TiPb asks: Are you pre-ordering the Verizon iPhone today?

Today is Verizon iPhone pre-order day... so are you getting one? If you're an existing Verizon customer eligible to upgrade you're only a few clicks away.

If you're still not certain make sure you've checked out our iPhone Buyers Guide and read the AT&T vs. Verizon pros and cons</a.

Once you've made up your mind let us know what you've decided in the comments below, especially if you get one! (And then head on over to our Verizon iPhone Forum where we're keeping an eye on the pre-order process and delivery estimates!)

3am EST is the time! Apple.com and Verizon.com are the places!


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robnaj says:

First of all my network will be free soon, Second don't wait because probably be a true World Phone CMDA/GSM radios in one phone meaning the VZW phone will be a gobble phone and GSM would have HSPA + and it might not have a HomeKey.

tino72 says:

news for you your network will still have issues after the vzw iphone releases dude

botvp95 says:

2 more hours? Soooooo sleepy, must stay awake, must stay awake...

Bill says:

AT&T will still be plagued with the connectivity problems you had before regardless of membership. Fact being I don't think they put up enough hardware when they switched to GSM and I think Sprint and primarily Verizon bought up all their old CDMA towers. AT&T used to have a flawless service before the switch to GSM and in some areas it's still good. But higher frequencies eat it easier when it comes to structural interference. One of my friends was in NYC last year and he said he could never get a decent signal. He's probably going to stick with AT&T because where he lives it's not so terrible since he has good line of sight to the tower. That's not to say he hasn't thought about changing to Verizon when the 5 comes out.

mv rob says:

AT&T was TDMA before switching over to GSM, not CDMA

Bill says:

Also, My bad. AT&T's service still blew the goats when it came to the change over. I had AT&T at the change and just before the Cingular acquisition and it went from great to crap. I live in Suburbia though and where I work it would go from a full signal to no signal within 20 feet. We have a decent cross section of people with different services here. Verizon and Nextel work best because they both have towers on site.

Bill says:

It's worth noting that AT&T has a tower not more than 12 miles away.

jr says:

hey i think you can order now i went to verizon wireless and they said start your iphone thing

Bill says:

Verizon's website was screwed for me, won't allow me to do my phone but when I call them they said that my phone is eligible for upgrade now but I can't do it until the 16th. wtf. Going to call back in a bit to try and get someone who maybe wants to help me.

Mike says:

Not only did I want it, but Verizon let me order at 2:50 AM!!!!

GREG says:

Well done ordering and bad news is it says expected delivery date of 10 FEB 2011. Thats no fun!!

Kyle says:

You can add lines, buy them outright, whatever you want to choose, it just requires you to login to myverizon!

jr says:

its asking me to pay for it now wtf? can i just have it billed to me when i get my wireless bill?

tino72 says:

No you cant bill to your account man

Stew says:

Verizon's website was allowing orders to be made before 3am Eastern Time (or at least it did for me on the West coast). Was 1152pm on 2nd Feb and I had my order completed before 1200am on the 3rd Feb.

Jay says:

Ordered! Done! On the way!
The website had a few issues though. Adding a line did not give you family plan choices. Also, shipping to a business did not have a line for the company name but gave you an error that the company name was required.

trobey#IM says:

GOT 2!!!!!! ALL BEFORE 1:55 CDT

chris_ziko says:

Hey guys, just ordered it but stuck at the pending order confermation, is anyone still at this page or did they get further?

trobey#IM says:

I received a confirmation page to print...sorry

jr says:

dang i guess im not gonna get my iphone till later i got no money :(

adaxon says:

Apple.com store not processing orders yet... they allow you to pick a plan then force you to a "Make a reservation" page that doesn't work. No choice for shipping. APPLE FAIL.

nina says:

I am stuck on shipping address page it is saying my address in invalid HELP ME PLEASE TEARS

nina says:

went to sleep and got up at six to order again and it worked they fixed the issue

jc says:

Verizon site:
"Sorry, an error has occured.
We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."
Great sign...

kevin says:

I got the error on verizons site too for 30 minutes... Go to apple.com. It let me order in 2 minutes. If that doesn't work I feel for ya..

