TiPb asks: How do you group your Folders?

TiPb asks: How do you group your Folders?

iOS 4 finally gave us Folders in which to group our apps, but do you use them and if so, how do you use them? Do you have only the default Utilities Folder or have you made Folders for virtually all your app categories and sub categories? Do you keep Folders all on one home screen page or are they spread out across every page? If you have both, do you organize things differently on your iPhone than you do your iPad? Do you put any Folders in your dock, and if so, which apps get that exulted position?

If you listened to iPad Live! last night (of course you did, right?) you heard that I used to be very organized with my Folders but after being bitten by the exploding folders bug once too often, I gave up and now there are random folders -- some with only 1 app in them! -- strewn across my iPhone home screens. (I don't use Folders on my iPad, haven't even thought about it really.) I'm trying out the FolderEnhancer Jailbreak tweak and maybe that will motivate me to clean up. (But I'm not going to lie, until Apple offers an easy way to save home screen layouts, it's still going to be hit and miss with me.)

So TiPb Nation, let me know -- how do you group your Folders?

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TiPb asks: How do you group your Folders?


keep them on i home screen page and group them into to folders apps i don't normaly use but want to keep just in case
i keep my home screens neat and organized don't like clutter

have jailbroken iphone 3gs
i use gridlock hack that make your apps non-attacthed to the iphones grid so you can put your apps anywhere on screen
really cool

just what I want: a disorganized mish-mash of apps, helter-skelter all over the screen... no thanks. but hey, enjoy!

Absolutely brilliant Beatles reference ;)
And thats just how I feel. I have no idea how that looks good to people, but hey! Whatever makes a person happy with their device.
I am assuming you don't jailbreak, Mark?

I have a folder for messaging, a folder for phone (regular phone and googlevoice) a folder for search (google and bing) a folder for media (Pandora, youtube, ipod, etc), a folder for movies (netflix, imdb, fandango) a folder for board games, a folder for my kids... etc.
My phone folder goes on the dock.

I've always wondered how others organise there apps into folders etc. Seen a few who just have the utilities but I love having things organised... I've taken a screenshot as its easier than describing it...

I figured you had to be T-Mobile outside the US as you had 3G. I'm thinking you don't use your phone much as an iPod? I would love one more space in my dock, but I use my phone too much as an iPod to give up that dock space.

I use folder enchancer on my jailbroken iPhone 4. I have all my games in one folder and my utilities in one folder. My home screen looks right out the box except for the Cydia app. I have sub folders for photography apps, music apps and jailbreak apps. All of my folders are also in alphabetical order . My iPad 2 folders are pretty much the same only with mutilple games and utility folders.

I have one folder titled "Quick" on the homescreen for apps that I don't really want to take up space but I also need to access on the fly.

At first, I moved nearly everything into folders and had all but the corners of my first screen as folders. The corners I left as frequent apps that didn't make the bottom row, as I figured corners were quicker access. Since then, however, I've moved most of the apps I use regularly out of folders and moved the folders to later screens. I now only have two folders on the first screen and have a few apps that I use regularly but not frequently on the second screen but not in folders. Pretty much everything else is in a folder.

Well, I always group my apps. I have e.g. Reading, watching, weather&Maps, Games, Utility...
Recenly I got back to jailbreak community because of "lockinfo" and to make icab mobile the default Internet browser and of course activator

I put all my most used apps on my home screen. I have 9 folders on the second page; separated by subject (Apple stock apps, photography, videography, entertainment, games, social, news/weather, toys, etc.) I have trained myself to use the quick-app switching so I rarely have to go into folders unless it is for an app I don't use much.

I use folders for games, useful, multimedia, music, etc. and then i have the revi-krs theme installed, and gridlock to manually arange my icons on the bottom two rows only. Then in my bottom two rows, the top row is apps, it stretches across three spring board screens, and these are my most used apps, then on the bottom row I have folders, also across three springboard screens. here are a few screen shots of what I do

woah! If I wasn't such a jailbreak wimp I'd be doing that. You're phone screen looks freakin' sweet!

