TiPb Asks: Which jailbreak apps should go official on the iPhone?


Which current Jailbreak apps would you like to see go official on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in iOS5? It's amazing how many have done so already from Installer, which was the App Store before there was an App Store, all the way up to MyWi, which is now going to be duplicated by Personal Hotspot in iOS 4.2.6 for Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.3 for everyone else.

BiteSMS for instant text handling comes to mind, as do LockInfo for glance-able data, and even Winterboard for theming. Better notification handling, multitasking visualizers, folder enhancers, there's so much to choose from! Ally already told us her 8 most-wanted Jailbreak concepts Apple should implement in iOS 5, but now we want to hear from you! (Or if you would prefer some stay independent on Cydia, tell us which and why as well!)

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TiPb Asks: Which jailbreak apps should go official on the iPhone?


iBlacklist? This app would be pretty useful for those who use their iPhone as a landline replacement.

SBSettings, bitesms, and MCleaner. I'm sad to say but i doubt I'd ever jailbreak again if I had those three.

BiteSMS is the hands down winner here. I have always and always will jailbreak every iteration of iOS/iPhone just to have a feature that should by now, be incorporated into iOS.

SBsettings I use this at least 10 times a day (probably more) between, wifi, 3G unrestrictor, brightness, autocorrect, bluetooth, removebg (removes all background processes).
RemoveBG should DEFINITELY be part of iOS when you have like 24 apps open in the background and you need to close one at a time?? Thank god for jailbreaking community!
New notification system big time - BiteSMS!!!

Er nothing but active Audio, VOIP, or GPS apps run in the background and they show at the top of the screen when they are running. Everything else is put in a suspended state and even automatically removed from memory completely if the OS needs more for the active app. So RemoveBG is totally unnecessary.
Given iOS' aggressive power saving I doubt enabling/disabling WiFi and Bluetooth actually has any impact on battery life. I leave them on all the time and get through a full day with heavy usage. About the biggest battery killer is brightness so if they put the brightness control where the volume control is on the task bar that would be nice.
Apart from FaceTime what is restricted to Wifi these days?
I will agree though that notifications needs an overhaul to be less intrusive, allow inline replies, and show more than one notification on the lockscreen.

Infinifolders for sure. The limit of 12 was a disappointment to many.
Winterboard themeing would be amazing if apple integrated themes into the app store. Paid themes done the same way apple does apps? Pure gold for them.

LockInfo, SBSettings, BiteSMS, and Wi-Fi Sync. The only thing preventing Apple from implementing the simple and awesome ideas of these apps is laziness.

Perhaps they were holding them back intentionally so they didn't run out of things to "amaze" with at future iOS launches. But you may be right. It certainly isn't a lack of cash.

The ones from Allyson. Most importantly LockInfo, SBSettings and BiteSMS. But of course, if Apple were to implement those, the functionality would be drastically reduced, so I'm not sure it would be better than jailbreaking. On the other hand, it would certainly be very well implemented. And having the choice is always good.
All in all I'm always glad when I have to install fewer JB apps after an iOS update to make the phone usable for my liking. The fewer JB apps, the better stability.
Generally, Apple should give more credit to the JB app developers for their pioneer work which made the iPhone what it is today. But I guess we should already be glad they're not taking more action against jailbreaking. Still, Microsoft shows with Windows Phone 7 how the "jailbreaking" scene should be treated - by cooperating with them.

I just got my first iphone yesterday (jailbroke it 5 minutes after I opened the package) and I can't explain how important biteSMS is. I'm still surfing through all these jailbreak apps, but I know for sure biteSMS should come standard. The stock one is just so...bleh

Since you never need to see iTunes to use it, its just running on my server along with all the files.
I also use AirVideo from the iPhone/iPad to convert movies to the correct format with the destination to an iTunes folder that syncs to the iDevice using WiFiSync.
All the stuff I buy, I buy on the iPhone/iPad and it's backed up on the next sync.

For me, iRealSMS or BiteSMS and SB Settings. These are the only JB apps I bother with and the only reason I JB, simples ;-)

I want SMS GV Extension. You can pair it with biteSMS to get quick reply for Google Voice texts (even works on iPod Touch!)

Can't believe I forgot this one! Phone GV extension is an essential part of my phone use (and the reason I stopped feeling jealous of Android users). The hook works so well that I forgot it is a jailbreak function. I love it!

SB Settings for the quick wifi on/off facility, BiteSMS, the one that allows a scrolling dock and Iconoclasm for the ability to have 5x4 icons on each page

SBSettings, biteSMS, Action Menu (gives you a clipboard with favorites and recents, among other things), ShowCase (shows lower-case on keyboard when you're typing lower-case letters), MyProfiles. These are a few of my favorite things.

