TiPb Asks: Are you pre-ordering an iPhone 4S and if so, which one?

TiPb Asks: Are you pre-ordering an iPhone 4S and if so, which one?

In a few hours, at 12:01am PDT / 3:01am EDT, iPhone 4S pre-orders will begin. So... are you pre-ordering? Or if you're reading this later, did you pre-order? If so, let us know what you're getting (or what you got!) Black or white? 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB? GSM/AT&T or Verizon or Sprint CDMA?

Any problems with the ordering process? Did you get a confirmation? What's the shipping date? So. Many. Questions!

Make sure you jump into the TiPb iPhone 4S forums and help us keep track!

If you're not pre-ordering, are you waiting to stand in line at the Apple Store on launch day? Are you waiting for some other reason? Are you skipping iPhone 4S entirely?

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TiPb Asks: Are you pre-ordering an iPhone 4S and if so, which one?



Preordering 64 gb black. I'd appreciate it if all of you can wait til 3:05 to order, I want to get right back to sleep before the site goes down.
Thanks :-)

I'm getting a white 32gb with AT&T. I know AT&T sucks but Sprint is just as bad in Chicago and Verizon's talk OR use data service is simply a JOKE. Most of the digital world seems to be against the 4S so I'm not expecting any kinks when I order...

Would love to get the new one but AT&T isn't subsidizing the phones this year so I won't be getting this Iphone because I'd rather get the next Iphone and since I'll be out of my contract, it will be on either Sprint or Verizon. Maybe I should be thanking AT&T for their cheapness as they've effectively made it so I'll no longer be chained to their crappy reception and dropped calls. The only reason I stuck around was because they subsidized the price of the new Iphone every year. Now that that's gone, so am I come June.

Staying up late on the East Coast to grab a white 32GB for the wifey (she's been using my old 3GS and totally deserves it) and a new black 64GB for myself.
I will keep the 3GS around for the
Ankle biters and likely sell my black 32 GB 4.

Sad to say that I'll be skipping the 4S. I'm on the 3G -> 4 -> 2012 "even year" track because I missed out on the original 2G.
This cell carrier 2-year lock-in scam is ripe for some industrial-strength "disruptive innovation." I'm looking forward to seeing the carriers getting thrown down the "dumb pipe" staircase.

You lucky people about to get a 4S should pre-order. It's the only way to fly. Unless, of course, you actually want to share in the communal line experience at an Apple Store. Been there. Done that. Got the 3G after waiting hours thanks to AT&T's feeble servers.

Oh Sprint, I've been trying to preorder my iPhone 4S for 45 minutes now with no luck. I hope this is not a predictor of what phone service will be like now that you have the iPhone. Going to keep trying....

nope, no way I'm paying $350 over the early upgrade price.... I'll wait till a completely factory unlocked version comes out and then I'll buy it, or maybe just wait till the 5...

Yes, I will be getting a white 4S with 16 GB of memory. After a long wait and much anticipation, I was pretty bummed after Tuesday's announcement. However, after weighing my options (after all, I sold my iPhone 4 months ago to get full price out of it) I just can't use this iPhone 3G for a moment longer! Now if they drop another iPhone between now and my next fall, I'm going to be perturbed.......

I suppose I'll be preordering, white 64GB, though I may not give up my 3GS for daily use until an untethered jailbreak is out. Even with all the enhancements, for everyday use IMO jailbroken 3GS beats stock 4S. I can't live withou SBSettings, Activator, and multifl0w. Only reason I would still preorder is to ensure that my upgrade period comes around by the time the next iPhone comes out, and sell the 4S for the price of the upgrade.

Sprint - Black 16 gb - Also first iPhone. Cautiously optimistic. Coming from webOS to iOS. I will be reading the switchers guide the moment my order is final.

I will be going back to Verizon for my iPhone 4S. Right now I have a iPhone 4 on AT&T an my service is awful. That's the only reason I'm holding onto my VZW upgrade till next year.

32GB, Black, Sprint. The unlimited Data is calling. This will be my 1st iPhone. I've been using phones that offer Data only plans for the past 7 years on T-Mobile, now that no one offers this, it's time for an iPhone. Plus after using an iPod touch for a almost a year I can't wait to dump my BlackBerry! I've been a Mac user since 1990, I've gone too long without an iPhone!

