Poll: What do you want iPhone 5 to look like?

What will the next generation iPhone 5 look like when it's finally released -- likely this fall? Will it be like the iPhone 3GS was, the same casing with faster processors, cameras, etc.? Or will it be an all new design inspired by the MacBook Air or iPod touch? (I've gone out on a limb and said my wish is a return of the metal back). Maybe a bigger screen like some of those Android Phones, or a smaller screen like the nano? Or could Apple push the pace of innovation again and finally give us a translucent device, like we've seen in Avatar or Iron Man?

If you could sit down with Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, and they asked you what you want iPhone 5 to look like, what would you tell them? Vote in the poll above and then let us know the details in the comments below.

(And watch the video after the break for a funny take on iPhone 5...)

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Poll: What do you want iPhone 5 to look like?


You may be first, but you're also a douche. Try contributing something next time or don't bother.
I love the form factor of the iPhone 4 but would always welcome thinner like the iPod Touch, although I just don't see how that's possible with the battery and cellular radios that the iPhone has that the Touch does not.

I have a lot of friends that would love to have a slide out keyboard on it. Not sure it is for me, but quite a few won't transition from BlackBerry because of the lack of physical keyboard.

I think that a physical keyboard is not necessary and while it may seem a little daunting at first, especially for blackberry users, I think that once the switch is made it'll be an easy transition.
People seem to have this fear of software keyboards but personally I find Apple's keyboard easier to type on than any hardware keyboard, but then again that's just personal preference.

i was a blackberry user for 2 full years and i was quite worried about the switch... and at first i really struggled but now i can type on the touchscreen keyboard just as fast as i can on my blackberry...

That's not entirely true. I know of several people that ditched iPhones for BBs because they did not like a on screen keyboard.

Reason I prefer software keyboards is because I need to type in more than just Latin based languages. BB keyboards good for English and French but once you write Chinese and Korean, software keyboard is a lot more efficient. I still miss typing quickly on BB though and even though had iPhone for a couple years now, still don't type nearly as fast.

I'm really happy with the way my iPhone 4 has held up. I got it the day it came out and have only one tiny nick on the side of the bezel. The 3G/3GS were much more scratch prone. The new glass is amazing. Sure, I wouldn't mind a revamp and maybe a bit bigger, but I do love the durability of this recent one. Hope they can keep that up!

For iPhone 5 I'd like it to stay the same, just get the A5 chip and other internal bumps. THEN, for iPhone 6...let's change it up. Preferably something that can be implanted in the body and connect directly to my brain & optic nerve.

This is more my dream iPhone. Not necessary what I want the next one to be (since I'm not eligible for an upgrade till iPhone 6 :P)

The glass is great. Looks like it did on day one and don't need a case. An ipod touch seems cheap in comparison.
Outside of increased ram & processor, i'd consider more storage or gesture area (getting rid of home button).

Same as the iPhone 4 except for a bigger screen and an internal spec bump, a5 processor, more ram and a flux capacitor

I just got an iPhone 4 when Verizon began offering them. I don't plan on upgrading for at least a year or two, so...I guess I want the iPhone 5 to be ugly! Haha! Then I won't have smartphone envy. :)

Same as iPhone 4, the most elegant device I've ever owned and can ever hope to own. Glass on both sides is just gorgeous and feels great in my hand.
It already has the 512MB of RAM and even when doing heavy multitasking, I still have over 100-150MB free, so a bump in RAM may not even be necessary. The A5 and better graphics turn the iPad 2 into a powerhouse, so definitely that, but if I had to choose one thing to be different, I'd love a 4" (or bigger than 3.5" anyway) screen, but only if it will still be Retina and IPS, which I'm sure it will be.

It must be an implant for my brain so I can see the screen naturally in my visual field and compose texts with my mind.

I would like the same form factor as the iPhone 4, but with a metal backing. If they offered it with a four inch screen it would be nice, but the current size is fine.

First it's achievable in the current form factor.
Second it at least brings it in line with the competition (on the small end too i might add)
I'd prefer it go to an even 4.0. 4.3 like the X, Evo and Thunderbolt might be a bit big. But currently looking at it next to anything these days makes it look tiny IMO.

I hated the metal back... three days after having my iPod Touch it was already dinged and scratched like crazy. The glass is the best look. I vote for Tony Stark's phone! Seriously, that would be epic.
Also, am I the only one not able to view the video?? It says "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." I'm in the US... :(

I wouldn't mind if it looked similar to the iPhone 4, however I would like a 4 inch screen, faster processor, more RAM, better speakers and most importantly a vastly improved iOS5.

Same form factor as the ifone 4. Faster processor, more ram, 4 inch screen, more touch screen gestures, super retina display, better battery, carbon fiber body, able to recharge from solar power, improve the speaker, & total redesign for the ear duds

Definitely a larger screen. The iPhone 4 design is great IMO, so you can keep it. Make it better internally, better cameras, faster, better graphics, to keep the price down while staying competitive.

same overall size--bigger wont fit in my pocket. thinner would be good, as big a screen as possible within the current dimensions.

