TiPb Asks: Will there be an iOS 4.4?

TiPb Asks: Will there be an iOS 4.4?

If, as rumor suggests, iOS 5 won't be previewed this spring as it has in years past, and is instead only shown off at WWDC 2011 in June and ">released sometime in the fall, will there be an iOS 4.4 to tide us over in the meantime?

If there is, what features would you expect it to have? There almost certainly won't be anything major like non-obtrusive notifications, file repositories, or any of the other iOS 5-level tent poles we've asked for, but network AirPrint, custom text and email tones, landscape week view in calendar, folder setup saving, keeping you in the App Store after you start a download -- any number of small improvements, really.

What do you think, will there be an iOS 4.4 and if so, what would you like to see in it?

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TiPb Asks: Will there be an iOS 4.4?


Nope dont think there will be an iOS 4.4. If anything maybe 4.3.2 to fix any other bugs or hacks apple comes across.

There may be a 4.3.2 for the CDMA iPhone 4. The only way 4.4 comes is even iPhone 5 comes in July and iOS 5 arrives in September. But I don't think so. They'll push iPhone 5 to whenever iPhone 5 arrives: July, August, September? Who knows.

My developer account expires April 8th, good thing I didn't renew early. I wonder if I'll still be able to install iOs 5 since my team provisioning profile doesn't expire until July 11.

I think there will be another 4.3.x release, if anything. As a Verizon iPhone user, I am starting to come to grips that iOS 5 will likely be when we are all aligned.

I hope the Verizon iPhone never gets future updates. Verizon sucks!!! The phone is already crippled with the technology Verizon uses.

If your not a verizon customer why would you give a crap. Whether verizon sucks or not is a personal opinion and really you show a negative attitude to life by making such negative statements, it does make you sound really hateful. You really should grow up a bit and get a life.

Aaah, that explains it all, you are bitter because you spend your time listening to complaints of dropped calls. Let's face it, in our area AT&T is so bad that they only have two employee's, the manager and a single Customer Service Rep in their Corporate store. When we went into the store it took 10 minutes before they realized someone was in the store, by that time we were leaving.

As a verizon wireless customer I would be really happy if I got just 4.3.1 let along a 4.4 or a 5.0 version LOL

Totally. Ever since I got Home Sharing on the iPad I don't even bother syncing my music and movies. I only ever listen to music at home anyway, so it's great how much space it saves me. Especially now that the iPad is getting to be better suited to content creation, I need that extra space for my video clips for iMovie and for audio I'm working with in GarageBand. That stuff takes up a lotta space!
I'd like to see 4.4 give me the ability to work with my Home Sharing media within apps. For example, if I'm working in iMovie I'd like to be able to add a soundtrack to my movie without having to have it on my device. I first noticed how great it'd be when I downloaded djay

If there is to be an iOS 4.4 update, we would have seen a Beta 1 release already or at least w/in the next wk or so to meet a WWDC release deadline as a pre-cursor to iOS 5.

I think Apple is focusing it's efforts on IOS 5 and baring any major bugs uncovered in 4.3.1 I don't see them releasing anything in the interim.

Since I have the 3gS, I am hoping that OS 5 has features for my phone, but as the past has shown iPhone users my type of phone is on the way out. I would love to upgrade to iPhone 5 when it comes out, but the wife would kill me.

Question to the group - is there a known issue that on the iPad 2 (running iOS 4.3.1) that the FaceTime apps freezes and cannot be fixed without rebooting the device? Even shutting down the app in the fast app switcher won't fix it. You must reboot. I don't think it's just me.

I do not know the version number, but I expect an update within 30 days with minimal features but fixes the JB.

Who cares? I'm sticking on 4.1 JB until 5 comes along with a JB anyway! I know there's now one for 4.3.x but can't be arsed restoring and farting about to get it all back as I want it. I'll hold on for now and I'm sure I'm not on my own.

No evidence thus far of 4.4 so why the discussion ...?
The only major inputs are for iOS 5 - game changers.
There's nothing in 4.x that requires a x.y revision change.... x.x.y very possibly to fix some bugs, but no x.y.... sorry.

@Dom your an idiot I had iPhone 4 on att which sucked ass and now with Verizon it's just a beast no drop calls and 3-5 bars on a daily basis

I agree with whoever said that if there was going to be a iOS 4.4 coming out we would be getting word and a beta tests of it coming up really soon. But if there is no mention of that 4.4 or a iOS 5...what are we going to get? Apple doesn't really like things lingering around for a long time. Most, close to all, their products have a 1 year time span followed by a new version of it. I still don't see the positive for Apple delaying what could possibly be its signature product. All that does is open the flood gates for it to become more obsolete in regards to software faster. All I know is, that June needs to hurry up! lol

If iOS 5 is in the fall, it makes 0 sense to do another point upgrade in the interim. The only upgrade that may happen is a 4.3.x for Verizon, but if they're having delays with iOS 5 us verizoners will probably have to wait.

Also, the constant stream of "when is the next iPhone/iOS" posts is getting tiring. Its not like tipb has nothing to post about if a new phone is five or six or nine months out rather than three months. Apple isnt getting out of the phone biz. Threads of rank speculation like this don't contribute much. Hey how about a thread asking what people think are the odds that google will release android for iPhone?

If Apple is only previewing iOS 5 in June and releasing in Fall, they could very very (did I say very yet?) easily release an iOS 4.4 sometime between now and then. If they do a couple of betas, they could push beta 1 anywhere from now to May.
Only reason they would is to make people feel like there's not such a gap between 4.3 and 5.
Only reason they wouldn't is if they're too focused on 5 to take the time.

But then if they truly are this focused, is it wrong to assume and expect (for lack of a better word) something amazing? Like complete and total overhaul? Because honestly unless it is a total overhaul, I really see NO reason for them to postpone anything! They've had a year time span before to release other iOS versions, if it's just the basic layout with tent poles here and there, then I would feel that this postponing nonsense would be for nothing.

Well if you ask my I think apple should fix the iphone 3G as it also has this tracking bug. Since this device was released with IOS 4 and above. I think its only right they fix their mistake.

I think the update should allow the app store to automatically check for app updates each day and allow you to choose what time it should check for app updates. The same function as in windows update