TiPb Asks: How do you use your iPad?

With all the iPad 2 (and iPad 3!) rumors it's easy to lose sight of all the current iPads out there and what we, as users, are doing with them. So we're asking! What things do you do with it the most? Anything you thought you wouldn't do much of that you're suddenly doing a lot? Anything you assumed you would do a lot that ended up not being so useful?

I'm not even going to lie -- I use my iPad mostly for gaming. I used to use it for web browsing but now I prefer my MacBook Air for that (it props itself up). I know Chad uses his iPad for productivity work, including most of what he writes here for TiPb (at Starbucks no doubt!).

What about you? Surfing the web, email, gaming, reading eBooks, looking at photos, getting things done?

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TiPb Asks: How do you use your iPad?


Just sold it in order to get a Macbook Air 11 inch. But now I´m waiting till thursday to see how light the new Macbook Pros get.

I don't currently own an iPad, and down plan on buying one until the 3rd iteration when it comes with a retina display.

I skipped ipad 1 to wait for ipad 2
a bit disappointed after retina display rumours came out for ipad 2 and disappeared : (
but i cant wait anymore
i'll jsut sell my ipad 2 before ipad 3 comes out

Uh, reading. My most-used apps are Kindle (for books), New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Zinio (for magazines).

I use it all day long, every day
-Watching the news at breakfast every morning
-work email and schedule
-RDP to my work windows machine
-RSS - Google reader
-5 year old does learning games to learn to read, math
-angrybirds/ cut the rope (the only games I play)
-Reading books
-Kids watch movies on long trips in the car
-ebay shopping
-amazon shopping

I hit most of those options, but as others mentioned, "reading" was a big omission. I read comics on it more than I would have guessed. But then, I didn't expect to want/enjoy/own one, in the first place.
Gaming is less fun than I would like except for board games which are surprisingly fun on this platform. Physical controls are key, otherwise.
Streaming video from the Xfinity app, Hulu+, Netflix, etc. is awesome and one of my main uses for it.
Using remote access apps so I can use Windows or Windows pc's.

I used it much more when I first got it, but I fouund I prefer my computer for most tasks, and, for many of the others, I already have my iPhone in my pocket, so I just use that. The iPad still gets use for:
1) Flipboard - still a great way to read twitter/fb/google reader
2) Netflix - when I'm not around (or do t feel like firing up) the main TV
3) Distracted tasks - the iPad is perfect for picking up and checking email/browsing the web while doing something else, e.g. watching TV.

Love it as an ereader. I also have a Kindle but prefer the iPad. I like catching some of the Daily Show when I can or just plain surfing. I like Flip and Popular Science magazine too.

You need to open your eyes more. Theyre many good websites that run an optimized iPad version of their sites that runs perfectly.
No garbage mobile site.

I use my iPad for everything. It has actually replaced my PC. I use iCab Mobile to download and surf. Reeder for RSS. iBooks for reading. Netflix and Zumocast for streaming movies and music. LogMeIn for remotely connecting to my puter when I do need access. The iWork apps along with a few others for productivity. AVPlayer HD to play movies and TV shows I've downloaded. Rooms to connect to IRC. Twittelator for Twitter. Friended for FaceBook. My most used app that I couldn't use my iPad without...iFile. Doing all of the things I do on my iPad would not be possible without iFile. Using iTunes' file transfer is not ideal for adding and moving things around.

I use mine mostly for reading Kindle books... at least until Apple bans Kindle from it for violating their new subscription tax model :(

I am currently a student at the University of San Diego and a military reservist. I find that the iPad is perfect for both of these:
While in school, I can use the iPad to take notes, write papers, look up information, view PDF's, etc. It fits perfectly into my backpack whereas my laptop did not (especially with all the books I carry around). While killing time between classes, or just being lazy, I'll watch a show on Netflix to take my mind off my homework.
For the military this is perfect as well. I am the training officer and need to keep updated spreadsheets for 150 personnel. Using a laptop was a little unreasonable, having to call each individual over to ask for updated information. Now, with the iPad being so mobile, I am able to get members information on the fly. Also, most of our buildings don't have wifi, so if I needed to send an email on my laptop, I would have to wait until I got home. Being my iPad has 3G, I am able to look up information as well as send emails instantly.
Truely an amazing device.

I love using the Kindle app and syncing between the iPad and my Kindle. Also visit my mom 60+ miles away weekly and so use a weather app and traffic app for a safe journey. The iPad is great for carrying all important documents for my mom's care as well and easily emailed to whoever needs copies, or printing duplicates at her apt. She loves watching the home movies I bring to watch with her AppleTV.
I use Hulu+ during my monthly medical treatment to catch up on my TV shows that I don't download from iTunes. I really didn't expect to use the iPad that much, but am happy not to lug my macbook pro around.

Reading! Wired magazine, Nat Geo magazine, my RSS feeds, stuff from work saved as pdfs then uploaded to DropBox, etc. I love my iPad!

I am a Private Pilot and I actually use my iPad mostly for Flight Planning and electronic approach plates. I do use it for lite gaming when I'm riding on a commercial flight.

For business productivity only, really. Taking notes while on the phone, managing contacts, accepting credit cards, having clients sign contracts, emailing receipts, managing QuickBooks, PayPal, and pay-per-clicks ads, etc...
Not really into fun-type entertainment media stuff on portable devices.

I use my iPad to control my Sonos music system. The ipad controller app is by far the best way go control my wireless music system all over my house without having to dock my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in order to listen to pandora, rhaposdy or Internet radio stations.
The Sonos system so awesome and works so well with iOS, I wish someone from tipb would do a full review on their equipment.

Reading and taking notes in class. As a college student taking science classes I love being able to type my notes and draw diagrams/molecules/equations right in the same app (I use Notability)

I haven't bought one yet as waiting for '2' but have just noticed that Orange and T-Mobile UK have reduced their iPad subsidised pricing!
Getting rid of old stock maybe?
Here's hoping!!!

Use mine for web browsing and reading. I also ditched my keyboard and mouse and use it to control my mac mini hooked up to my home cinema system. Couldn't live without it now....

It's great to read how everyone uses their iPad. Until I got my new MacBook Air 11" I used my iPads all the time. Now one sits by my bed for web browsing only. And another in the basement for a dedicated Sonos controller.

As others have mentioned reading is a big one for me. My most used apps are iBooks, Kindle, and flipboard. Gaming hasn't been as fun as I might have hoped but it is a JOY to travel with.

I clicked -Other- because I only really use it for drawing, with Sketchbook Pro. The crack in the screen and a software glitch - that makes it freeze up and register multiple touches after only one tap - have pretty much nixed my interest in using my iPad for any other purposes. The glitch acts up quite a bit, and Apple tech support was clueless about how to fix it. They pretty much told me to do a wipe and see if that works lol. Result? I had to rearrange all of my apps and reset my settings.

Reading was a major omission; I've ditched my paperbacks in favour of the iPad - I download loads of PDF books, epub books etc.
I also like Zinio's free content, and iGizmo.

Kinda think someone is taking the mickey with this "survey". Reading newspapers, magazines and books is easily the biggest use of my iPad.