Thinner, Faster, Stronger. I like the design of the iPhone 4. If they could keep that but make the front and back glass flush w/the stainless steel band. That'd be dope. Word.

Def like to see a leap forward in specs. Wouldn't mind same design so all my cases would still fit. If they are gonna change the look then def something with more curves.
No physical keyboard please, was at work last night and a co-worker was talking bout his blackberry and how his space bar no longer works.

I really hope they don't go to 4 inches and if they do they don't make the phone itself any bigger. Either way what apple does will make me happy.

I vote keeping what we have now form factor wise. I love the solid feel of the 4. A bigger screen is always a plus (if battery doesn't take a material hit) but I wouldn't want the "case" to grow much. As to the guts, I'll take as much speed and storage as they can cram into it.

Here it is:
4" screen
Existing apps still run 3:2 at EXACT SAME SIZE as current.
Extra space is used for multitasking/notifications/video playback/core services.
Homebutton is virtualized.
iPhone 5: Form factor change to fix attenuation, A5 processor
iPhone 6: Same form factor. LTE, A6 (whatever that even means)

The design will NOT be new. No way they waste all that time getting the white iPhone tech right only to scrap the design a few months later.

4.0" screen is a must. A notification system in the home button would be amazing with the home button square lighting up different colors. Every year i always say im not getting the next iPhone and waiting for the one after that, but so far I've always got the next one. Yeah If they come out with a bigger screen I'll probably end up getting it. I won't be able to survive knowing that there's a larger screen iPhone.

Oh and physical keyboards suck cuz they can't have multiple layers while iPhone keyboards can have multiple languages and emogcons or however you spell them.

i love my iphone4 this phone is way 2 sexy. but on the next one maybe a little bigger screen, no home button, keep the glass on front & back, better notifications, wireless sync, a5, tweek the ipod a little bit, facetime on 3g, better front and back camera, better battery, must keep retina display, i love the retina display on my phone.....

What might be nice is if they just made the iPhone an iPad, with a smaller screen.
Maybe they could call it an iPadphone, or an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G/4G Phone, Internet and Texting. It would replace the current iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Of course, the calling, texting and internet probably should be contract-free. Because it's a no-contract deal now with the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.
As I recall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab does this

That dickwad Steve (blow)Jobs doesn't care what you all want it to look like he's gonna make it the way he wants it and you'll all just have to live with it.

I'm pretty much satisfied with the whole form factor of the iPhone 4 hardware as it is now; it has a nice, solid, quality look and feel to it.
I'm thinking that the 5th-gen iPhone will most likely be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, keeping the current form factor with performance upgrades all around (the A5 processor, more RAM, a better camera, etc.), with the biggest changes being in the software rather than the hardware...
I'd love to have the screen size increased to 4 inches, while keeping the same overall dimensions of the phone (and while keeping at least the same screen resolution and battery life; a tall order, I know). That'd make the screen a bit less cramped and easier to read and type on. 4.3" might be a little too big, but I think 4" is the sweet spot...
A tiny, unobtrusive LED notification light (like those on the side of the MacBookPros), either on top next to the power button or the headphone jack would be a welcome addition, or at least a simple notification icon or two in the top bar of the screen would suffice...
The "gorilla glass" front and back panels look and feel nice, but they're still glass, and should be further strengthened to become even more impact/crack/scratch-resistant, so we could greatly reduce the need for a case...
Another thing that I'd like to see happen is for Apple to make the next iPhone available in the same palette of colors as the iPod nano, and eventually maybe even optional custom color schemes, finishes (such as gloss, flat, and chrome), and material upgrades (e.g. the glass back panel replaced with aluminum or carbon fiber). If it were available, I'd get it in gunmetal grey with a carbon fiber back plate.
Just some ideas (which I'm sure others have probably already thought of)...

I hope someday iphone's will have an ai design that will open a call automatically upon 2 to 3 inches nearing the ear and closing it at the same distance. Since sometimes its arduous when your busy and hazardous when driving when answering a call looking for the button or sliding it up. Tnx

Keep currunt form factor increase the screen size, reduce the weight,A5 chip,1 gig of ram, some sort of smart cover, real rotation like iPad 2, A notification system like Lockinfo, remove or reshape the home button, 12Mp or more camera someway of have access to storage like drop box from within apps, add attachment option to emails, palette of colors as the iPod nano stated by Analog and finally a favorite tabbar within keyboard landscape so you can add favvorite words or statements thus allowing a place to store additional mail signatures if you like. all doable so make it happen cheers

I would say go with a few different form factors. Give people a choice. Produce an Iphone5 version with a 4" screen, one with a Slide out Keyboard, and so on.

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