TiPb Asks: What's the status of your iPhone 4S pre-order?

TiPb Asks: What's the status of your iPhone 4S pre-order?

Were you one of the million people who pre-ordered an iPhone 4S last week? If so, who did you pre-order from, Apple or a carrier or a big box store, and what's the status of your order now? Is it preparing to ship yet? Has it shipped? Do you have an expected delivery date yet?

Let us know how you're experience has been as well -- was it a smooth ordering process, did it go as you expected or did you have any frustrating or nasty surprises along the way? Would you pre-order the same way again, or have you decided to do something differently next time? Different company, different capacity, different color?

Apple's getting a ton of phones onto a ton of trucks and come later this will will be knocking on a ton of doors, if one of those doors -- and iPhone 4S! -- is yours, give us an update on your status below or jump into our official iPhone 4S forums pre-order tracking thread let us know!

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TiPb Asks: What's the status of your iPhone 4S pre-order?


Sprint dropped the ball with no pre-order in the store on the 7th. Preorder was only available online but their site spent a great deal of the day down.

Mine says preparing for shipment. I don't anticipate it will arrive before Friday, though.

Ordered mine through AT&T at 4:00 am on the morning of launch. Had my delivery time of this Friday. Now I've been pushed back to backordered status with a "deliver at later date" time. Suuuuuuuuuuuuper pissed right now

I've bought a new iPhone every year at launch since the first iPhone in 2007. My experience has been anytime you place an order with a wireless company there is no guarantee it will arrive on time. Same with Best Buy. In the future if you pre order, the only way to assure on time arrival is order it directly from Apple's site.

First tries were horrible through Apple and AT&T that early Friday. Later that morning around 9am CST I tried again and it was smooth sailing through AT&T. I did it as an upgrade so nothing changed on my plan other than a new phone. It'sat pre-order status so I hope it proceeds and ships soon. AT&T usually updates that site during the day so fingers crossed.

Ordered the 32G, but wanted to change mine to the 64G--big mistake. Even though the phone hadn't shipped, they couldn't just make a change. I had ordered thru apple.com for a Sprint phone. Now there is all sorts of red tape & may take 4 days to a week to straighten out because my upgrade date had been reset & no one knows how to override computer systems. So my 32G order is cancelled and I can't make the 64G order. :-(

Ordered from AT & T at 2:45 AM Friday. Got through no problem (was re-upping an expired contract on a 3GS) set to arrive on Friday Oct 14.

I pre-ordered from ATT Friday morning, got the confirmation email and an order number, but could never get a status update. So I finally called yesterday, and after an hour plus on the phone was informed that the order never was put in the system. Order number and everything evaporated!
Not happy, as you can imagine. They offered to pre-order, but only with a 3-4 week delay! I got up early, did everything right, and got screwed. Yikes! It took everything I had to remain polite with the guy on the phone. Not his fault, but how do you stay polite when you get so royally screwed?!

I'm afraid I may be in the same situation as David...
I ordered mine on the AT&T website about 725am central on 10/7. Message still says "Your order contains items that are not yet available for shipping. When the pre-ordered items are available, we'll process and then ship all items in your order at the same time." Also has the "Attention !" in red. I've tried calling AT&T but call volume is so high the automated system keeps disconnecting the call. Chatted online with a rep to ask what Attention! meant - did they need more info. She only provided me with a link to check my order status. Will try to call them again later today.

I called and the rep told me my order was currently being reviewed. It's part of our security processes. I questioned what needs to be reviewed and he couldn't answer that. Then said I should be getting an email confirmation within 24-48 hours. About 2 hours later my status is now Pre-order...

I ordered both of my at about 6:30 am eastern time on the 7th. I ordered a Verizon Black 32GB from apple.com for myself. That one is preparing for shipment and expected delivery on the 14th.
I also ordered a Verizon white 16GB for a family member through verizonwireless.com. I originally got a confirmation saying that would also be delivered on the 14th. Now when I check my order status on the Verizon website it says there was a technically difficulty during processing of my order. Is anyone else seeing this? I hope it is a glitch in the order status website not in the actual ordering.

