android a lot, did nothing to put them a leg up. just added some android features in iOS5.

Exactly, now after this 14-month lack-of-innovation iPhone we can't expect anything worthwhile before another 14 months!!!

The coming of iOS5 is more intriging that the iP4S.
If I were a iP3GS owner, I'd be happy with what's been revealed today and make the switch.
As a iP4 owner, as I predicted, the 4S (previously thought to be the iP5) in my mind is the iPhone to skip.
I LOVE the iP4/4S form factor (more than the artists renderings of the "5"). It's perfect. For me to switch, though, I want a (Verizon) TRUE 4g world phone next time around.

I'm confused as to why they put out a 64gb iphone with icloud? With icloud why would they increase the storage? But, I do love the siri feature but not enough to give up my iphone 4. I'll just wait until they release iphone 5 which will hopefully have a bigger screen.

Thanks to Rene's articles: http://www.tipb.com/2011/10/02/setting-expectations/ and http://www.tipb.com/2011/10/02/mulder-scully/ , I have changed my expectation for the new iPhone. I expect an iPhone 4S, and an iPhone 5 would be a nice surprise. However, the iPhone 4 is still one of the most beautiful phone out there, and with the upgrade to 4S, it also has competitive specs (although we all know Apple do not really care about the specs, it's about the user experience). So, I think I'm gonna get this one, as I have been waiting for a new iPhone.

If you knock us fans for wanting more from a company that can do better, you're a moron and you must have your kool-aid on hooked into you thru intravenous!! Just like when 15" monitors got replaced by 17", 19", 23", etc... Technology has been evolving to a point where we can expect bigger because to many it is better. Many Android devices are sporting bigger screens. Its what we have wanted as Apple fans, it really shouldn't be that hard to understand!! What a great big FAIL.

There was NO Need for an event....Just post the new iPhone on the Apple Store with the ship date...That would've been enough!

Also, its dissapointing to some people that apple is releaseing a iphone 4s but, its not really that surprising. Think about it yeah they have a iphone on sprint now but they just released one on verizon. And people have been buying iphone 4 like crazy on at&t and verizon. Which means a LOT of people are probably still in these contracts with a horrible economy. So apple holds off the bigger upgrades until for the most part people are off the contracts or they're about to expire and BAM iphone 5 comes.

Well, I'm just glad I won't have too much trouble picking up the 4s. Looks like the lines will be short. [shrug] I guess I don't know much about the possibilities for mobile phones; I think it's awesome to be able to tell my phone to make an appointment or read a text message, to have location-aware reminders (the app I have now for that SUCKS). I've never really had a problem with the way Apple provides its products and I've been an Apple user since the Apple II. It was more fun being an Apple fan back then.

I've tried the Galaxy S II and the big screen rocks! The bigger screen was the upgrade that was needed now. This iPhone4 looks like a toy compared to the Android phones.

Singularly disappointing. Apple are dropping the ball here. People won't get "it's new inside" they want slimmer, thinner and bigger. Not, old clothes for the new entrant. Android will be planning to take some Market off Apple here.

Get over your disappointment. Historically, Apple doesn't innovate every refresh cycle. Instead they innovate every other cycle which provides users two years, the length of standard contracts, before new generations arrive. This keeps users from being disappointed when new models come out because the general public doesn't replace their phones each year. Enthusiasts will, but not the general public. Your first clue that innovation was lacking were rumors, or lack there of. There were fewer rumors compared to previous refresh cycles because there wasn't anything to report. Be happy iphones are still be best devices on the block.

I honestly believe if Apple simply called it iPhone 5 half the people here would be singing it's praises. As such, the poor name choice is gonna hurt Apple just a tad.
That said, I do agree this isn't the update most people wanted. But for me I'm happy. I like the design of the current iPhone. And I like the screen size. If I wanted to be lugging around mosters like the android phones I'd just carry my iPad. At what point does screen size turn a phone into a tablet.
Apple doubled the power (CPU), which according to Moores Law is right on track. Graphics 7x. That's just overkill. Turned the camera from a laugh in the 3G and acceptable in the 4 to something that rivals many point and shoots. iOS isn't just a software update. It's a massive generational evolution that takes full advantage of the new specs.
Come on people. Pouting about NFC. Did you really think that come November you'd be whipping out you sell phones and buying everything in sight from gas to vending machines. Ask our friends with NFC androids how often they use that fluff feature. I can at least understand the screen size complaints, even if I disagree. But NFC. Come. On.
Toss in the longer (yeah only slightly) battery life, better (yet to be seen) attenna, larger RAM (yet to be confirmed) and world mode. If it was only just those few items, then I would understand the anger. But it's not just those. Those are just icing. This is a well rounded update.
Again I ask. What Killer update did they miss that makes people not want to upgrade. Is the speed too slow. The camera not good enough. The OS not advanced enough.

apple just made an ass of themselves, I sold my iPhone for hoping that the supposedly iPhone 5 would at least have a bigger screen, but what a waste of time and everything. and now they Canada might not even get the siri shit.

disappointing. Nothing new or exciting. Updates specs don't count. Just about the only unknown new feature addition is Siri. Is that worth the costs? Not for me. I unlike many don't require constant new design, but do require some innovation for my money.

