TiPb Asks: Are you happy with what's in the iOS 4.3 beta?

Are you happy with what's in the iOS 4.3 beta?

The iOS 4.3 beta brings some really awesome things, like multitouch gestures to iPad, Wi-Fi personal hotspot to iPhone, better AirPlay support to both and... a new Notes font? (And no iPhone 3G love!)

There won't be anything major like new notifications until iOS 5 but let us know what you think for now -- is that enough for a 4.3 update, more than you expected, less than you wanted?

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TiPb Asks: Are you happy with what's in the iOS 4.3 beta?


Don't hold your breath kid.
AT&T usually screws customers to the wall for features that they'll hardly use because they think their jacked up network will fold.
They bitched about SlingBox bringing down the network and people hardly use it.
So I bet they are quaking in their little blue and orange boots about the hotspot feature. I'm sure that they are not thinking that the bandwidth leaving customers will release will more than handle the situation.
But they don't see that giving this service for free could help in the long run with retention so they will charge for it and make another mistake...like they always do. They never seem to look long term. They always take the short way and get caught with their pants down.

Normally, I might agree with that, but AT&T's trump card (being the only US carrier of the iPhone) is now gone. They can no longer hide behind their same excuses of the iPhone's tremendous strain on the network. With the iPhone now on Verizon, we finally have the ability to compare apples with apples, and I have to think AT&T knows that. They also know that they could potentially lose thousands or even millions of subscribers over the next 1-2 years because they don't have the iPhone exclusively anymore. So they will want to do whatever they can to keep those subscribers.
Therefore, I think they now have a much greater incentive to match or exceed what Verizon provides iPhone customers. For that reason, it's not out of the question that they might offer free mobile hotspot, if only to keep up with Verizon.

Hotspot... meh. I already have MyWi so I've enjoyed that functionality for a while now. So you're telling me I have to give up my jailbreak? No thanks!

I would gladly give up my jailbreak for this! In fact, I would even pay money to use the official mobile hotspot. The only reason I jailbroke my phone was to get MyWi. My phone seems much less stable now, and the jailbreak apps are very clunky. MyWi gets the job done as a mobile hotspot for the most part, but it doesn't work as consistently as I'd like for it to. A solution in the OS would be MUCH better, and I could finally un-jailbreak my phone!

What you're saying doesn't make any sense.
If you only want the WiFi sharing feature, jailbreak and install that. only that. And nothing else.
You do that, and you don't have to worry about any sort of clunky-ness.
Combine that with the fact that the wifi tethering through MyWi is stealth, and uses your stock data plan, not having to pay extra for this mobile hotspot makes far more sense.
And simply put, at the end of the day, if you jailbreak only for MyWi, under no circumstances will the jailbreak alone cause anything other than unlocking the device for modification.
Best suggestion to you would be to restore, jailbreak and only install MyWi. At the end of the day, you won't be any further behind, and will not be under the "rule" of the carrier.
That reminds me, I need to try using my phone as a connection for my Xbox to see how well it works ;)

That's in there, but since probably Rene doesn't have any apps in development that we know of, he can't really show that to us. It will be supported when the final version is released, though.

I'm excited about the possibilities of maybe a software home button. I have a lot of trouble with the home button not working properly. I thought it would be an issue when they showed off multitasking. When plastic hardware is used that much, it will soon ware out.

Since I didn't expect a 4.3 upgrade at all - that we wouldn't see anything new until 5, sometime this summer - I'd say I'm happy.

The hotspot wifi thing is so over-rated, because it's gonna be over-priced. I'll bet one of my kidneys that even IF you are on the unlimited data plan, like me, ATT will charge extra to use that wifi hotspot, even though unlimited means unlimited.

Im sure AT&T will want you to pay for the feature just the same as they do for normal tethering. And guess what? For us with unlimited data still, that means downgrading data plans. Not gonna happen. Would like to be able to use the feature but will not pay extra for it and lose my unlimited data plan
If i decide i need the wifi hotspot, then I will say hello jailbreak

While you might be right, I think there's a chance that AT&T sees this as an important factor to remain on par with Verizon. That stand to lose a lot of customers now that their exclusive iPhone deal is over. If they're smart, they'll recognize the need to provide services to iPhone customers that meet or exceed Verizon. The "talk and surf the web at the same time" thing won't cut it for long. They might need to match Verizon on pricing for tethering/hotspot just to keep pace.

