TiPb Asks: What do you expect for iPad 2?

We've already posted our thoughts on iPad 2 and discussed it over multiple weeks of iPad Live! podcasts but now it's your turn to lay it on the line! What are we going to see tomorrow at the iPad 2 event? What new features will Apple unveil for iPad 2? Will there be a "one more thing" and what will it be?

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TiPb Asks: What do you expect for iPad 2?


It'll be a half-step I think.
It'll be lighter, faster and have a front facing camera. Probably more RAM.
It'll be enough to make me wait for the 3d generation, I think. It won't be enough of an improvement to make me upgrade my 64g+3G. I think the major hardware upgrades will come this time next year.
As far as lighter - perhaps it's just me, I like a little "heft" in a high-end device like this. I like it to be a little substantial and "serious feeling" in the hand. Light feels cheap.

Nope - I'm with you on this one Andy. It's a beautiful device, aluminum backing and a solid quality feel. That's one thing I despise about the general tablet/laptop market. Pick up a new Toshiba laptop and then a Mac Pro - which is heavier? Which actually feels like a quality product? Granted, I'm comparing apples to oranges here... but you catch my drift.
I'm sure they could lighten the device and still keep that quality feel to it. However, what if they went to a cheap feeling plastic backing like they did from the 2G to 3G iPhone?! I still prefer the feel of the 2G to the 3G or 3GS.
I wouldn't mind a lighter product as long as they don't sacrifice quality. I guess that's what it comes down to.

I think there won't be a lot of changes. Just cameras and maybe a little faster. Of course, the bezel has to be smaller to make Georgia happy!

Lighter and thinner would be enough to make me buy it. I think A5 and front facing 'facetime' camera are no brainers for tomorrow.

Front and rear facing cameras. No led flash. 512 mb ram. Slightly thinner. Same processor. Same screen.

I've been thoroughly excited about getting the 2nd Gen. Although, if it doesn't come with enough quality features, I'm going to wait for the third round.
If the quality of the camera's is only moderate and the bump in RAM is only to 512... I might just wait. However, if they put the iPhone 4 (or better) camera on the back and bump up processing and RAM - I might be more inclined to jump on it.
Meh, we'll see what happens.
Note: I don't care about 128GB option, dual band radio chips, thunderbolt/USB support, LTE, carbon fiber (which will never happen), Pico projector (really?!), or a 7" model (which would suck anyway). That's only my opinion though - not the general population.

I'm hoping for the best (all of the above, well most anyway) and expecting the least. Either way, I'm sure I wont be disappointed. I just got rid of my of iPad 1 so I'll be ready to preorder as soon as they have the option.

Antiglare screen like available on the just-announced MacBook Pro 15" and 17" models. For a touchscreen device, this seems like a no-brainer. I hate the smudges that are always on my iPad.

Non glare screens are easier to scratch which isn't as big of a deal on a MBP, but would be on a screen you are ways touching

I can't wait to see what new features the iPad 2 will have. Hopefully it has at least larger ram, processor, front facing camera and possibly iOS 5.

Given how I am starting to feel cramped with 512 of ram on my iphone, closing apps at least once a day. I don't think I can spend $700 on an ipad with just 512 megs of ram. Might just get a xoom, sell it next year and then get an ipad3 when they bump specs. Ram is key. I'd rather have a gig of ram and the same A4 processor.

I agree. Memory is the area needing improvement the most. It really should get 1GB, but we'll see what they give it. Of course, it would also help if they could get the memory management/task switching to really work as advertised.

I don't think the amount of RAM is the problem there. It is that Apple needs to better manage the memory. iOS is not a memory hog like other operating systems. 256Mg ran just fine until they added the new memory management in 4.0 and let the memory fill up with previously run Apps. They need to be more aggressive with the memory management. On my iPhone4 if I do a hard reboot it runs super fast until after a few days when it fills up with apps then it gets were Safari needs to reload pages when you move between open pages. Apple just needs to dump Apps from memory faster and more aggressively and give the running App higher memory priority.

It will have to have more than a camera and more ram for me to buy another. I have an iPhone 4 it has a camera for FaceTime and a good rear camera. And the current iPad works well for most games and uses. The size is perfect for me and sorry Georgia but I like the bezzle. So the iPad 2 is going to have to be a big leap or it will just fall short.

To the average buyer in a Best Buy, the big differentiator between iPad and a gaggle of Android tablet is the screen. As such I fully expect part of the presentation to point out improvements to the screen. Yes, same resolution, but less glare, brighter, more colorful or whatever. With the large growth in business use, the cameras will be talked about as well - and will be good cameras for scanning and maybe even FaceTime HD for video conferencing benefits (at least in iPads above the base model) alongside the "babies and puppies" factor. The rest, A5, RAM, gyroscopes and slightly thinner and lighter are givens. Last year they had to explain what an iPad was. This year will be why it's the best tablet for both personal and business use.

My friend over at Apple has given me the scoop.
Faster = More RAM
Lighter = Spaceship parts
cooler = Since it is new
Same Storage = Nothing New
Louder Speaker = Needed

My friend Steve over at Apple has given me the official scoop:
It will be better.
sent from my iPhone because I can't type of my iPad.

I'd rather they improve reaction time on iPhone 4.... Hateeee waiting for it to operate

Wait ...what? Reaction time on the iPhone 4? As in performance? Never had a problem, ever.

Probably has memory maxed out. Don't believe Apple's multitasking claims. If you want good performance, you do have to kill apps occasionally.

It will have ad upgraded screen of sorts (better readabilty but maybe no higher resolution).
A front facing camera, no back cam.
1gb of ram.
Upgraded processor (a5).
Thinner. Lighter.
Software wise, it will be running 4.4 and will have an incremental feature of iOS 5 that will come to the iPhone in June.
Whoever is presenting will talk about how a big percentage of the web is comparable with the iPad.

I would like to see a rear camera as a doc scanner. Needs 1G, and no less. I am more curious what chips it will have that will not be activated until several updates later. Remember the Bluetooth chip? I am really hoping for a great product. If it is just a basic upgrade from the original iPad as many rumors indicate, I will not be impressed enough to buy one. Like others will wait until the next one, or see what the new HP Web OS will be like. That is really starting to intrigue me.