I called in to 611(Verizon customer service). They told me my order was processed correctly and I was still on for a October 14th delivery. They said it was not an order problem and something must be wrong with the order status website. I am somewhat relieved but wont be 100% until the device arrives.

I bought it on the sprint preorder website the last Friday at 1:00 am and I haven't received any change of status so far... :-(

Ordered from Sprint site at 5:30am central time with no problems. However their tracking system says it will be delived on this Friday or Sat, but the tracking information may not be updated until Friday so will just have to wait and hope it arrives on time. Doesn't look like Sprint will be providing updates like the Apple site does.

I ordered on the Apple site at the time it finally came up (45 minutes late, or so). My iPhone status is "Preparing for Shipment." The status tells me it will arrive on Friday, Oct. 14th. The Dock I ordered already shipped from a far-away land, but won't arrive here until a week after the iPhone.

From AT&T 4:00 am CST launch day:
"Your order contains items that are not yet available for shipping. When the pre-ordered items are available, we'll process and then ship all items in your order at the same time."

I ordered a 16g black 4s from sprint.com at 4:30am on friday. I found some crazy backdoor way onto the crashing website. I have a confirmation email and my account has been debited. My only concern is that, I keep checking my status with the link provided to me by sprint. It says that:
"Thanks for pre-ordering. A shiny new iPhone is waiting for you in our warehouse. Excluding extreme circumstances, you will have your device Friday, Oct. 14 or Saturday, Oct. 15. During the pre-order period, we will send you a shipping email and tracking number. Your tracking number may not be updated until Oct. 14. Questions? Visit sprint.com/preorder."
But the webpage looks all screwy with the drop down menu constantly hanging down, I guess it's what was left of the site crashing? Anyways, does anyone else have this problem?

Made my order thru the apple store app on friday 6am and it already shipped. Per tracking # it just left Hong Kong.

It took me 2 hours to get it ordered on Apples website Friday. I received my shipped confirmation this morning.

Using package tracker - Last night it said Origin Scan, Shenzhen China - Today it's Departure Scan, Chek Lap Kok China - both times Delivered By Friday - impressive delivery time if it's real.
Chek Lap Kok is a giant airport, BTW ;)

I ordered a 64 GB Black and as of this morning 10/10/2011 at 8:25 am MST my status is “Preparing for Shipment” and looks like I am still on for Friday 10/14/2011 delivery.

Ordered 2 x 32GB Black AT&T via the Apple website at 630am EDT Friday. Got UPS tracking numbers overnight last night - looks like the phones have left Hong Kong already. They are showing on the UPS website as being delievered by the end of the day 10/14.

Ordered through my employer for AT&T service. No tracking number yet, but expecting delivery by 10/14/11.

After an hour of trying to order through apple I I went with AT&T's site and was successful on the first attempt at 4AM ET. For the first few days the status of my order was "backordered" but then changed to "pending shipment." There is also a note on AT&T's order status page that states "preordered devices will ship on or around Thursday Oct. 13th.". Can't wait for my 32GB black 4S.

Pre-ordered from verizon on sunday afternoon, No status listed yet, just have a confirmation email that says I will have it on my door no later than Oct 21, which is what I believe verizon has been showing since they started pre-ordering, so who knows when it will show between oct 14 and oct 21.....

Preparing to ship for 1x 32GB White AT&T and 1x 64GB Black AT&T through Apple.com :)
Expected delivery: October 14th

Well I ordered mine from AT&T, and only because Apple wasn't connecting to AT&T. Right now my order is pending shipment with no delivery date?
Weird. I guess I could wait till 2012 for my iPhone to get here.