Wayne - I can actually understand charging with the unlimited plan, because your usage patterns may change and you may use more data than you would. In addition, the argument could be made you have unlimited data FOR you iPhone, but if you are using a hotspot, something else is using that data connection (I don't agree with that argument, but it could be made). Although you are correct, we technically have unlimited data, so it shouldn't matter! What annoys me more is charging for tethering (and presumably for a hotspot) with LIMITED data. If I have limited data, why does it matter to AT&T how I use the data! If I use it too quickly either either tethering or just with my iPhone, I still need to pay extra for more data, so I should get tethering (and hotspot) activity for free!

You pay for the data. You should be able to use it however you want and at whatever rate you want. If carriers can't handle the bandwidth they should either upgrade their networks or significantly reduce their rates. Enough apologist arguments in favor of carriers charging arbitrary fees and putting artificial limitations on your ability to use what you pay for.

I disagree completely. I personally think jailbroken phones using MyWi is stealing. You nerds act like att isn't allowed to make money.

I think if you pay for data you should be able to use that data however you choose. A tethering fee or Personal Hotspot fee is double dipping on the same data expecially if you are not on a unlimited data plan.

Ha. Someone sounds bitter... Must be on that crappy 2 gig plan.. I sometimes download stuff using mywi on my phone just to make sure I get my moneys worth for the month! ;-)

I can find tons to do with this new feature. But I will not pay extra for it. I just got AT&T'S new mifi device and now look. I only have five gigs of data per month on that and unlimited on my phone. So I may use this feature with my apple tv as well.
So, will all of those apps that require a wifi network to download be downloadable now?
My home network is getting a little redundant.

This is why I'm an apple products user, because they keep their products better and better.
Obviously they will release iOS 4.3 maybe February-ish during the event and then they will give us a preview of iOS 5 that will goes with the new iPhone 5.
What you guys think?

I'm happy with iOS 4.3, apple started to add good features in the same os version. I'm happy that my provider will offer the personal hotspot. I'm waiting for better notification system and the ability to add songs to iPod app without syncing my phone to iTunes. Wifi iTunes syncing will be a better idea :-) i don't wanna jailbreak my phone!

If the notification system isn't significantly overhauled this summer I'll be as surprised as I will be disappointed.

I am weighing the pros an cons about going to the beta on my iPad. I like the ideal of new gestures, I just havent heard about what bugs are out there.

I think it's great for iPad and since they're making a new one soon it kinda makes sense but kinda hoped for a little bit more in 4.3. Besides hotspot (which don't know if att will get) on a daily basis doesn't feel any different. I'm hoping the other betas will through in a new feature or two before release. It just seams like for this to tide us over till iOS 5 it needs one other feature. My guess wireless sync or some combination of mobile me features.

I definitely wonder about the "buttonless iPad" idea. Do you guys think the gestures added are ultimately in service of that?

Opening up Airplay to dev's could be huge. The Wifi hotspot will be just like regular tethering, extra cost and pay for usage (some call AT&T capped but it's not, you pay for what you use). I do hope it works better than MyWi though. MyWi is buggy and a battery drain.
iPad rotation switch selection is a nice option.

It's the old Nigerian Scam. Claims you will get large amounts of money fir helping them. All you will get is poorer. The number is out of Nigeria. This has been around for a time. Save you money, and get an iPhone or new iPad.

I was only expecting AirPlay for 3rd party apps in 4.3. Personal Hotspot was an unexpected bonus. Too bad, AT&T either won't allow it, or won't allow it on unlimited plans (similar to tethering).

I'd like to know if any of the developers can confirm or deny that the iPhone interface problems with various car stereos has been fixed in iOS 4.3 Beta 1 (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2663729). Ever since I update my iPhone 4 to 4.2.1 I (and more or less everyone) have been unable to connect to my car using the dock connector. (3.5 mm aux jack clearly still works, but is inferior alternative).

Our provider in Dubai offers the tethering as part of your data bundle which is 10 GB free every month! If you purchase the phone from them and you have exist plan. I wonder why At&t is so complicated?

The article should be called "How much IOS 4.3 will cost you." As many have already mentioned--some of these features will come as an additional cost to everyone unless you did the JB and already have some of these capabilities. I also read that Apple is now giving you choice to change how many times you get warned about the arrival of an SMS msg--big deal. We get to keep the same old tired SMS alert tones and don't even get time stamps on them. I know this is petty for many of you, but it's unfortunate that Apple continues to string us along with small things (in my oppinion) that have already been included in other devices/OSs.

Want I want fixed/improved in 4.3:
How about print functionality that actually works on more than 6 printers??? :)

You only have to copy and paste 2 lines of code into your PC to be able to use it with any printer. I use it with my lexmark printer!

I heard the latest beta gives iPad users the option to for the lock switch to return!!
Georgia.. No one has noted this yet?