MyProfiles - ridiculous that you have to jailbreak to get an app that is available on $49 phones. Lost without it. No it is not the same as flipping the silent switch. The idea of having your profiles change on schedule without thinking about it. Imagine having the phone next to the bed and it vibrating every time a junk email comes in through the night.

SBSettings with more than a few toggle options.
Multifl0w and Remove Background - because their "multi-tasking" sucks.
Weather Icon

I find I don't actually use SBSettings nearly as much as I used to. What gets used a lot now is Winterboard, LockInfo, BiteSMS, MyWi.

GROOVESHARK - went official for a few days and then was pulled again. After so many updates, it would be nice to see it official again.

Notified and OpenNotifier are key
Xpandr is a must
MyWi Hotspot on Demand - even if the new iOS has/will have wifi tethering, being able to bluetooth on demand from ipad to iphone is a great function
Oh, and we also need hunnypot :-)

WiFi Sync as an official feature, SBSettings, and iBlacklist. Oh, wait I'm switching to Android as soon as my contract on my 3G(s) is up. No need for jailbreak then! :D

SBsettings, winterboard, vwallpaper, biteSMS. These are why I jailbreak. And always will unless apple adds them.

BiteSMS, PhotoAlbums+, My3G, FolderEnhancer and for some reason I love IconRenamer. lol.

Very simple, ALL apps. We shouldn't have to jailbreak to do what we want with OUR iPhones.
But I would like to see tvout because I want all content to be viewable on an external monitor and not just you tube, etc.

Last year I would've said SBSettings, but I just leave everything turned on all the time now, anyway. The battery life is so much better on iPhone 4.
I don't ever want to see themes. They're all ugly. I still use a totally black background for my wallpaper. :)
BiteSMS is the obvious choice. Great app when I was jailbroken. Miss it a little.

I'm not even impressed with jailbreak apps anymore, I mean i feel no need to jailbreak anymore, all the features i want are their. Also the jailbreak slows down your phone.

I do not jailbreak my phone, and like things the way they are perfectly fine. However, I did see here at TiPb.com a jailbreak application that allows the pre-installed Clock App to show the actual time (not the standard 10:15:00). For some reason, I think that is cool..

I say MyWi. Sure tethering or creating a hotspot is supported, but with MyWi you don't have to pay extra when you have an unlimited data plan!
I'd say definitely add something like Lockscreen Info or Intelliscreen. iBlacklist and BiteSMS/Quick Reply would be nice to see. Also something like VoiceActivator, but one that requires a little less effort. Actually, that should just be a basic function of iOS instead of an app. We can dream, right?

Lockinfo, SBSettings... actually if they had both of these functions I'd probably be willing to not jailbreak.

I jailbroke for MyWi. But found that the little things like the battery percentage indicator, Poof (for hiding unused icons), the app which lets you choose individual apps and password protect them (I forget the name), and Icon Renamer, to be absolutely invaluable. Couldn't live without them now.

No-one has mentioned Cydget. It adds your contact's photos next to their names. This is a simple must-have. Also, full-screen safari and scrolling board (for an extending dock) are superb.

Got to have WiFiFoFum, which used to be in the app store.
I regularly set up my own router in various workspaces,
and WiFiFoFum tells me how congested the airspace is,
and what Wifi channels are most open.
Date in the top bar (SBSettings) is very convenient.
Phone gets squirrely when memory's tight. Available memory
in the top bar along with RemoveBG (SBSettings) lets me keep
an eye on it and do something about it.
NTPdate because I want to calibrate the time and get confirmation that it's happened.
Heh. How about Cydia?

I'd go for just SBSettings for the quick toggle options. I un-jailbroke to update the OS due to some instabilities and haven't yet re-jailbroken it and I'm doing fine without all the extra stuff. The only bit I miss is SBSettings though.

SBSettings almost caused me to unjailbreak. It was the program causing instabilities for me. Uninstalled and everything is peachy. YMMV.

I jailbreak only for sbsettings.
I need fast switch for 3g on/off wifi on/of bluetooth on/off

Tether Me (on the iPhone) and iTether (on the iPad) allows me to over-ride 'tether lock' my carrier places on the data plan I have, and I can use my iPad on the iPhone data plan through Bluetooth. Works very well for me. This is the only thing I maintain jailbreak for.

I just JBed both mine and my fiance's 3GSs this weekend - we love BiteSMS and iBlacklist. I bought 2 of the Cydget apps for my phone, one of them worked but the other that is supposed to put your fav contacts' pictures on your home screen didn't - I sent an email to Jay but no response yet.