TiPb Asks: iPad 3 accessories

iPad 3 accessories

What kind of accessories do you want for the iPad 3? 2011 was Apple's official "year of the iPad 2", and there's little doubt 2012 will be the "year of the iPad 3". Aside from a 2048x1536 Retina display and Apple A6 chipset, Apple probably won't innovate much with the form factor -- it already "just works" -- but could they, and third party manufacturers, innovate more when it comes to accessories?

This year, with the iPad 2, we got the Smart Cover. Light and thin it could turn your iPad on and off by virtue of magnets. We also, finally, got an HDMI dongle. What could next year bring?

When Apple releases an iPad 3 next year, what accessories do you want them to release with it? Transparent Smart Covers, Apple branded keyboard cases? What?

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TiPb Asks: iPad 3 accessories


Apple could add a dock connector so it could also charge it when connected like a second battery. 24 hour battery life.

Very true, it did not sell well. It's better to have a keyboard dock that doesn't charge because lets say you're using the dock for an extended period of time, you don't want to overcharge the battery and damage it.

  • 1080p AirPlay and Mirroring
  • wrap around SmarterCover, some with see-thru option (part of or full screen? to see notifications counts, time, alert at a touch)
    +1 on accurate stylus/finger tracking

Camera is likely better, but really, the 4S/5? will handle the job...
THAT'S about it really... oh, a TARDIS interface?

I'd like to see a better designed USB Camera Connection Kit. I use mine constantly for MIDI and connecting USB microphones. It's large size makes it dangerous to the 30-pin connector. I'm thinking something along the lines of Mag-Safe.

I'm happy with my smart covers. Honestly - i thinks regardless what they release, the smart covers were an ingenious idea. As long as they don't change the screen size, the smart covers should theoretically work with any model they come out with as they don't depend on form factor very much.

An Apple made back protector that works with their cover. Needs to have rubberized edges like the Bumper case (the best case for iPhone, period).

They are getting ready to release their iPad 2 case, so hopefully they'll do an iPad 3 case, once the 3 is announced.

I want to see a better case/stand combo. I have a brilliant stand, but it limits what cases I can use with it.None of the cases that have built in stands are much good.

Capacitive touch PLUS Digitizer (Bamboo would be great) so that we can use it like an iPad for casual use, but interact with it like paper to take notes or draw.