AT&T --
Apple IPH 4S 16GB BLK PHONE Processing
got a second email from them saying its to late to change and the order has been send to the warehouse. I expect shipping information tomorrow.

Ordered a White 64GB iPhone 4S from att.com using the AT&T Upgrader. When I completed the order it said "expected delivery on October 14" and I did indeed get to keep my "unlimited" data plan. When checking the status of my order it says "pre-order" -- whatever that means. I'm checking it every 12 hours and will update if anything changes!

ordered my iPhone 4s 32gb black from apple store and received my tracking number from UPS already says delivers by friday 14

I preordered mine on Friday afternoon, haven't received a confirmation email yet so I called sprint and they told me that everything is ok. We'll see I guess.

couldn't pre order due to concerns over possible plan change implied on Verizon website...have a customer service rep that has indicated they will have one for me as soon as it is possible...the morning of the 14th would be groovy

Forgot to mention that mine was in back order status and is now being processed for shipment! :)
I guess waiting till 2:30 am was a pretty good idea after all.

Verizon - Ordered 15min after the gates opened Friday morning. Says that the expected ship data is 10/14/2011.

Using the Verizon My Business site, the ordering went very smooth. I think I only got kicked out once it the process of ordering 11 iPhones. I haven't gotten any updates about shipment dates, but all orders were done Friday morning and said that the phones would arrive on the 14th.

im kinda jealous you have a tracking number! I was flip flopping from sprint and apple, but sprint went through first so I ordered with them. Hopefully I will get a tracking number soon, so I can stalk my iphone.

Good for both I had a white 3GS and I got a White 4S, and I've only seen guys with white iPhone's the most. Were I work I'm the only guy with a black iPhone 4.

Ordered mine from ATT says that it's processing.I ordered the white 32 G. Now it says the items I have ordered are not in stock. Great. The website says that they won't charge me till they ship but the charge has already gone through.

I ordered mine thru a friend in an AT&T store. She's the manager and confirmed that the order went in first thing Friday morning and will be in their first shipment for next friday.
Have done the wait in line and web struggle, not this time
Nice to have friends in the right places

Went into a sprint store on Saturday and they pre ordered a black 64 GB iPhone 4S. They said they expect it to arrive Friday or Saturday and they would call me so I could come pick it up.

Ordered mine (black, 32GB) at 6 AM EST on Friday from AT&T and the shipment status still says backordered and each line item status says processing. So, no clue as to whether or not I will be getting it on this Friday.

I ordered mine from AT&T and just yesterday, I checked and it too said "1" for backordered. I pre-ordered mine the earliest I could so I don't know why it's on backorder. It's the 16GB model. Checked again today, and they removed it from the backorder list.

Ordered my black ip4s around 4:30am from AT&T. Got an email saying it was already processed and it's sitting in a warehouse awaiting the preorder shipment date. Apple's not playing around!

I received email this morning confirming that my iPhone 4S left Shenzen, China...yippie, estimated delivery date 10-14-11

Why wait in line? I intend to walk up to my local AT&T store at 10am when they open on Friday and buy one off the shelf.
Oh, did I mention I'm in Sioux Falls, SD where there are very few iPhone users, even fewer AT&T users and not a single person had showed up to pre-order by 1pm last Friday. I'm thinking I've got a pretty good chance.

I ordered thru Verizon and it was extremely smooth, but I placed my preorder 2 mins after it started. I really like Verizon's process and their customer service. I have a preorder number and the status says preparing for shipment and expected delivery on 14 Oct.

Same with me. I was so excited, I ordered a couple extra package features that I will cancel when the phone arrives. I ordered 32 black. This will be my first iPhone. I have the iPad and MacBook pro. My confirmation says it will ship on 13th for Friday arrival. I will stay close to home in case of signature required. Can't wait to dump the Storm2.

Ordered @ 3:01 AM w/ Apple over the phone - White 64GB - Confirmation email states "Delivers by Oct 14 - standard shipping" On Apple's site it shows as "preparing to ship".