I'll probably be getting it Unlocked since AT&T is giving me the finger on an upgrade. Oh well, getting the phone Unlocked when my contract expires I'll do as I please with the phone. The only thing I can hope for is that a Jailbreak will come along sooner rather than later. I'll be needing MyWi and BiteSMS plus all those game emulators. SBSettings and everything else I can live without.

I am considering picking up the 64Gb version but California Tax is a bitch. They tax on the full retail price here. This isn't the same in all states, is it?

I'm leaning towards the black AT&T 32 GB to replace my 16 GB 3GS. I might go 64 GB, but I already have a 64 GB AT&T iPad 2 and don't expect to need 64 GB for the phone. Then again 1080p videos and 8 MP photos will take up room.
There's also AppleCare+, which I haven't decided if I should get or not. I've never broken my 3GS, but I know a few people who broke their iPhone 4s. The AppleCare+ would save a lot of money if a 32 or 64 GB breaks, but it only covers drops and liquid damage. Loss, theft and wear and tear damage aren't covered.
On a side note, on AT&T's site, it says I'm eligible for an upgrade, but I get errors when I try to shop. It was working the other day so I assume it's down for the 4S.
2nd note: Discover gives 5% cash back on purchases from the Apple Store, if you go through the link on Discover's site.

Amazon gives good trade in deals for iPhones, even the 3GS (about $150 in good condition). It's in Amazon credit, but you can get nearly anything on Amazon.

Too disappointing. I'll be skipping this. In fact, I'm retiring my iphone 4 with my Samsung Galaxy S II and giving it to my brother after 3 new iphones 4s. Too small of a screen on the new iphone.

Can't upgrade without paying an extra $250,00 more. I already give AT&T too much money! I ordered mine on launch day last year and won't be eligible for an upgrade until Nov 18. Is anyone else stuck paying full price who ordered on launch day last year?

no because i can't afford it yet and i want the 64GB black i Sprint model. But i need to wait. Hopefully not wrong but i need to make sure i can afford it.

I have a family plan from att with a bill of 200 and i am eligibile. att said most prolly i will be able to upgrade by october next yr, if not i can use another line upgrade and cross over to my line.

Oh that's cool AT&T and Apple... don't let me Preorder yet. That's cool. Obviously Verizon is a bigger Apple insider than Apple.

I'm gonna wait in line on launch day like every previous year to get my White 32 or 64 GB iPhone 4S on AT&T.

how did you order it? on apples site or thru ur wireless provider? the apple store still says we will be back shortly

Verizon. The setup some annoying preorder website that has issues, but the 4th time I confirmed the order and the 2nd time filling out the web forms it worked. I don't think the site likes google chrome browser.

Black 16GB Verizon. All those 1080p recordings though-- Starting to feel like I should've went with the 32..

Should I get white or black? Some people say that the white iphone has poorer camera performance. Any white iphone 4 owners have any advice?

typically stuff get under the glass and looses its shine currently have a white iphone 4, going with the black iphone 4s, camera seems the same

well... I DID IT!!! I AM LEAVING ANDROID AND I JUST PRE-ORDERED MY NEW IPHONE 4S 32G IN BLACK!!!! now its time for bed because it is 323am

just bought 16GB, black (verizon)! Apple's site and phone number both rejected me, but had ZERO problems through vzw.com now I can sleep!

damn you att i made it all the way to billing info hit send and your website crashed, right at 3:03 et. Now ive been hitting refresh on browser for 30 mins and sitting on hold on the phone for 35!!! hope I can get one this is way too early in am just to be left frustrated

well.. this is definitely taking away the fun of pre-ordering at midnight... I've giving it a few more minutes and then I'm going to bed and trying in the morning.

virtually there is no difference standing in line outside the apple store or going through this waitgame torture. ATT website totally crashed, apple, att phone lines not working either

Can't believe I'm going through this AGAIN, nearly 15 months later. I'm like an abused spouse that just keeps coming back for more.

I can't buy my iPod nano jesus can i skip the line Apple I don't care about the iPhone 4s

black 4s 32gb and 16gb through verizon - online confirmation, but no confirmation email - says can take up to 2 hours

Man, now i can go back to sleep. White iphone 4s 32gb. Att wouldnt work for me just went through apple direct

Why am I unable to complete my order right now?
We are currently unable to reach your carrier’s systems to process the information that you have provided. We will hold on to the information you have entered and use it to confirm phone pricing and eligibility for your account.
Fuck you AT&T.

I knew AT&T would break this. Seriously, every other provider has it together but them. Fantastic, AT&T. Thanks for your quality service. If I lived ANYWHERE else, I'd dump you.

