TiPb Asks: How do you shop on your iPhone or iPad?

TiPb Asks: How do you shop on your iPhone or iPad?

How do you shop on your iPhone or iPad? Do you browse websites in Safari on your device the same way you would on your desktop? Or do you use dedicated apps? From Apple's own Apple Store app to Best Buy to Walmart to Bloomingdales, a lot of big retailer have dedicated apps in the App Store these days. Even the big online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, the ones that made their fortunes on the web, have dedicated apps. Some of them are pretty sweet too, with slick interfaces and cool effects that make the shopping experience just that much better.

If you have the option, do you prefer to create an account or just check out as a guest? There's certainly convenience to having a frequently used store like Amazon keep your shipping and even payment info recorded, but for smaller stores without big brand names, privacy might be more important.

Do you typically pay by credit card or do you prefer services like Paypal that sit in the middle? Most credit card companies have fairly good fraud protection, but Paypal can be easier and quicker to simply log into.

What about the checkbox for customer mailings, do you like getting sent special promotions and newsletters, or do you just want to shop as you so wish and be left alone and not bothered afterwards?

It's really nice to be able to shop on your iPhone when you're on the go, or curl up and browse on your iPad when you have a moment's peace. Which one do you prefer to shop with, and how do you prefer to get your shopping done?

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TiPb Asks: How do you shop on your iPhone or iPad?


Well, 90% of my online shopping is done with Amazon, and I always do it through the app of I'm not at my PC. I have an account with them of course (Amazon Prime is awesome) that links to my credit card.
For sites I frequent less, I usually check out as a guest but will occasionally make an account if I think I'll be back.
I always say no to snail mail/e-mail offers. Hate 'em.

Well, I do 90% of my online shopping through Amazon and I always use the iPhone/iPad app. I have an account linked to my credit card since it saves time. I have Amazon Prime so I make a ton of tiny purchases with free shipping.
For other sites, I usually use their mobile site and I don't make an account unless I think I'll be back. I always say no to snail mail/e-mail promotions.

I use the Apple Store app, a Craigslist app, and Amazon app. For Apple and Amazon, they have my payment info.
For anything else, I'll try to use their mobile site if possible, but will use Safari if need be, and I never sign up for an account.
And those "free emailings" ...forget about it! Period!

Most of my online shopping is still via traditional laptop or desktop. I still like to have a big monitor to view products. When I'm traveling around town and want to compare prices, that's were the iPhone comes into play. Best Buy has made use of the QR's to link product web sites. Red Laser and Amazon apps get used for price comparisons and loading up the basket. For what ever reason, I normally do not purchase till I get home. The iPad hasn't really come into play yet. I have one, but it has mainly been used for work. I find the iPhone more convenient for running around town. That's my two cents worth.

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