TiPb asks: What Apple announcement are you most looking forward to in 2011?

What Apple announcements are you most looking forward to in 2011? A whole new cycle begins tomorrow, and that means a new iPad 2 in April, a new iPhone 5 in June, a new iPod touch 5... and a new Apple TV (is that on a yearly cycle now as well?!) in September. It also means iOS 5 preview in March/April, and maybe iTunes subscriptions and iTunes.com sometime as well. And oh year, maybe a little Verizon iPhone by February?

I know you want all of them (I know I do too!) but which one do you want most? Vote in the pole above and give me the details in the comments below!

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TiPb asks: What Apple announcement are you most looking forward to in 2011?


Sprint iPhone! I WILL NOT switch to AT&T or Verizon. I know I'm dreaming, so it looks like I will get stuck with Android when I get new phones next month. Thanks Steve.

haha, I said apple subscription service, and apparently I'm the only one. I'd put itunes.com at almost a tie with it though. I'm kind of hardwared out, I love my ip4, it's perfect for me, not interested in an iPad, ATV 2 is doing fine by me. So to steal from windows, TO THE CLOUD!

iPhone on Verizon. Not because I'd switch necessarily, but just something to give AT&T a good scare.

"and oh YEAR, maybe a little Verizon iPhone..." ??? :p I voted for iPhone 5. But where is white iPhone 4? Haha

Sprint iPhone for sure. If Verizon can get it, so should Sprint and Tmobile. That rumor about Verizon paying to keep iPhone exclusive to AT&T and Verizon is ridiculous. We don't need two exclusive contracts in America...

1 - Sprint iPhone 5 - I'm not switching to ATT or Verizon.
2 - OS X Lion
3 - iOS 5
4 - iPad 2 - If Apple sticks with the 1st Gen Design but with the additions of back and front Cameras, plus a faster processor. To me, the 1st Gen design is more inline with the MBP's design than switching the 2nd Gen to mirror the iPod Touch 4g Design. I want the same form Factor to stick for a while.
5 - Apple TV 3 - Would want to see what the Apple TV 3g will bring before getting one.

iPhone 5
I held out for a white iPhone. Kinda glad I did in hindsight. The new iPhone will be a nice graduation gift for me.

I know this is TiPb, but the Apple announcement (not iX announcement) I'm most looking forward to is upgrades to the MacBook Pro line, specifically the 13" (hoping for the same screen the 13" Air has!).

I picked iPhone 5, reason: I waited on this upgrade, these year will surely revolutionize the Mobile industry, I predict: Location Based Advertizing( walk past a shop and a push notification alerts you of a sale), 3D Screens(may not get it but great ad on for the gyroscope), optimized Screen for Battery ( great quality with a improved Battery life), side note for iOS 5 improved Notification!!!! :)

I'm hoping to hear the official Verizon iPhone announcement just to stop hearing about all the Verizon iPhone RUMORS on blogs like this.

While I voted for iPhone 5, I should have picked the Verizon iPhone. I won't get it, I hate Verizon. But maybe I can stop seeing a new rumor every other day about it coming. 4 years of these rumors is long enough.

I vote for iPhone 5 and hope that all the big four providers offer it. I am leaning towards tmobile because their speeds are the best right now in the bay area.

For me the Verizon iPhone coming means AT&T can get off their as and start doing something about the competition betting them, or at lest a fest more reliable iPhone / network for me.
I personally also can't wait for an iPad 2.

I can't think of a single compelling update for the Nano or Touch. Sure, GPS and better camera would be nice, but far short of compelling. On the other hand, so much needs to be done to the iPad. I'd settle for a significantly higher-res and less reflective screen, even if it was a tad heavier. Reading in comfort is what I want to do. Ultimately the iPad needs to be significantly lighter. I do want a GPS, but I can wait.

Simple: improved push notif in ios 5
I dont want to buy Iphone 5. I am not interested in ipad or appletv. Apple subscription service is okay

iOS 5.
I have an iPhone 4, so I'm sure to get some benefit. I don't expect anything dramatically new to come from the iPhone 5 or iPad 2, and anyway I'm holding out for a 1920x1440 display (1080p) before I get an iPad and thats a long time away. I don't even think it is likely that iPad 2 will get 720p (1280x960) this time around.
I'll probably be getting iPhone 6 and iPad 3-4.

^ However, if they somehow release a 128 gb iPhone 5, I'll be all over it, contract or not. Heck, I'll probably even be tempted at 64 gb. If I can get a good exchange.

I voted for Apple Subscription, it is now 01/01/2011 and we only have about 59 days to see if the Verizon iPhone rumor is true (highly doubtful). But as others have said, if it goes to Verizon the Sprint and T-Mobile should also get it. An iPhone on Sprint's $69.99 plan would be SWEET!!!!!

iPad 2 - no need to elaborate, eh?
MBP refresh - 13" especially, which got left out of the last boost in processing power and graphics performance
iOS 5 - praying, perhaps naively, that Apple will make a serious effort to bring MS Exchange functionality up to par

Voted for iPhone 5. Currently with an iPhone 3GS, I can't wait for an upgrade! Was waiting on the white iP4 but that never happened, and frankly, I think that's a good thing.

Patricksmangann, not impressed. Brian, which Bay area?
No Sprint iPhone will mean no more Apple products for me. My TV only has one HTMI connector so AppleTV is out. My iMac and PowerBook G4 still work fine. No new computer. Have an iPod Touch so I see no use for an iPad.

Updated macbook pros - had to give my mom mine and my ipad is simply not cutting it as a replacement. I know better to buy a new macbook pro now!

I voted for iOS 5 because iOS needs an update that makes a big difference like a better notification survive or maybe something like a files app, we have a photos app why not have an app to store all you important files on. I also really want to see what's on the iPad 2 because then I can decide whether to sell my iPad and get that or wait for the iPad 3 ( I haven't made my mind up yet because I'm rather indicicive ). I want to see what's on the iPhone 5 because I mean what else could they do to it I mean it has a front facing camera, 5.0 megapixel rear facing camera, 1ghz a4 processor etc. I mean seriously what else? I'm definatley looking forward to iOS 5 the most because I want some bug fixes for my iPhone 3G.

If Verizon cripples the iPhone like all their other phones, no thanks, I'll stick with AT&T. My 3GS and iPad 1 serve me great, so I am looking forward to iOS 5 and what it has to bring. IPad is my go-to computer, becoming the computer of choice over MBP and iMac, Mac Mini and Dell desktop and for very good reason. No, it's not perfect, but it's still the most fun computer I have ever had. Apple is the only manufacturer that "gets it" and consistently delivers on the fun factor, this coming from an old DOS and Windows 1.0 veteran. Apple taught an old dog to learn new tricks 4 years ago while recovering from back surgery, and I have never looked back. Granted, Windows 7 is the best Windows ever, but hey, it's no Mac OS. Come to daddy Lion.

I voted the 7th generation nano. I want the screen to be as large as the 3rd generation nano, a home button, and a video app.