TiPb asks: Which new iPhone and iPad games are you buying?

TiPb asks: What iPhone and iPad games are you buying?

A bunch of new high profile games are hitting the iPhone and iPad App Store this week just in time for the big holiday shopping season. It's literally an embarrassment of riches but if you're not rich it can really be difficult to decide which games to spend your hard earned money on.

That's where our wonderful TiPb community comes in! Which new games have you bought this week? Which are your must haves and must avoids? Any sleeper hits we should keep our eyes out for?

Too. Many. Great. Games. Help!


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Daniel says:

I picked up Infinity Blade and Real Racing 2. Would have gotten Asphalt 6 but there is no official release date.

JibJab says:

Looking to buy Dungeon Hunter 2 today!

netsyd says:

Quote: Too. Many. Great. Games. Help!
No Doubt. Talk about an expensive week for games. On the list of what I picked up (because thankfully I got a gift card this week):
Infinity Blade
Max Adventure (gotta support the Indies!)
NFS Hot Pursuit (iPhone and iPad) - EA $0.99 Sale is killer!
N.O.V.A. 2
Real Racing 2
Battlefield: Bad Company

Jcoop9 says:

Definitely: Infinity Blade, Real Racing 2
Possibly: Eternal Legacy, NOVA 2, Mortal Kombat
Too many good games to choose from....

EnglishRich says:

Travelling with no wifi - home tomorrow then Real Racing 2, Shadow Guardian, Aralon and BC2....... Bring a charger...... Will need it....

francolasalsa#IM says:

just picked up NOVA 2 and can't wait to crack that out during the holidays, I also got infinity blade but honestly not to impressed

Rob says:

I cleaned up on EA's 99 cent sale this morning....NFS Hot Pursuit, NFS Shift, Command & Conquer Red Alert and Madden 2011 all for the iPad for just 99 cents each!

Ryan Davis says:

Infinity Blade - very addiciting

YT says:

World of Goo for the iPad!!!!!

Regis says:

How do you all find so much time to play games? There is always another project to complete, news to read, and emails to respond to.

indraf says:

the one and only, cut the rope

Joebin says:

I just downloaded Infinity Blade, Star Wars Falcon Gunner. After hearing Chad, Rene, and Georgia mention them a million times on the iPhone or iPad Live podcast I finally got Angry Birds and Cut The Rope too. I'm already hooked on Angry Birds and haven't had time for the other games.

Dyvim says:

Infinity Blade and Dungeon Hunter 2 (couldn't wait for the iPad version although that's what I really wanted)

Dyvim says:

I'll probably get Eternal Legacy as soon as it gets an HD version for iPad.

fastlane says:

I've never purchased even one game, ever. There are far too many better things to do with my life.

Bluecanary says:

Nova 2, Infinity Blade, Aralon Sword and Shadow, and Illusia

Basti says:

when will it be released?

frozencloud says:

anything....i finally received my ipod touch 4g today. any other suggestions other than the already listed in the comment above?

Sir Nerdalot says:

Infinity Blade, strangely addictive given the repetitive battles against the same handful of foes!

Diana Epstein says:

Infinity Blade!! Its so amazing!

Gregz0r says:

Agreed about Infinity Blade! It's repetitive, but pleasantly so. Just splashed out on Real Racing 2(AMAZING visuals on iPhone 4) and I'm gonna get Madden, whilst it's £.59($.99)

JRF_1986 says:

I bought Infinity Blade and the full version of Angry Birds! I love them both!

JibJab says:

I think so many people are buying apps right now its crashing the system. I can't download any apps.

icariin says:

Im a total poker addict on the iphone, its my bedtime sleeper, there are loads of great games on the iphone, which is why I realised that these people who go out and buy a PSP this christmas basically have a rubbish phone haha

peterT says:

Jewel Quest for iPad!!! Holly cow, what a GREAT game!!!! Game Center, Openfeint...it rocks!

OutSpoken says:

My recently purchased top games which will keep me busy over the xmas is:
NFS Hot Pursuit
Real Racing 2
Samurai 2
Not recent buys, but will still have some gametime:
Street Fighter IV
TapTap Revenge3
Angry Birds seasons
Cut the Rope

Allyson Kazmucha says:

There are way too many good games out lately to choose from! For me I've been switching between these ones:

  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Cut the Rope Holiday Gift and Regular (3-starred now getting all achievements)
  • Angry Birds regular - 3 starring all of them
  • Scrabble
  • Tetris (finally picked these up with the .99 sale!)
  • Infinity Blade
  • Lego Harry Potter
  • Bejeweled 2 (still a favorite, since blitz integration a while back, i'm hooked!)

Too many great games in the past few months.
I've got a couple on my list to pick up but I should probably wait until I play all the way through some of the ones I already have :p

OutSpoken says:

Oh and I'm about to buy 2XL Supercross HD! looks fun...

Myria says:

I can't believe no one has mentioned The 7th Guest :(

Chris says:

US States Quiz for iPad

Alex says:

None. Bought 700 apps already.... That's quite enough.

Jules says:

Bought Word Crunch... fresh spin on a word game really awesome.

Rene Ritchie says:

Frak me. Almost all of them. Woosh another game downloaded. Woosh...!

Paco says:

Trucks & Skulls. A nice variation of Angry Birds, which I also have.

Omar says:

Hopefully Bejeweled 3 makes it to the iPhone. 2 is so outdated.

robnaj says:

I do not have an iPad yet but I would only buy an app again if I play it a lot and would like to play it on the iPad. I would not put iPhone apps on a iPad

Alli says:

Why do you keep bumping old posts to the top? Almost missed newer stuff cause I'd seen the lead story hours ago. Luckily I was looking for something specific that I knew had been posted.
Try not to make a habit of this, kthxbai.

Gmac82 says:

I got madden 11 (iPad, and iPhone) same with Hot Putsuit. Can't wait to get Mortal Kombat, NOVA 2, and Real Racing 2. I can't believe their so many great games out. Can't wait to play them all.

MAGNUS says:

Madden 11, NBA Elite & BC2. Probably the best $3 I've spent for my phone.

MynamesAlex says:

Infinity blade, tetris, angry birds hd, sim city hd, command and conquer, all today (infinity blade the other day)
Also play cut the rope hd and seasons, and GT racing.
I'm hooked on GT racing, and infinity blade, and the lady likes cut the rope, so I thought shed like angry birds too.

NatalieL says:

For kids, I love the recently released BrightKnight Kingdom.
BrightKnight Kingdom is a medieval kingdom with iRing apps and mirrors that are just like the Internet! It is fun and educational. You can download it from the appstore by searching for brightknight on your phone or following the link: