TiPb Asks: What iPhone or iPad accessory do you want to see most in 2011?


What iPhone or iPad accessory do you most want in 2011? Rene is off covering CES 2011 and while I admit some of the things we've seen so far especially the medical accessories like heart and blood pressure monitors are super sweet (and I want them!) it's been almost 2 years since Apple opened up iOS 3 (iPhone 3.0) to accessories and there's just got to be more coming, right?

A really great game controller with thumb stick and button controls, a really slim Bluetooth keyboard case that just works, a dashboard mount that lets your iPad take over your car's interface system, a helmet that holds your iPhone in front of you so you can FaceTime while you walk (what?) would be a good start, but what more do you want in 2011?

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TiPb Asks: What iPhone or iPad accessory do you want to see most in 2011?


Ron beat me to it. The ZAGG case has worked with no problems for me for about 6 weeks. That's with about 4 hours a day use.

Let's see the iPod nano be able to control basic functions of the iPhone over Bluetooth (such as notifications/ call alerts etc). That way wearing it as a watch would make a cool accessory. Oh, and control basic apple tv functions, such as play/ pause ect.

A case with a built-in projector. I know there are plenty of ways to watch on a tv, but a projector would be great in my boring cube at work

I'd like to see a charging cradle that's capable of docking an iPhone while it's still in an Otterbox Defender case!!!

How's about a car kit that will take Airplay ipod songs and play well through the radio rather than an annoying plug in mount that has average sound usually and takes a bit to set up every time.

Would like to see some exponential evolution such as the ability to DOCK your iphone to a terminal and use it as a desktop computer. This, of course, would require major advancements in IOS. Cloud based computing is here and what better way to push technology then having IOS based Office apps and allow the device to dock and be used with a large LCD and have KB/Mouse inputs and access all your docs online. Maybe I'm nuts.

Been waiting patiently for that Glucose monitoring system that was shown in the iOS3.x keynote. The accessory was supposed to connect to the 30 pin adapter and allow it to become a Glucose testing device which would interface with testing software. The testing results could be shared with others (i.e. your doctor).
I think it was Proctor and Gamble that showed it.

Can someone explain to me why accessory people keep creating BIG accessories for the iPad. I don't understand why they keep trying to make the iPad bigger and heavier. It is a tablet people. NOT A TABLE, nor should accessories REQUIRE A TABLE.
I want smaller practical accessories that help make the iPad more mobile.
But for some reason I keep expecting someone to develop a rolling iPad bag instead.
...I guess a ghurl can dream.

I'm still waiting on a reliable and inexpensive set of glasses that allow me to view video and listen to audio. Actually I think that Apple will actually release iView in 10-20 years which run on iOS 15 and can make calls, watch video, listen to audio, play VR games and is controlled by a special ring you wear on your finger that when you wave your finger in the air you interact with the interface. Augmented reality will then take off like a mo fo.

Slide out game controller / battery case. Play your games with physical controls while charging your phone :D

(epic) picture WIN Georgia. Glad someone has good taste in television. You watch any of the other series? DS9, Voyager...

I'd like to see a really great leather slipcase of some kind. If the iPad 2 has a flat back, that will be easier to do elegantly. I've gotten spoiled by the Sena Ultra Slim case I got for my iPhone. But really, the more accessory video reviews Georgia does, the better!

How about a swivel (front to back) camera that will allow FaceTime chat for first gen iPads? That or something that allows you to use your phone as a webcam for iPad.

And iOS update and drivers to allow complete iPad backup to external USB drive. Then my 71 year old mother could have a stand alone iPad without having to own and learn a mac or pc

For the iPad: A TRUE stylus that delivers fine-tip strokes and ability to rest our writing hand on the screen without causing issues while using this stylus. In essence, a TRUE notepad/handwriting capability that actually LOOKS like your writing as if it'd been done on paper. That would be killer. I love my Pogo stylus and a couple of note-taking apps that have some kind of lower screen field where I can rest my hand on, but it all still results in big, thick and jagged output. Of course, all of this is easier said than done with a capacitive screen. But I dare to dream...