Poll: Would you like to have third-party keyboards on iPhone or iPad?

While we know it isn't going to happen, it is still fun to dream, so the question arises - would you like to have the option to download other keyboard options for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, like you can for Android? The iPhone keyboard is really good and a lot of people seem to type rather well on it, but wouldn't it be nice to have the option to change it? To have something like Swype or Swiftkey as an option? Or to get them in pink or yellow, or themed after your favorite band or video game or TV show if you wanted? Wouldn't it also be nice to have a custom layout, or different spacing?

Are you happy that there's only one keyboard to rule them all on iOS devices, or do you wish Apple would let you change them up? Vote in the poll up top and let us know why you feel the way you do in the comments!

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Reader comments

Poll: Would you like to have third-party keyboards on iPhone or iPad?


While I used my android (Inspire) for nearly 8 months I desperately strived to find a keyboard that was identical to the iPhone's. I hope this never comes around because it will only clutter the App Store up with more worthless and poorly developed apps (uh hum... android).
I'm so incredibly happy to be back to iOS. Feels like home. And it just works so well.
Side note: We all know this will never come about, unless Apple develops their own version of Swype or something. We all know this isn't going to happen.

You must not have tried to hard because there are several keyboards in the Android market that clone the iPhone keyboard. I don't understand all the people who are happy with Apple locking down control over every facet of their phones.
If the government tried telling you that you could only have one type of bread, only apricot jelly, and you could only watch TV on Tuesday mornings, you would not be happy.

Sometimes less is more. Apple just works and you don't need all the extras to try and improve the phone.

Then why does Apple release new version of the OS and iPhone every year? Because they are trying to improve the phone.

So, you are against third party applications on iOS because there are silly apps?
If not, what's your point showing this Hello Kitty THEME?

I don't need a new keyboard, but one of the few things I miss about my Droid is the word prediction. I like being able to type a few letters of a word and having a list of possible words I'm typing pop up across the screen above the keyboard. I also miss having the comma on the same keyboard as the letters.

For standardization and support reasons its nice to have a keyboard you can talk people through and not have to worry about a thousand different combinations and/or stability issues.
Woudln't mind a few more options though. Maybe Apple can do them vs. letting 3rd party's F it up.

I'd be happy if I could customize the default keyboard to include the "ñ" key.
In Spanish it is used enough to justify its inclusion without having to wait for it to show when pressing "n".

I'm fine with the iOS keyboard, it's pretty accurate and the auto-correct is pretty spot on. Swype would be nice, I used it on Android and I was pretty quick with it.
But Apple would never put Swype on the iPhone unless they bought the company out or bought one of their competitors, then broadly patent it so they can sue Android makers for using it.

Swiftkey is amazing. You need to use it to realize how "insanely great" it is. It literally saves about half of your typing and is worlds better that the iPhone or stock Android keyboards. The lack of a third party keyboard is the main reason I have not switched to the iPhone.

Alternative keyboards are about so much more than themes and appearance. The two keyboards you mentioned (I am partial to Swiftkey) are serious productivity tools. If you use your phone to do any amount of writing (email and text messages included) they are essential tools.

How come I can never vote on a poll while using my iPhone? Everytime it partially opens another web page and does nothing

The standard iPhone keyboard is the most important reason why I had my iPhone for only a week before I returned to Android. I mainly missed two things (referring to the whole iPhone experience): haptic feedback and a skin that can display both caps and small letters. This wouldn't have been an issue in case third-party keyboard apps would be available.

At least until I read the comments, I was fine with what we've got on the iphone. However we are all created differently and just because it's ok for me doesn't mean that some other keyboard wouldn't be better for some other person. Why should they be prevented from doing what's best for them!
And now that I've read the comments I want to try out swift key!

I would have to consider myself a double agent. My smartphone is a DroidX, and my tablet is an iPad2. The XOOM from Android just wasn't quite ready for the big time when I was in the market. I use Swiftkey with my DroidX. Honestly, it blows the stock keyboards (Android or iOS) out of the water. I love my iPad, but those of you who don't know about swiftkey, really, you don't know what you're missing. It really is that good.

I came from a Droid X with Swype. It's one of the few things I really miss about that phone. After a little over a month of using the iPhone, I'm getting used to the keyboard, but I still find myself trying to swype a word every now and then. It won't happen, but I'd kill for a Swype or Swype equivalent keyboard.

I would like the SureType compact qwerty keyboard from the BlackBerry Storm 1. I could type a lot faster and had less errors than full qwerty on the iPhone.

Other: I want the keyboard from WP7. That one is the best soft keyboard I've ever used. Better than iOS, and even better than Swype.

Wait until you need to type something and you have no network connection. Siri won't be able to help then. Swiftkey is by far the best mobile keyboard available.

It's less about customization (skins) and more about usability and productivity. With my Droid Bionic, I use Swiftkey keyboard. The predictive text is amazing. There are times when I can complete a 20-word text message by typing 25 letters. Emails are so much faster to compose. As for battery life, the live wallpapers use very little battery, especially since you are rarely sitting there staring at the desktop. With moderate use, I only charge my phone at night and can make it through the day. I can watch about 4 hours of streaming HD video before I have to recharge the battery.

I've tried several third party keyboards, and It's great to have a choice. I have a Moto Atrix and an iPad1. I tried swype when I had a Samsung Epic4G, and didn't care for it. I got SwiftkeyX for free through the Amazon App Store and have finally found a keyboard that is worthy to be used full time on my phone. It is hands down the best keyboard I've ever used on a touchscreen. I hate using the ipad keyboard and this issue is the only thing keeping me from getting an iPhone. I understand the desire of many to use the stock keyboard because it "just works", but there are many others that find other keyboards with features that allow them to be more productive. The choice should be up to the user not Apple!