TiPb Asks: How's your iPhone 4S 3G data speed?

TiPb Asks: How's your iPhone 4S data speed?

No sooner did Rene get his shiny new iPhone 4S than he put he through its 3G HSPA 14.4 Mbps data speed paces and... almost 9 Mbps down and just over 1 Mbps up in the real world on Rogers in Montreal. Not too shabby! Have you tested your iPhone 4S speeds yet? If so, let us know how fast, what network, and what area you're in!

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TiPb Asks: How's your iPhone 4S 3G data speed?


Yep, getting about the same in Houston with my Verizon phone...but I can make phone calls :-) Thats why I connect to wifi anywhere I go

Is there anything special to test the HSPA speed on Rogers in Montreal? Do I have to be registered on something? I'm getting barely 1.5mbps

I have a 3GS on AT&T's 3G network with almost full bars. I got 1.15Mbps down and 0.18Mbps up. Is that normal for the old model???
Can't wait to get my 4S in a couple hours!!!!!!!

It really depends on how good your signal is. If you're getting those speeds with a 3GS I wouldn't expect a big improvement with the 4S.

Here in downtown Austin with my at&t iPhone 4 I get:

  • 137ms Ping
  • 0.18Mbps Down
  • 0.49Mbps Up

And that's pretty normal for everywhere I go in the city, which is usually pretty central. Sometimes I'll see it jump to 2.5-3Mbps down, but that's uncommon.
I'm going to get an iPhone 4S, but with these crappy speeds on at&t I may just switch back to Sprint.

I'm not sure. Last time I had Sprint it was with a Treo, so data speed wasn't as important as it is now.

In Wareham, Massachusetts using AT&T iPhone 4 32GB with only 3 bars of service...
-163ms Ping
-2.32Mbps Down
-0.43Mbps Up

We can't get speeds like that here in Hawaii. The best I have ever gotten on my iPhone3GS is 3.03 Mbps and that is a rarity. And during the daytime, it is usually less that 1.0 Mbps and lately I have been getting 0.05 Mbps per second!

Why is everyone posting their iPhone 4 and 3GS speeds? No one has tested their 4S? I am really curious to know about AT&T, someone who can read please save this comment thread.

Verizon. 2.33 down. 0.88 up. Chicago. Loop.
I know it's CDMA but the antenna is markedly improved. My iPhone 4 couldn't pull data in many places my 4S does. Calls and texts, however, have pretty much always worked everywhere.

I just had a looog discussion with ATT about this. The phone is labeled 4G in their website, which within ATT currents standards it is 4G as it supports 14.4 MB/s vs the Iphone 4 is 7.2 MB/s they have done this with their Blackberrry 9810 as well...
Anyways the ATT rep kept arguing with me that there was no difference in that regard between the two iphone 4 models and that the website was wrong lol!!! What an idiot, I had to hang up.
Anyway my real gripe is that the ipad 2 is also equiped with the same radio as the 4S and they are not giving it access to the highers speed network (also known as H+) and I would love to have my iPad at those speeds...
Bottomline ATT sucks... no news there

I'll take the slower speeds and no simultaneous talk and data if it means I don't drop calls 5 times a day and have to deal with spotty coverage. I switched to Verizon in February and I have never looked back.

AT&T is pathetic in Princeton NJ... 81 ms ping times, but .004Mbps down and .51 Mbps up. Ugh... I can't wait till Verizon can do simultaneous voice and data (LTE).

I'm in Phoenix, AZ, just downloaded the app to my new iPhone 4S with Verizon. did the test at 7:37 pm, got down 1.60mbps, up 0.79. did it again a couple of mins later, got down 1.25mbps, up 0.76. ughhhh, thats not really that fast is it. Thing is though, for most of what i've been doing today, browsing a few web pages on Safari, downloading a few apps, and syncing some of my music to the iPhone through iCloud, its been plenty fast enough. so im not complaining. :-)

guys you are writing MBPS its Mbps which are megabits not bytes.. megabits are 1/8th of a megabyte

My results:
Garden City, NY (on Long Island)
iPhone 4S on AT&T
2.96 down, 1.42 up
it varies but this was one of the fastest that I got.

No difference in DL speeds for me in Chicago between the 4 and the 4S. Very disappointed. I average 2-3 Mbps down on both phones.

I don't have the 4S but after reading these results in the responses I'm reminded of when I got my 3GS. The 3G ( which I also owned ) has a 3.2 HSPA radio and download was about .4-.8mbps on a great day. When I got the 3GS ( which I believe has a 7.2 HSPA radio, it was pretty much the same until 10-12 months later when I began to get 1.2-2mbps. I still use my 3GS now and I max out at 3mbps on a nice day as well. So those speeds may take some time to come in , especially since AT&T has just released their 14.4 HSPA+ in certain areas.