I honestly believe if Apple simply called it iPhone 5 half the people here would be singing it's praises. As such, the poor name choice is gonna hurt Apple just a tad.
That said, I do agree this isn't the update most people wanted. But for me I'm happy. I like the design of the current iPhone. And I like the screen size. If I wanted to be lugging around mosters like the android phones I'd just carry my iPad. At what point does screen size turn a phone into a tablet.
Apple doubled the power (CPU), which according to Moores Law is right on track. Graphics 7x. That's just overkill. Turned the camera from a laugh in the 3G and acceptable in the 4 to something that rivals many point and shoots. iOS isn't just a software update. It's a massive generational evolution that takes full advantage of the new specs.
Come on people. Pouting about NFC. Did you really think that come November you'd be whipping out you sell phones and buying everything in sight from gas to vending machines. Ask our friends with NFC androids how often they use that fluff feature. I can at least understand the screen size complaints, even if I disagree. But NFC. Come. On.
Toss in the longer (yeah only slightly) battery life, better (yet to be seen) attenna, larger RAM (yet to be confirmed) and world mode. If it was only just those few items, then I would understand the anger. But it's not just those. Those are just icing. This is a well rounded update.
Again I ask. What Killer update did they miss that makes people not want to upgrade. Is the speed too slow. The camera not good enough. The OS not advanced enough.

Nearly every comment here is about specs. You are all missing the point in my opinion. iCloud sync and wireless backup are way beyond any competitor's offering.
Add the rest of the new 4S features and that makes is leaps and bounds ahead. Incremental hardware update with major software changes is what will make the difference in two weeks time.

All I wanted was a world phone (CDMA/GSM) on Verizon and I am happy. I don't mind the size because I use my iPad2 for all the entertainment (browsing/movies/shows/games). I don't use my iPhone 4 for any of that unless desperate. The upgraded specs/hardware are just a bonus for. And since work is paying, it's all win for me.

I view the 4S as just like the recent batch of new Blackberrys. Just like the BB's it offers several great enhancements over the previous model. Just like the BB's it's an attempt to catch up. I was hoping Apple would jump ahead not just "catch up". Nothing innovative enough to entice me to purchase.

Disappointed regarding the screen size. I spend a lot of time on my current iPhone and was looking/hoping for a larger screen. Now that we are post iPhone 4s announcement, I will be going to the AT&T store and checking out the Samsung Galaxy SII. I may have to say goodbye to the big A.

I was underwhelmed, but not disappointed. As a Verizon iPhone owner, I'm very excited about iOS 5. I haven't had my iPhone 4 long enough to upgrade, so today didn't matter much to me.
I would have appreciate a little Siri love for the iPhone 4, but I will get by without it.

1) a complete waste of my day
2) no new iPhone ... I'm with Georgia on this one
3) Does SIRI work on the iPad ?
4) Really an AWFUL Apple event......

Complete disappointment! How do you take 16 months to come out with a phone and that phone be the same phone as you released 16 months ago? I'm completely puzzled. As stated in another post, Apple is supposed to be the leader of innovation and they release a phone once a year (this time almost a year and a half), you are supposed to come out with something that will make peoples jaws drop and send your competition running under a rock and licking their wounds. How can they hold a straight face on that stage today knowing that they pretty much told all their hopeful followers to kiss their but and enjoy their crap product. Where is a redesign, bigger screen, LTE. There is nothing the 4S has that android does not already have. To add to that, wait till next week for Google's press conference. It will be Apple licking their wounds and watching their stock continue to fall. People on Verizon or Sprint should be ashamed of themselves if they get this phone. You will be stuck on 3G for two more years while everyone else is blazing by you at 4G.

It was only the most successful because they added a possible 100 million users on Verizon...
Look at how disappointed VZW was with the sales numbers - and how they cut back production and how they do a simple refresh (albeit a powerful one with camera, processor and software) to bring back the same design. Then you throw it out to Sprint so now you have an additional 50 million users that have access to it...
Apple didn't do anything wrong with the 4s, they just missed the mark a bit due to what has come out since the 4. I don't agree with the screen size needing to be bigger, but less pushing of the cloud services for carriers that are starting to restrict data would have been thoughtful.

I waited through three high end Andriod phones on Sprint for this? I wanted an iPhone badly as it seemed to be a product that just works. I'm sure it does still "just work", but same tiny screen and no 4g just are too disappointing. Pass

Apple knows that the vast majority of iPhone purchasers are on 2 year contract commitments. Most people who are currently eligible for a subsidized iPhone upgrade currently have the iPhone 3GS. from the 3GS the 4S is a HUGE upgrade.
Next year when the early adopters of the iPhone 4 are eligible for an upgrade there will be a new phone. That's the only one I, and I suspect most iPhone 4 owners, will actually be in a position to purchase. I know there are exceptions to the majority and Apple will loose a few customer from this, but I also suspect that is ok with them. Apple never has, and I suspect never will, make their business decisions based on exception cases.
Just my thoughts...

