TiPb Asks: What do you want in the next generation iPod touch?

We've been talking so much about the iPhone 5 lately that it feels as if the iPod touch 5 is flying a little under the radar. Usually the iPod touch gets to headline Apple's annual fall special event but this year it sounds like the iPhone 5 is going to be stealing that thunder as well. Also, while iPod touch used to have the kids and the "I want iOS but I don't want an iPhone" market all to itself, it now has to share that with iPad, which isn't as portable but can be easier to use in some circumstances.

So how about we give the iPod touch 5 some love and ask what you want to see Apple announce for it this year?

An Apple A5 chipset seems a given, and that should be great for gaming with its 9x performance (and AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5, which is fabulous.)

It's already got a Retina Display but not as good a quality one as the iPhone. Maybe Apple could raise the bar on that? Speaking of which, while iPad Touch 4 got cameras, they were... disappointing to say the least. Could Apple finally get serious about iPod touch optics and give us at least 5 megapixels on the back and a FaceTime HD camera on the front?

128GB as an option is something our readers always ask for. Could Apple finally do it? (And maybe retire the iPod classic at the same time?) And the big question -- could they add a 3G radio like the iPad has had since it launch?

What else could they do? What else would you want them to do? 3D? Bigger screen? Glowing Apple logo? It's your turn to tell us!


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Greg Smith says:

Wow, didn't think this would be the first comment but if you want 3G, why not just get the phone? It's better to just have the all-in-one device.

Garysturn says:

Multiple screen size models. Larger screens and 3G.

Tristan says:


Greg Smith says:

I can guarantee they'll have that....

bz0n3 says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why get rid of the classic??? They just need to make a better version of the classic with bigger storage capacity and will sell like hotcakes! There still a big crowd out there who likes to carry their whole library around and especially those lossless files!!!

BlackBerry Guy says:

3G radio and better camera. The retina display is fine as is.

tuscanidream says:

Compass an GPS. Honestly, I don't understand why they have two different models (iPhone and iPod). And don't forget the ATT or verizon split. And the 3 different storage sizes. My head hurts. Where's the "one model fits all"?!

Chris says:

Agreed. just give us a single storage size. People don't like it they can stick it where the sun doesn't shine

Anon says:

Earpiece speaker in the top and a 3G chip inside. Then I'd ditch my iPhone and it's cell plan for an all data iPod Touch plan! I don't really use the phone feature anymore, nobody calls people; it's all about the texts now.

Chris341 says:

Maybe boring bastards who don't talk, social recluses and such, you're a minority if you think people don't call anymore, i'm guessing you're American !!

Chris says:

I'd hate to be dating you. You'd be dumped before you could even ask me out. Oh wait you wouldnt since you don't even talk to people

bz0n3 says:

128gb is not and upgrade if classic tops at 160gb! i'm talking real capacity 220gb and up!

Olve says:

iPod Talk = iPod Touch with a voice+SMS phone, but only WiFi and no 3G. The (pre)teens then get a phone included, but it's only $10/month plus whatever exorbitant texting plan AT&T rams down our throat.
How about this for a fall Apple lineup:
iPod Talk for the kids
iPhone 4S for most of us
iPhone 5LTE for the bleeding edge in bigger markets
The 4S wilbe perhaps be a bit skinnier and the iPhone 5 will likely be a bit bigger to accommodate the power and size requirements of the LTE circuitry.

Danny says:

A FRIGGIN SCREWDRIVER!!! All other phones have them built in !!!! WTF APPLE???????

name says:

Better cameras, 3G, different volume button positioning

James says:

It's an iPod ffs, why better cameras, why 3G, that already exists, it's called a frigging iPhone !!!

Chris says:

Settle down James Kane....

James says:

What you're asking them to include would basically transform the iPod into an iPhone, pointless !!!!

matthewmspaceyoutube says:

Better cameras and 128GB. Make 32 GB the low-end storage, and 64 GB the middle storage,

wadebot says:

Bluetooth microphone support for VOIP calls. Ugh.

Greg Smith says:

VERY BIG and overlooked feature!!

