TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?

TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?

Marimba, the default iPhone ringtone, is so 2007 -- so we're curious what you're using today? Have you stuck with the built-in tones or have you gone with something custom? Do you just use one ring tone for everybody or have you personalized your favorite contacts?

If so, do you like songs with lyrics or do you prefer instrumentals? Do you keep things musical or do you sometimes go with soundboard clips for that comedic effect? Video game themes, movie themes, rock, hip hop, special effect sounds, celebrity tag lines, sports jingles?

Let us know what you're using, and for those of us looking for some cool new ringtones, what would you recommend?

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TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?



I use the same ringtone I've been using from my SonyEricsson P800 from back in the day. Mostly because I've gotten used to the sound over the past 10 years but also it's got a very unique melody, it's super loud, and always makes people say "...where'd you get that ringtone from..."
If anyone wants it let me know, maybe I can post it to the forum or something.

Others I also use are specific (non-vocal) excerpts from:
Dancing on our Graves - The Cave Singers
Kids - MGMT
Mind Heist - Zack Hemsey (from the Inception movie trailer)
Never Hear Surf Music Again - Free Blood
Sirius - The Alan Parsons Project
Thru and Thru - The Rolling Stones
War Pigs - The Flaming Lips (cover)
With the Dark - They Might Be Giants

I use Chev Chelios' ringtone from Crank. People always ask me if my battery is dying, or if my phone is broken. :-)

Nightmare by avenged sevenfold for everyone
You've got the love by Florence + the Machine for the boyfriend

My default ringtone: What more can I say? (Instrumental) - Jay-Z
For my ex-wife: Darth Vader theme

Mine is currently the tune from the Amazon Kindle advert. Prior to that it was Losing My Religion by REM

I'm retired Navy, so I made a custom ringtone of the "attention" bos'ns call (geeks: think the sound you hear before an announcement on the Star Trek bridge, only produced by a non-electronic instrument). It's awesome.

"Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly)Theme" by Ennio Morricone.

i use the song, perfect timing ( this morning ) by orba squara, it is the song from the original iphone commercials :)

I use a specific ringtone for the people that call me the most. I use a song that reminds me of that person.
For people that don't call that much, I use the "iPhone Remix" that I found on TipB's sister site, Crackberry.com. It's a modified version of Marimba.

The Ska version of Hungarian Dance No. 5 that could be founded towards the end of If and When We Rise Again by Streetlight Manifesto. So great.

I use the background music from the last original iPad commercial - the one with the piano music that ends with the guitar...

"Welcome Back Kotter!" is my default, but all my important contacts have their own theme song. For instance, "I Love Lucy" for my wife, "The Facts of Life" for my 15 year old daughter, "Night Court" for my attorney and "The A-Team" for my IT staff.
Each theme reflect the role they fill, or how I feel about each. I always know EXACTLY who is calling!