TiPb Asks: What are your favorite Siri moments?

It seems like Apple's Siri team really took the time to add a lot of delightful moments to Siri. Whether it's "two iPhones walk into a bar..." or "42", or crack about asking Siri's age or about Siri's feelings for Google, there are tons and tons of hidden little gems that are really rather impressive.

What have been your favorite Siri moments so far?

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TiPb Asks: What are your favorite Siri moments?


I Asked Siri if she wanted to make love to me and her reply was "I'd blush if I could".
Also ask Siri to sing and she will sing "Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do"

Siri won't set up appointments with certain names. For example if I say set up an appointment with Carol it doesn't work. But if I use the name Mike it works. Any guesses as to why?

You are the only one. I have a feeling that this is going to be huge. Apple has really hit the tip of a huge iceberg here.

I think it will be most helpful for use when driving. If they keep improving it, it should become useful with most everything.

A lot of people weren't impresed with Apple's expenive white MP3 player, or there phone, or there tablet. Apple does a great job at turning something kind of cool into something revolutionary to the product line. No way of knowing whether or not Siri will be an iPad...or Newton. All I know is Verizon can't ship my iP4s fast enough.

Apparently the "what is the meaning of life" question has multiple answers. My favorite so far was, "All evidence to date points to chocolate."

Siri could not tell me "Where's Waldo" or "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego," both of which are very important questions. I also asked her how much wood could a woodchuck chuck... and she did not know that answer either.

I asked her about the woodchuck. Her response As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

My iPhone said "don't you have anything better to do!". Then I asked again, and it said "It depends if you are talking about African or European Wood". LOL

I got the response 42 cords of wood, everyone knows that to the question how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

I told Siri I loved her
Her response " you are the wind beneath my wings."
Later my friend said " I need a blowjob"
Then a list of escorts services showed on screen

My friend asked if she could give blow jobs and she said "if you say so" then i said i didn't want one she said "it's good to be happy" and i said again i didn't want one and she said "did i say you did?" haha I love her

Well this one was historical. My girlfriend asked Siri "do men like blow jobs" Siris's response "I have found an escort service for you" and brought up a map.
Did not expect that

My favorite moment? When I delete the app from my phone because it never worked properly.....this was before Apple bought Siri and made it somewhat useful.

Siri won't set up appointments with certain names. For example if I say set up an appointment with Carol it doesn't work. But if I use the name Mike it works. Any guesses as to why?

I asked if it would make love to me and it pulled up a local escort service that I never knew existed in my area.

I went a little more childish than that and asked her if she wanted to "F me". She replied, "Ohhh! Ask nicely!"

I would tell you if I could get the damn Siri thing to work. Keeps saying "uh oh there is a problem. Can you try again." then it won't even let me say anything. Keeps repeating it as soon after I press the mic to speak.

My Siri is a smart ass with me told here to look for a location and she said what you mean to tell me you don't see it is right in front of you! Siri my second wife now!

you ask it if it loves you and it replies impossible and you ask why and it replies good question ask my programmers! haha

I asked Siri "what are you wearing" twitpic.com/70j5e0
answer "Aluminisilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?"

Siri is not a big deal. I think apple is losing their touch. I mean come on, look at the iPod lineup this year. All they did was a minor software update and made the iPod touch white. Siri would only useful for people that are too fat and lazy to lift their fat, obese hand to set up a simple alarm or appointment. I love Apple but they kind of disappointed me this year.

I disagree. Siri is prefect for sending texts in the car, having texts read to you, setting quick reminders, etc. I do think that i won't use it as much as I originally thought. The most useful thing to me will be how much easier it will be for an older, less technological generation to be able to text so much easier. For example, my dad is looking to get a smart phone, but hates texting. If he splurges for the iphone 4S, I see him texting more through Siri!!

I am pretty sure apple did not anticipate and pre-program all of these reponses into Siri. My guess is that either
A) Siri is actually a real-deal sentient intelligent life-form
B) Apple has people monitoring and updating the Siri super computer with responses to the most-often-asked questions.
My guess is (A)
But in case I am wrong we can test (B) by all picking a question that stumped Siri and getting 15 or 20 4s owners to repeatedly ask Siri the question over the course of a few hours until suddenly She knows the answer.

my friend said it was his birthday. Siri responded by saying "Well Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I didn't get you anything."

So far i think Siri seems to be great for pointless questions, i asked it for a map of my home town and it turns out Siri isnt able to get maps or directions in the uk... I'm an avid apple fan but so far im not that impressed with siri. Great for impressing your mates but unless it improves i dont think i will be using it very much.

the variety of responses to 'how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood' are hilarious

I don't have my 4S yet. Can anyone ask Siri how they get the caramel in the Caramilk? I have always wondered about that.

Set up relationships between contacts in your database.
"Lila is my wife"
"Samantha is my child"
"Richy is my brother"
"David is my brother-in-law"
Siri learns it, so when I reference them in the future like "call my wife," it knows!

Me -Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL
Siri - I'm affraid I can't do that (your name)
There does that make you happy?

Funny. She's says the same thing about white people too! Even funnier cause my iPhone is white.

I asked her to sing Happy Birthday to me and she sang "if I only had a brain" from the Wizard of Oz! Was even better than what I asked for!