Poll: Are you going to jailbreak your iPad 2?

TiPb Asks: Are you going to jailbreak your iPad 2?

The iPad 2 Jailbreak is finally here, courtesy of JailbreakMe.com, but will you use it? iOS 4.3 is solid and iOS 5 is just around the corner with Notification Center, iMessages, and more. So is the need to Jailbreak still compelling?

I'm still on the fence myself, so help me make up my mind before iPad Live this Sunday. If you're going to Jailbreak, let me know and tell me why. If not, same deal.

Help me TiPb Nation, you're my only hope!

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Poll: Are you going to jailbreak your iPad 2?


Yes. I jailbroke... Custom wigets, black keyboard, notification upgrades and more apps... Its only been 2 hrs and I'm still customizing my ipad 2.... Jailbreak works without a flaw (so far)... U can also customize ur icons... Potential is endless.... Ios 5 comes out soon so i'll just upgrade when it comes out.... No problem... No worries... Might as well enjoy it... ITs FREE!

My sleep/power button fried, so I jailbroke to allow me put my phone to sleep by pushing both volume buttons simultaneously. You have no idea what a pain it is to change a song, only to find that the darn thing has opened every app on the home screen after putting it in your pocket (or been recording a video, or called someone, et cetera). Yes, surprisingly the lining of a pocket is just thin enough to allow the capacitive touchscreen to register some screwy things by rubbing on your thigh!

Thank you Deanisdunn! So many people are writing lose as "loose" that I was beginning to think it was British usage, before I double-checked! I let loose some gas to lose some pressure. How difficult is that?

I'm not entirly happy with the jailbreak on my i4 and I have very few tweaks on it. I could live without JB on my ipad2 as iOS 5 will cover what I JB for. I was tempted to JB to get RetinaPad but will wait it out for now.

I tried it out today, just out of curiosity... I restored it a few hours later after playing with it for a while. There are some pretty cool things, but most of the good tweaks cost a pretty good amount of money and don't really seem worth it in the long run. I'll just stick to the normal iOS.

I'm so undecided.
I love to keep my iDevices 'au naturale', the way God in his infinite wisdom intended, but I also really want to use them as AirPlay receivers as £110 is a lot to pay for an Apple TV when I only want that one function. Also looking forward to iOS 5 to infect my iDevices too, I'll think about it.
What a rubbish post I just wrote..!

If you are just looking to have your iOS devices be receivers for the content in your iTunes library, then you don't need to Jailbreak. It's called Home Sharing - been in place since 4.3.

I've heard some jailbreakers say that their iPhones are less stable afterwards. I'm curious, how can that possibly be an acceptable tradeoff?

Lol, there is nothing unstable about the jailbreak itself. Instabilities come from installing too many cydia apps. Install one at a time and make sure your iphone is working before installing another. Uninstall any app that slows down your iPhone or wastes battery.

i left early from work to get home downgrade from iOS5 Beta2 bakc to 4.3.3 and reload everything and jailbreak it again. the jailbreak took all of about 5 secs to do its thing! crazy fast over redsnow/greenpoison

I jumped on it so fast. There are so many jailbreak apps I missed out on with the ipad2. I can now play videos without converting first, play emulators with up to 4 connected wiimotes!

after jailbreaking previous iphones (3G/s) i found myself spending much too much time tweaking packages and such. i woke up one morning and began tweaking my phone when i realized "wtf am i doing?". went back to pure and havent jailbroken since and probably never will again. like a few others have said, i just want a phone that does what it does whenever i need it to with the occasional extra on bored moments. i can't stand taking time out of my day to tweak and play with my phone anymore when there are other things worth the time. just a humble point of view.
plus i now work in IT so i already have to tweak for a living, don't want to be doing it in my down time. the curse of IT professionals i suppose.

goes for the ipad 2 as well and even more so as the ipad is not missing any functionality as it stands especially without any competition really making anyone feel any lacking. except maybe for flash?
only reason anyone would jailbreak the iphone itself is to unristrict 3g and the ipad doesnt have that need. or download illegally free apps. =D

I jailbroke my iPad 2, but then realized that the jailbreak experience was not as good on the iPad as it is on the iPhone. So...I restored my iPad from backup about 30 mins later.