I was worried we wouldn't get the A5 chip but we did. I was worried we wouldn't get an 8MP camera but we did. I was worried we wouldn't get Siri until iPhone 6 but we did. A larger screen is overrated.
So stop bitching about the new Facebook changes... I mean the new iPhone 4s. Sorry for the mixup. If you've heard one broken record you've heard them all. Goodnight!

with many sprint users like myself this would be our first iPhone. For those sprint users this to them will be a ground floor for the device. We haven't had a 3GS or 3G or even the 4. So even for it to be a minor spec bump to those that have been long time iPhone users, to us sprint users this is a huge deal.

I tell you what went wtong. They should have introduced this iphone back in June concentrating on the software ios5 rather than the hardware. It would have been a big hit. But they didn't. So welcome to new managemant.
I love Apple so much, but i think this is a down slope.

That is completely false. I left iOS after being a HUGE iPhone fanboy and went to Android and haven't looked back. My wife today, after months of telling me I was crazy and the iPhone is better, told me she is over Apple and also wants to switch to Android.
Seems a lot of people I've spoken with and read online are feeling the same. They feel like they were suckered into Apple's ecosystem only to ultimately be let down with Apple struggling to keep up with Android (see iOS 5 features ;)) and then releasing another iPhone 4 basically with mega phones such as the Prime coming soon! Bad move Apple, bad move!

I'm not sure what else Apple could have done today to make me want to run out and buy a 4S...most of the exciting stuff is in iOS5, not in the new hardware. The main 4S-only feature is Siri, and my experience with the Siri app has been that, after the novelty wears off, it lays unused. Of course, as a system-level service it might be more interesting, but I'll let others be the guniea pigs early adopters.

We had to wait 15 months for a solution to the antennagate. We had to wait 15 months to fix the proximity sensor problem. Something that should have been fixed in a RECALL. That is the disappointment with i4. I expected a new design just to avoid the plague... and of course a bigger screen!

Here's the point no one seems to be bringing up. Why didn't Apple include a MicroSD card slot for storage?
Oh, wait, I get it. How else would they make more money from consumers by essentially selling them the same product with more internal storage? I'll give credit where credit is due. Apple has proven to be wonderful innovators in the past, but they often make the smart-guy mistake and think everyone else is just dumb. I often sense condescension from Apple, as a company. Don't try so hard to always "create" trends and tell consumers what they need. Learn to balance it out by listening to your consumers and keeping your finger on the pulse of the competition. It's okay to be humbled by competitors from time to time!
Here's a good article comparing the new iPhone 4S with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and then some:http://forums.androidcentral.com/sprint/124198-why-iphone-4s-failed-exci...

While I agree the changes are very welcomed, it is also very disappointing. If they had announced this phone 6 months ago, I don't think people would be as disappointed. Waiting 15 months for meeting expectations and not exceeding is disappointing. Also, I think it was ridiculous how much they pushed SIRI. Most people are not going to use it reguarly. I'll stick with my Iphone 4 and hopefully see LTE and a 4 in. screen on the Iphone 5. I hope...

I can't believe how arrogant Apple has gotten. Do they really expect people to line up to buy this product? It's the SAME phone they came out with 16 months ago people! Dual core...seen that, 8 mega pixel cam...seen that, voice commands...seen that, pull down notifications...seen that, phone design...seen that. What did you do for 16 months Apple!? Better antenna? Who does that benefit? AT&T? What about Sprint and Verizon with true 4G speeds? Their stocks are down and the media is completely bashing them. Even their true to the heart fans are disappointed. Where is the innovation that they praise themselves on? It was more like catch up. What happens next week when Google and Samsung introduce the new Nexus phone? It's going to get ugly. You come out with ONE phone per year, almost 1.5 years this time, you are supposed to leave your competition quivering, not have them laugh at you. It was a sad, sad day for me and many others. I'm going to have to look elsewhere for an innovative phone. Nexus Prime.....

RIM and Palm and Microsoft (with the old Windows Mobile). All were sitting on top and to arrogant to look at and react to the competition. And look where those platforms are today. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

I like how everyone throws around the word "innovation" when they actually mean "I want a bigger effing screen". That's not innovation, that's compensating for small genitalia. Who else has an all encompassing cloud service? That's innovation, and who else has a 960x640 screen? Does anyone else even offer anything close to iTunes match? My friend has a 18" laptop, I didn't realize whoever makes that obviously innovates more than apple because they only make a 17"

I don't know of anyone else with a 960X640 screen, but Samsung has a 1280X720 screen... a 4.5" High Definition display might be considered innovative, not sure though...

I was looking to upgrade my 3GS and get off AT&T anyway, but didn't want to lose my grandfathered unlimited data I have on AT&T. Now that it's coming to Sprint, I'm getting the 64GB iPhone 4S for sure.