Michael Grove says:

I would say bring things full circle.
We have an iPhone with various memory sizes and carrier-based talk/text.
We have an iPad, which is a larger iPhone just without carrier-based talk/text (if you get the 3G versions).
Why not have the iPod Touch be iPhone without carrier-based talk/text (or a smaller iPad if you want to think of it that way)?
Just make the iPod Touch with 3G the same as the iPhone without the ability to use carrier-based talk/text.
Not everybody wants the monthly cost of a smartphone, but some would like the capability of an iPad 3G, just smaller. Hence, the iPod Touch.
Still can't figure out why they keep making the buttons and such in different places on the iPod Touch than the iPhone. That just makes everybody have different cases. Just make 'em the same.

riley9dy says:

Because imessage is free to ipod touch users and apples goal is to make it so that everyone has an ios device so by allowing the ipod touch to have 3g they'd be kinda shooting themselves in the leg... Also all of you guys are kind of missing the point of the ipod touch, its not made for using the internet constantly, apple's main reason for producing it is to warm people up so to speak, to getting an iphone

iPerson says:

Totally agree also whats the point of having an iPod with 3G.....There is something called an iPhone that does that

Chris says:

mmmmm what if someone doesnt want an expensive contract or just wants a data only device?

Eastbke says:

Then that person can install a 3G receiver themselves. Or carry around a mobile hotspot. You are crazy to think that apple would move the iPod touch even closer to their iPhone market? Beggars can't be choosers. You really think apple would go and add 3G to their already fully capable iPod touch when they already have another product to chose from (iPhone).

Chris says:

So wait. imessage HAS to be on wifi and is the only new feature in iOs 5?
you sir are an idiot.

Tony the Tiger says:

"while iPad Touch 4 got cameras,"
Typo, I hope you mean iPod Touch because I haven't seen an iPad 3 or iPad 4.

Sloegin says:

MUCH longer battery life. kthnx.

Pontavignon says:

Better cameras, radio, GPS, 128 gig. In fact, everything the iPad 2 now sports, plus the extra memory.

ArGiEs says:

Data radio, better camera(s).

iPerson says:

Ipod with 3G?????Why not give it the capability of making phone calls or 4G. Oh wait there's the IPHONE(without the 4G....yet!).

Chris says:

Because some just want a data only device. Also not everyone is you.

ArGiEs says:

Data radio, Better cameras

iPerson says:

No it doesnt what are you talking about????? The data plans for AT&T and almost every other carriers are either $15 or $30....

Chris says:

What about Verizion? What about the rumors of it comming to "sprint?

justin says:

3G Data like an iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jmsully34 says:

No chrome back. The current one is wayyyyy to sensitive.

Zzzzz says:

A back like the iPad....I'm soooo worried of scratching the back of my iPod touch

Chris341 says:

So you think it makes sense for Apple to have an iPod that does everything the iPhone does except making calls, dude you're crazy .. iPod's are music players, why do people want them to everything under the sun nowadays, I don't that's for sure and there is no way i'm going to pay for a data plan for an iPod and pay for a contract for a phone when both do 99% of the same things, why even buy an iPod if it included all what you guys want, it would be the same price as an iPhone so would be utterly pointless.

Chris says:

Its a lot more then the iPod kid

Hans Buehler says:

5mp camera would be all it takes to get me to buy one. I'd throw away my digital camera.

Damitol says:

I'm betting the A5 and iPhone 4 cameras will be the technical bump. 3G does not make sense. You will have to buy a data plan and I have to beleive it wil be the same as iPhone's, so you buy a new iPhone for less than the iPod Touch and add a line to your phone plan for $10 a month. Voila! - better hardware (memory, screen, cameras) for less money, even if you (for some reason) never use it to make a call. Sure you are in a 2 year commitment, but do you really plan to replace your Touch each year or go back to no 3G as some point?
I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool, I'm just saying I can't see anyone who thinks about it buying a Touch with 3G.

Chris says:

but are those wifi hotspots free? Are they password protected?

Eastbke says:

Most are free. Rarely do you find wifi with a price.

Chris says:

Expect there is just the screen on the macbooks. The touch still has the board, battery, flash memory etc

David Boshears says:

Match every feature of the iPhone 5 except the phone and battery. this includes a GPS receiver.
A matte-aluminium (the polished back scratches too much) back like on the iPad 2.
Oh, and as part of iOS 5, make battery percentage a feature of the iPod touch 3g and up.
I shouldn't need to say this but I will: the SAME camera as the iPhone 5, not a cheap camera that our 10-year old Canon PowerShot a40 can beat.

David Porter says:

It doesnt' sell anymore because there hasn't been any improvements on it such as larger storage capacity. For some people such as myself, 160gb is not nearly enough space.

James Devenberg says:

Better Cameras, 3G, and a better storage to dollar ration (keep base price the same but up storage to 16 or 32 GB). That could have me downgrading to a dumb phone and just using an iPod touch for my mobile internet.

Casey Callaghan says:

But you need Wi-Fi to use Tunein

Herr says:

3G & gps, and à better cam. The iPod 5 will be the cheaper iPhone...