TiPb Asks: So... what iPhone and iPad gifts did you get this year?!

TiPb Asks: So... what did iPhone and iPad goodness did you get?!

So, what awesome iOS devices -- iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Apple TVs -- did you get this year for Christmas, Hanukkah, or just because? What awesome accessories were in your stockings? What amazing apps were gifted your way?

Naughty or nice, TiPb Nation, we know you're ripping the wrapping paper off gifts, busting open boxes, and tapping in redeem codes, and we want to know what's inside -- so fill us in already!

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TiPb Asks: So... what iPhone and iPad gifts did you get this year?!


I bought myself an iPhone 4S 64 gig earlier in the week to replace my Verizon iPhone 4 32 gig that I just got in February. I paid full price. I have an addiction problem. ;)

Yes I seem to have a new one with my Apple devices all acquired this year now as well. There is an app addiction doctor somewhere online LOL

That's the nice thing about AT&T also, even after 12 months, you can still get a 4S for only $649. Paying $800 sucks anyway you look at it.

White iPad 2 (white, WiFi) and a new Mac Mini (2.23GHz Core 2 Duo), although since I only got my iPhone 4S the week before Christmas, I'll count that in too, so I pretty much got a whole refresh. woot! :D

Meant to say 2.3GHz Core i5, oooops. I fail. I think I need to go try out the new coffee machine. ehehehehe.

Sadly, there were no redeem codes scribbled on the inside of the wrapping paper of my gifts, nor a single iOS device hidden in any socks, giftable or otherwise.
But I did being a new tradition of buying some of my favourite iOS games for friends I otherwise might not have bothered giving anything at all. This year, I gifted some of the greatest iOS titles of 2011: Starbase Orion (the deepest and most intricate 4X game for iOS, with asynchronous multiplayer!), Dangerous (unpolished, but OH, SO deep and sophisticated), Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion (amazingly polished, well-developed world, great army tactics mechanics, intricate story, great art, great everything), Final Fantasy Tactics (a classic reborn, but rises from the ashes in a more attractive and smooth shape), Pocket RPG (a sexy marriage of dual-stick adventuring and casual RPG dungeon smashing and mashing), and Aralon (the first iOS attempt at a pocket-sized Oblivion, still far to go, but still further ahead than most had ever expected).

i got an apple tv, white iPad 2 and the white iPhone 4s. i bought the iPhone 4s in the beginning of december as a christmas present to myself then decided a week ago i needed another present so i bought myself an iPad 2!!

I got the iPad 2 16 GB WiFi :D It'd be perfect if it wouldn't give me a sore neck from all the unergonomic usage, but it's still worth it!

Nothing Apple specific but I did get a Jawbone Jambox that will get a ton of use with my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. It's amazing.

Got me a nice white 16GB iPhone 4S. This now completes the trifecta, complementing my iPad 2 and MacBook Air :) I'm a very happy boy!

Great! My daughter gave me an Ipod 4 touch which I love, all room, very small and easy, love it! So that's my 4th I device a year ago I had none! no more PC for me

Got the fiancé an IMac and a new back glass for her iPhone 4. I got a Mac mini, $75 in iTunes gift cards, and a camo otter box for my iPhone 4s.

My wife gave me a Hex case for my iPod Touch, an Angry Birds back cover for my iPad 2, an iTunes Gift card, and $100 towards an upgrade to the iPhone 5(?) next year. And I gave her a Halo Bluetooth for her iPhone 4S. Great Christmas! Wishing you all at TiPb the very best for 2012, too.

I've already got too much apple stuff, i just had a wonderful time being with my family. I'm the most blessed person on this planet, I love my family!!!!

I got nothing. I waited for some chance to win in some competition on some web writing about Apple. But meanwhile, nothing.
Still just have only my old iPhone 3G. But wish everything well to others.

I got $50 in iTunes cards. I'm going to buy myself a new iPhone on Tuesday since I was a dope and sold mine to get a Galaxy SII. Ugg!

I got my girlfriend a 32GB white iPad 2 wi-fi and to my surprise she got me a 32GB black iPad 2 wi-fi, and as stocking stuffers we got 135$ worth of iTunes cards, along with SmartCovers and incase cases!!!! Merry Christmas indeed and Merry Christmas to TiPb staff and everyone that posted!!!! :D

My mon got me a apple tv and I got her a iPod 4g. She was using my old iPhone 3G and is so addicted I had to get her a iPod touch. I can't wait to use my apple tv!!

I got a promise to get an iPad in 2012 lol. No iProducts this year. Hope the promise sticks lol.

I didn't get an iOS device for Christmas but I got some fun accesories. Macro, fisheye, and telephoto lenses for my iPhone 4 from Photo Jojo. The Joby gorilla-pod for iPhone 4. And the Pogo Sketch stylus.

Got a new iPhone 4S 16GB in black, and an early Christmas present in November of an iPad 2 16Gb wifi in white.

Upgraded to iPod Tocuch 4, wife Got the iPod Touch 2, and she is happy even if it's not supported anymore. It is still a good device.

I got $30 in iTunes gift cards (already spent $5 on Zen Bound 2 and LEGO Harry Potter); and a mophie JuicePack Boost (the best gift this year)!