That's more than just a jaibreak springboard theme right? Did you have to go in and write code for that setup?

First page: most used apps, no folders
Second page: frequent apps, 5 folders
-photography, video, music, social, and news.
Third page: only 8 folders, by app type.
Last page: 12 games. I remove games that I get bored with, and try to keep them to less than a page.

I have about 5 pages of apps. I dont like folders so much I like how the Icons look. Some devs spend lots of time perfecting the Icon and for me to just throw it in a folder. I have maybe 3 folders

I love the folders. Like others mentioned above, I keep them grouped by subject. In my case, things like "Messaging", "Where to Go" (and how to get there), "News", "Reading", "Photography", etc.
I have one folder, "Music", on the Dock that contains apps like iPod, Pandora, and Soundhound.
I have a similar set of folders on my iPad. I just like to be organized. But I also utilize the quick switching a lot, so I'm not poking around in folders that much.

First page has my most used apps, second page has two folders full of games, utilities, entertainment apps and ereader apps. I wish that they would offer unlimited pace for folders inside of 12 apps per folder without having to jailbreak, I have a lot of games.

I keep my home screen pretty much the default. And my next 2 pages are my favorite apps (no folders) then pages 4 & 5 are my favorite games. And on page 6 I have my folders for apps and games that I dont use very often. All my folders on this page are named from the category it comes from the app store.

I use folders for apps that I don't use as often. If I use it a lot it's not in a folder. I really do love folders as it makes everything a lot neater.

I just throw my apps into random folders and search via spotlight if i ever need em. They were more organized before my folders exploded into 9 pages...lost all desire to re-configure them after that.

I've never experienced the exploding-folders bug, nor do I know anyone who has (and I know hundreds of ppl with iPhones). that said, if I did, I'd just restore from iTunes. problem solved. (or see it as an opportunity to reorganize. and yes, I have 35 folders, so yes, it would be inconvenient. but so what? u can also organize in iTunes, which is a bit easier... what's the big deal?

My dock contains phone, calendar, ipod and settings.
Page one top row is messages, safari, mail, app store.
Page one row two is camera, map, photos and speedtest
Page two top row is a folder called Apple with all Apple OEM apps and remote (minus iBook), another folder called extras, games and then utilities.
Nothing more.

I sort my apps into the categories they are in on the app store. I also put my apps in alphabetical order. I use infinifolders to have unlimited apps in a folder

Holy hell. It never occurred to me I could put folders in the dock!
My awesome arrangement of Apps (painfully rearranged each time I add or purge a few due to my turbocharged OCD) will never be the same.

I used to have my entire second page filled with folders, but I wanted to see some icons so I keep three apps in a category on the left and a folder on the right. That way there is a column of folders on the right, with the usual categories (games, utilities, entertainment, etc.). Homescreen is the default layout though because that's how I like to see it.

I love folders- all are on my second page. Front screen is for 9 apps I use the most. Then folders organize by function- Reading; Internet; Games; Travel; Google (apps); etc.

I'm going to try this out. Keeping my first page for Apps I use most and the second page for my folders... never thought of that before. Good call.

Previous to this discovery, I had slimmed down to 198 apps (fewer than 2/3 of all I've tried) on 4 pages using 18 folders (1 on page 1, 2 on page 2, 7 on page 3, 8 on page 4).
Obviously I try to make the most order of my phone as possible, like many of my OCD friends here. Page 1 is dedicated, of course, to my most used apps and the ones which I've allowed visual alerts. The folder is labeled plainly "Business". Page 2 has more frequently used apps and folders labeled "Amazon.com" and "Flying Stuff". Page 3 has "Map Stuff", "Sci. & Math", "Food & Drink", "Shopping", "Finance", "More News" and "More Sports" (next to my favorite 3 of each). Page 4 has "Photo & Video", "Music", "Movies & TV", "iPhone Tools" across the top and four folders of games, below 8 un-foldered games in the middle.
My first iOS product is iPhone 4; I'm pretty sure folders was one of the things I correctly anticipated I couldn't live without, and the absence of which kept me from getting an iPhone any sooner.

Did a quick count. About 1/4 of the apps on my phone are games (many that look promising that I just haven't gotten around to yet). The rest are Apps I actually use quite regularly, or at least occasionally. Damn useful device, this iPhone is.

Photo (3 folders)
News (2 folders)
Games (36 folders)
MusicTools (2 folders)

Page 1: no folders. Dock: 1 folder with 2nd most frequently used apps. Page 2: folders labeled Radio, Sound, Creation, Video, Google, News, Finance, Remotes, Shop 1, Shop 2, (misc),   , Documents, Social, Workout, Camera. Page 3 (all games): Popular, Drive, Board Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Ball, POV, Side Scroll - also the four most frequently used games at the top out of folders.

I used to organize alphabetically, it was faster to find specific apps, however if I wanted to see all my games, it didn't work. So, now, I have a 3D games, Photography, Apple, Video, Utilities, Arcade, Web Apps, Music, Social, and Jailbreak.

I have just one page. Everything is organized into folders with the exception of my most used apps. Nice and neat

I've got folders scattered about on every page, and I have two folders in my dock. One has all the important notification apps. Messages, whatsapp Beejive, and a flashlight app all at hand. The other has all the internet related stuff that might also have notifications. email, Echofon, Facebook etc.
Folders certainly made it easier to arrange my apps. 9 pages down to 4.

Georga, Better Question: How many Apps do U Have on Your iPhone 4 or iPad.....
I as of now have 515 on my iPhone 4 ... :-)

I only have four screens of apps and web clips, so I don't need all those folders. The more folders there are, the more similar they all look, and the more time consuming it is to find an app.
The first I turned on my iPhone 4, I remove the Utilities folder.

First page is mainly stock but for some changes next two are almost all folders. on the dock I have phone, messaging , safari , and iPod Also I have all of apple's store in a folder all my weather apps in a folder and maps and video apps and main utilities and productivity on the first page.
I wish I could upload photos to the comments so I could share my home pages and see others

I use spotlight to find all my Apps except for my 8 most used apps that I keep pinned in the Application Switcher Dock.
Then I have just one folder on my home screen dead centre in the dock. Inside this folder are six further folders with all my Apps. With Folderenhancer you can fit an infinite number of Apps in each folder. Keeps it all clean.
Gotta ♥ those Cydia Apps that make all this possible.
Pix: http://cl.ly/153U2u211M1T150y0g0z

Maybe when I eventually run out of screens - currently set up to be their own 'folders' - will I go to using folders more extensively within them. I've only got one right now, named Junk Drawer, where I've tossed iOS programs I never use.

I have 21 folders on my jb iPhone (using FolderEnhancer)
Home Screen has all my frequently used Apps in a 5x5 Iconoclasm layout. I have three folders on my HomeScreen: Apps (Cydia, AppStore, Appshopper, GameCenter, GameFinder), Streaming (Headset, iDisplay, AirView, WebCamera, Remote, Plex, LogMeIn) and Books (iBooks, PerfectReader and Our Choice).
Springboard using Infinidock has 13 apps loaded from which 6 are visible at any time (rest can be scrolled to). These Apps incl. Messages, Phone, PingChat!, Mail, Safari, iPod, Settings, Photos and some Photo taking apps like Instagram, Camera, etc.
2nd page contains all my non-frequent Apps, mostly organized in Folders (and on Folder in Folder for those apps which I use so infrequent that I couldn't bare putting that on the 2nd screen.
3rd page is full of Games and folders full of games.
Overall I use folders for those apps which are installed, but not used that frequently.
On my iPad2 I have much less folders. Mostly because of the increased real estate. But some games are organized in folders.
Here again: Apps which are freuently used are not in folders.

I use folders but end up using Spotlight a lot because the folders make the icons too small to see. I use Emojis to label my folders: a magnifying glass for search engines, a sun for weather apps, etc.