Andrew says:

Did anyone else with a new every two upgrade get charged full price? I was under the impression that every who was being grandfathered in and had an upgrade eligibility prior to Jan 16, 2011 would be able to use it for the iPhone 4. I have been eligible since July 2010 and when I checked out (using verizonwireless.com) it did not apply any discounts and had me pay the full 2-year contract price of $299 for a 32 gig.
I just want to know if I did something wrong so I can cancel that order and order another one the right way to obtain my upgrade discount.

Alex says:

I was able to order the 32 GB for $199. $100 was deducted automatically because I participated in the every two upgrade. I am not sure why the discount was not applied to your account during the ordering process. FYI, I placed my order through the Verizon site.

Andrew says:

For anyone else wondering or having the same problem-I just called and found out that only the primary line on the account can receive a new every two discount.

TK says:

I would be if I was eligible for an upgrade. I think that's a load of bull that they're not extending it to all customers as a special promotion especially after saying that existing customers could pre-order it.

manho1dup says:

$299 for 32gb is 2 year contract price. Otherwise it would be $749 at regular price for 32gb

Dyvim says:

I would be tempted except I'm waiting for a CDMA/GSM world phone version. Got to have the rest-of-the-world GSM bands to work overseas. Plus at this point I'd wait for iPhone 5.

tino72 says:

ordered at 5:30pm added a line to my family plan no problems. only gonna swap my droidx to the new line and give to my niece for personal and activating the i4 on my main line..

tino72 says:

i was hoping if we preordered today we would get it tomm, says shipping out on the 10th...really? that dissapointing

wyatt_h says:

So i pre ordered at around 11:55pm and have been searching franticly to buy a case, so i can order it tonight and get it before the phone arrives. Where are you guys buying your cases from?

nina says:

ordered from verizon I got them yesterday i get 15% of accessories but I wanted an otterbox defender they dont have them yet for the V-iphone

Bob Marley14 says:

Go to EBay. Thousands there at a cheap price.

lounovak says:

hit that submit button at verizon over a dozen times and no luck. I'll take that as a sign and wait until the 10th, or the 5 even.

Chip Chipperson says:

Do you all ever get tired of the same "ATT sucks...no Verizo sucks...no ATT....yadi yada...."

c_hack says:

The iphone is stuck in 2007. Much better choices out there now. Its lookin' lame.

flyingember says:

what part is stuck in 2007? the lack of GPS? The HD video recording? The high resolution screen? The larger capacities? The micro gyroscope?

Kei says:

Nice to see that if you're not from the US, you must NOT LIKE IPHONE....

Colton says:

No, I love AT&T and I always have 5 bars of 3G :)

Daniel says:

I'm good with AT&T. I'm not giving up talk and web at the same time for anyone! Priceless for work; discussing emails that you send back and forth, and for play being able to surf and play web based games while on a boring a** call.
You can't even send picture mail while on a call. That sucks too.

S Balun says:

No problems w/ AT&T here in Atlanta. I'm not a traveler so I can't speak for quality else where. For now, I'm staying w/ AT&T. I've still got a year on my contract anyhow.

Mark Lamb says:

My order status has changed to:
Ace Order No: 1227940
Ace Order Location: 0867021
Order Status: Your order has been shipped.
Expected Ship Date:
Tracking No:

Austin says:

I can't sign a two year contract on a phone that's 7 months old. If there was an option for a one year contract, I definitely would have ordered one...

Rafael Milnes says:

Alright alright... I'm you've won... Each of my family members will buy one of these amazing phones. Love the iphone...hate that other carrier... so getting an Iphone it on Verizon is an easy choice.

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