That probably won't happen. Apple is pretty tight with when customers actually get their hands on devices, to the point where they will insist that UPS sit on a package for a day or two rather than deliver before the release date.

Ordered mine in store at AT&T (had to due to an anomaly with my account), got my confirmation email, but it still shows "in progress - pending shipment". Not sure where people are seeing where it says when it will be delivered.

Interesting. I checked order status with Verizon and I received a message that "we have experienced technical difficulty while processing your order." Then it asked me to contact them. I had to fill out some information and they will get back to me. That was this morning. Nothing yet.

I got the same message. I called 611 and asked a customer service rep about it and she said my order has processed correctly and that I am still on for an October 14th delivery. She said it was an error with the order status website.

It makes a difference if you put in the "order number" versus "preorder number." The form says order number, but the status works if I enter my preorder number. It says shipping on the 14th, but that it's still in process. Hopefully they mean arriving the 14th. :)

You are right. When I tried the preorder number instead of the order number it says my order has been processed and ships the 14th.

Ordered from iPhone in less than a minute on first day. Expected delivery date is Friday 10/14/11! I will be waiting at the mailbox.

Ordered from Apple Friday morning and received my UPS tracking number this morning... it's on the boat from China now :)

Ordered mine when the store came online at 1230 am. Still processing....no love for Canada yet. Don't think it will be here Friday.

I pre-ordered at Best Buy on Friday. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I'll get one on the 14th. I'm "guaranteed" one on the second shipment - which is fine with me. Sure, I'd love to have it sooner rather than later, but I've been saving Best Buy gift cards I've received just for my new iPhone. Between them and RZ points I've been saving (Silver), it'll be free. I'm perfectly willing to wait a week and get it for free. :)

I got mine from Best Buy on Saturday. The estimated arrival is October 31(I know they extend dates so we won't be disappointed),but I'm in no hurry......hurry,hurry!! Mines not free.......I wish though. :)

I ordered two at 0600 EDT 10/7/2011. Here is the status:
32GB AT&T Black: Shipped (with tracking - departed Hong Kong this afternoon).
64GB AT&T Black: Preparing for Shipment (been that way for 12 hours)
I hope the "preparing for shipment" doesn't delay my delivery! If so, wifey will be getting hers first...

So far no tracking number for me. I ordered a 16gb black GSM. I did call apple and they have acknowledged my order is still in their system (phew). a transaction for $705 has been approved but the deal hasn't been "sealed" yet. Which mean they have not shipped my order yet. The apple rep did tell me that I may receive a tracking number as late as tomorrow so we'll see what happens. If my order gets lost, I'll ask for a refund and wait in line on Friday AM (which is something I don't wanna do).

Ordered online from VZW aproximately 3 hours after preorders started. Checking order status online says there's a 'problem' and to call customer service. Customer service says all is wel, delivery scheduled for Oct 14.

I was up at 3:00am Eastern time to order the a 16gb 4s, it took me untill 4:30am to order the phone cause all of the sites being overloaded. I ordered it on Sprints website, I checked the status today, there is a UPS tracking# and it says the label has been printed but the package has not been picked up. It shows it is being shipped 2nd day air, so I assume its shipping direct from Sprint on Wednesday???

AT&T Chat shows orders placed before 5:30pm ET 10/07 that you will received your iPhone 4S by 10/14:
Margaret Moss: I will be happy to assist you with your order.
you: Thank you. I see the order is still showing in process, could I confirm that the original 10/14 delivery date is still available?
Margaret Moss: Is this order for the iPhone 4S?
you: yes
Margaret Moss: If you placed your order before 5:30 PM ET on 10/7/11 you will receive the order by 10/14/11. If you placed the order after 5:30 PM ET it make take 21-28 business days to receive the phone.
you: okay. I placed the order at 4am CST on 10/07, so this Friday should still be good it sounds like.
Margaret Moss: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
you: No, thanks again.