Give them a break. Their network will be the one to get most orders because of the existing customer base and because of its GSM advantages.

Sprint.com s*** the bed early on. Useless. Trying through Apple. Got to the last page and crapped out.

on chrome and it's working so far but slow as heck. ?It however made me change my text plan from 1500 to unlimited. I don't like that but will change later. 'Keeping fingers crossed"

Finally got in through ATT site. 16GB Black.
Guess that's why they call us "earl adopters". Going back to bed! :)

Argh! Got all the way to the end on Apple's site and got a "your request couldn't be process" because of high volume with a message to try again later This happened twice so far! I can't get past the "Processing information" step after picking my data plan.
Now I can't get past the are you a new or existing customer step.

I've tried but it's a no for me. I gotta be up to get to work in a few hours. If they sell out by 6:35am PDT then I'll wait til November when the official Unlocked version comes out, and make that my B-day/X-mas gift.

This is bull crap. Apple and AT&T should have a better process than this. It's not fucking worth it. I'm done and going to sleep, got to work in 4 hours. By the time I'm up these will be sold out. This is some bullshit. I'm fucking pissed!!!

Wh cant they figure this shit out. they launch a new phone every year and every year it crashes shouldn't they learn by now. Maybe use that huge datacenter they got and put it to use for ording then icloud or whatever. this is rediculious.

no, I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S II or the New Nexus. Been an iPhone fan since the beginning, iPhone 4s was a big disappointment, especially after 16 months and hardly a new design.

I'm thru with apple. IPhone 4s is a disappointment in my eyes. Hello galexy s2 hahaha by far the best phone on at&t. TRUST ME!!!!

AT&T is the culprit right now, I can get through to the Apple Store just fine online but fails during account verification.....

First try I got all the way thru to choose my data plan...then FAIL. Since then, nothing...getting sleepy

soooo tired, I'll try again in the morning. Why is this so hard - I thought no one was upgrading??

It's 2:40 AM and I've been trying to order for 45 minutes but the Apple website times out when checking eligibility with ATT. I did check eligibility 2 days ago and 3 of my 5 lines are eligible, but they don't retain that info and so now they can't get through to ATT to check again.

"We are temporarily unable to take iPhone orders..."
AT&T. Wonder if Verizon calls that up on Apple's site?
Edit 2: Yep. Verizon prompts that too. Looks like we broke Apple's servers real good. Or they sold out. Hopefully not that, though.

I just ordered the Sprint iPhone 4S 32gb model. All I did was go to Sprint's Online Store go to the iPhone 4s preorder page and logged in. Then I went to my history and was able to order it....so complicated...took me like 10 minutes though :)

They just gave me a reservation number and said I will be able to complete the order later, will I still get it on the 14th?

"Shop Not Found". Craziness. Got two confirmations of reservation right now, so no biggie. I'll roll with that, and if it isn't good to go, then I'll just hop over to the Apple Store on launch day.

I preordered the vzw black 32gb and a mophie juice pack plus (74.99)compny disc
Giving my 4 to my wife.stinks though it doesn't give me the usual bill to my account option like it usually does. Looks like it's because of the preorder

Been trying since 2cst and it's now after 4, but AT&T order just went through for 64/black. Goodbye iPhone 4, hello 4s....now to deal with eBay tomorrow :-/

64GB BLK 4s. Apple site crapped out over and over. Finally went to ATT (god I hate admitting that) and got through immediately. Hopefully will be delivered on the 14th!

It only took me an hour and a half, 3 different web browsers, and many attempts @ both apple's online store and the Sprint website, but in the end Sprint and use of Firefox won out! iPhone 4S 64 GB in Blk is officially pre-ordered on Sprint! Best of all, my upgrade kicked in on Oct. 1st! :)

For anyone who used AT&T and had the unlimited plan did you lose it? I was able to get through, but it tells me that I require a different plan and that they have chosen one for me. I don't want to lose me unlimited. Please advise.

16 GB white (two). Wanted a 32GB due to 1080p videos and 8mp camera but I'm assumib photo stream will will handle that for me. #thankyoustevejobsfor

16 GB white (two). Wanted a 32GB due to 1080p videos and 8mp camera but I'm assumib photo stream will will handle that for me. #thankyoustevejobsfor

Mine said it was reserved as well, i read in the forum someone got a reserved and 20 minutes later received another email to complete his order. Hope this helps.