Yes , it is not a major update , more time for them to work on other things like notifications,and widgets

Now the question is whether this is just going to be another pointless update for anyone who doesnt have the iPhone 4.

I think being able to configure the slide switch on the iPad to either mute or rotation lock is great. I never got to enjoy the lock switch as a rotation lock as I got my iPad right after 4.2.1 was released and immediately upgraded. The four and five finger gestures also look great.
On the iPhone side, I could really care less about turning it into a hotspot, especially if it's going to cost extra. If it was free, I would think it's a nice novelty. Either way, I don't see it as something I would use.

A new feature in 4.3 it's in the message settings. It has a option were you can Choose how many times an alert rings. From 1-10 times in 2 min intervals...

the new features have me really exited. Can't wait for the update. Just like with 4.2, I feel like it's another breath of life for my 1st gen ipad. This thing is going to get a good run out of it.
just a couple gestures I wish they'd add: gesture orientation rotation control, and an easier way to close apps.

New features in ios 4.3 seem pretty meh...
No need for hotspot.
No need for new msg alert delay
No need for more gestures...
I want to hear, a fix for home button multitask bug. Improved app store update, where i can choose whether to update or not, removing the badge.
A quicker way to exit out of mail app. I feel there is too many clicks involved to back out of read email. I believe it's 3 taps. Thats two too many IMO.
And erm.. A better notification system.
But I guess all of the above will typically come with iphone 5 and 6.

I'd say 6..Apple has to keep you dumbed down with hideous multi-tasking for the next 2 years at least. How else will the say the phone is "revolutionary"???

This is all mainly counting for iphone:
I don't have access to that beta, but here are my two cents for improved notifications, an adaptable, informative lockscreen - call it widgets.
I add collapsable email folders (my list of folders? Erm... 38 - you do't want to know what it takes to go down the list to a draft/sent mail.
I also add smartness to contacts:
- auto-update fields using info of contacts in the same business (url, company main telephone number, address)
- smart suggestions: if the email is @pineapple.com, probably the website is www.pineapple.com)
- choosing the country in the address should be easier: either alphabetic tap list, or typing and getting search suggestions.
- smileys in outlook look fine in the lists ( 4 lines preview) but looks like "J" in the actual mail... Why oh why?? I started using smileys from time to time, as they give some sense-making nuance to my dry writing... :)
That thing with long lists, like setting the contacts country, should be improved over the system, sometimes it's just a drag to pick out of websites lists.
Smileys should be working system-wide, no yellow blobs for my part (cfr emojicons) , just clean.
Add also a user friendly way of search in Safari, why would i want to see all the google stuff first?
The home button thing: it should be easy to have the same square icon on the glass screen border, but just with a little touch sensitive area. I never understood the necessity of both a home button and the standby button. For my part: make all buttons in the touch sensitive fashion, and soon we will have a iPhone X that can film under water.
Rather extensive list huh! Just found out about this website.

Forgot finger gestures overall: swipe to go to a previous screen in the homescreen way: websites, appstore, much more. It is very natural as a reflex. Whenever the screen contents changes as a whole, let me go back to the previous screen with a swipe (exceptions will be needed though, but that should be a code variable: swipability true or false...

Love the o lock. Love the potential for airplay. Don't love that the 4.2.1 wifi bug that some of us experience is not fixed. :(.

I'm surprised we are getting anything at all, but I'm disappointed that it seems iPad still can't use retina optimized graphics. Seems like a no-brainer.

I like the guestures for iPad , i was slightly amazed only cause ive been using the guestures for a while now on my magic mouse with magicprefs ( or whatever its called ). Hopefully something like that comes to the iPhone and that they dont remove the home botton because of these jestures

Not even one 3G user out there?! a have a pristine state one, regular use over 2 years (3/4 calls/day avg.), battery (still) lasting 1 full day, up to 3 days on low usage.
APPLE IS F$CK$#7$ dropping support for this beauty?!? it's not even mature yet!!
I don't actually need new features, but I was hoping for performance correction on at least iOS 4.x!
They hold 2.5 years support for iPhone (1st gen), I woundn't expect less from Apple now.
Fortunately I am still on 3.1.3, how many more millions are there (in the wrong place iOS4.x)?!?
They actually seem to be willing to cut back on the developers market with a snap of the (go) home button!
/rantover (WilNotCo)

Nook Tablet only has only set aside 0.9 GB for personal use, so you can't side load much. So you're stuck with the Barnes & Noble app store, which has only about 1500 apps. Angry Birds costs $4.99... yes, anywhere else it's 99 cents. Wish I would have bought a Kindle Fire.