TiPb Asks: What are you shopping for this Black Friday?

TiPb Asks: What are you shopping for this Black Friday?

It's Apple's only sale of the year, not to mention a huge sales day for Best Buy and other retailers, so we're curious what the TiPb Nation has on their wish lists this year? Anyone shopping for a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Any cool new accessories you're hoping to scoop up? Any amazing apps or games you've been waiting to pull the trigger on? We've got our 2011 holiday gift guides in full swing, but I want to know what you've got your eyes on now.

Black Friday sales officially start tomorrow, bookended by Cyber Monday, but a lot of places have started early and are going all weekend long. Let know what you're shopping for, and if you spot any especially great deals, drop them in the comments!


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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

Nic J Romero says:

I'm shopping for a TiPb forum iPhone app!

Byron Hradoway says:

I want a good deal on a Wacom Intuos tablet, anyone know of anywhere in Canada (or willing to ship to canada) that are putting them on sale?

nccows says:

We bought my mom a new laptop from Best Buy's site, since her old one hit the crapper, and I got new clothes from Old Navy, along with some video games from Best Buy and Gamestop. Got everything I wanted.

Mike Olivera says:

The cheapest MacBook Air I can find!

kch50428 says:

I'm shopping for NOTHING.
In my immediate family, we don't gift. Between now & Dec 25th, I'll chuck some bucks into a few Salvation Army kettles. They'll make good use of my gifts.

Kristy Lo says:

15" MacBook Pro with a 256 GB solid state drive!

Mikek_kellyk says:

I'm getting the kids iPods this year. They are going to flip out LOL

rewNATION says:

wish i was rich like everyone on here. must be a canadian thing. I get excited just for some deals on dvds

Icebox93 says:

I'm going grocery shopping today. I'm looking for deals on fresh veggies, OJ, and dairy products.