I ordered my 16g Friday 4:30 AM from Apple. Received shipping email this morning with UPS tracking number and delivery date of 10/14.

i must have been one of the first to order it from apple's site since i got on right when it went live but my order is still only processing...:(

I ordered mine from Apple.com at 5am EST Friday morning. I was shipped last night from China, now showing departed Hong Kong.

Got my shipment detail package is currently in AK, United States scheduled delivery is 4 business days which is friday dont know why they would take that long if its like here although it is the official release date so probably by 14 not earliar even though its already here

I was just told by sprint the label for my 16g iPhone 4S has been made and it will go out tomorrow, they also iinformed me that there is a chance it could arrived a day early like all their other preordered devices do but it's still scheduled for an Oct. 14th delivery

really strange I got another email indicating it has been sent to their warehouse for processing (AT&T) and that is the 3rd message like that I have received. As I received one on the 7th the 8th and today the 10th so I don't know what is going on. The quantity does show 1 instead of back ordered now so I guess tomorrow I'll find out if it actually shipped as I know AT&T uses fedex

Mine did the same thing, I'm thinking that it was ready to go out but they kept having to delay it so it wouldn't get here before the 14th. I ordered mine at like 3:30 am so I am thinking I am first in line

Ordered mine at 7:03am 10/07/11 with Apple and my iPhone4s is at...Anchorage, AK, United States 10/10/2011 2:41 P.M. Arrival Scan

Preordered my 32GB iPhone 4S via Sprint.com at 12:01 a.m. on the 8th. Just received an update notice from Sprint that the order was prepped and ready for shipment and included a tracking number. The tracking number is active and indicates the shipping label has been created and is ready for UPS pickup. Went ahead and set up tracking status emails via UPS. Looking forward to my phone being in my hands - hopefully Friday (or before).

Ordered mine from ATT&T first, because their website said "available October 14th." But then my confirmation email said it wouldn't be delivered for 14-21 days! Then it took me, literally, about three hours of phone time to cancel the damn order - over two days! I ordered instead from Apple. A much smoother process and delivery on the 14th! AT&T customer service was horribe - at least for any contact made outside of regular business hours! Long wait times and poorly trained staff. Won't order from them again! However, I must say they my phone service with AT&T is great. Equal to what I got with Verizon, but I can surf and talk simultaneously.

I ordered my 32GB White iPhone 4S at 11:30am on Friday from an AT&T Store in Delaware, and I haven't yet received word on when it will be shipped.
I did receive an e-mail a few minutes after leaving the store quoting me "14 to 21" days, which makes me wonder if it will ship sooner because I ordered a higher capacity model only 2 and a half hours after the store opened.

Shipping going nice and smoothly. Ordered 2 black 32GB AT&T via the Apple site - 630am Eastern on 10/14. Got the shipped email for both yesterday. UPS shows tracking from China to Hong Kong to Anchorage AK and now has them sitting in Louisville KY. Waiting for shipment to NJ by end of day Friday. When I've ordered from other vendors and UPS routes through Louisville, I typically get the next day or, at worst, 2 days later. If it doesn't arrive until Friday it probably means Apple put a hold on the shipment.

I pre-ordered my 64g black for Sprint from Apple on 10/7 at about 6:30 am EST. I still show processing, but I spoke with Apple and I am told my phone will be shipping from the US so my tracking may show up as late as tomorrow, but I will receive it by the 14th.

I ordered around that time too. I would think it would be realistic that they would have already shipped a large number of iPhones to the US as they finished making them even before the iPhone event last week.

I ordered mine on Verizon's website at 3:02am went smooth but my status has not changed still says "We received your order and it is in process" and then "expected ship date 10/14/11". It better arrive on 10/14/11 in NJ or I'm going to be pissed.

I ordered mine but it says ship date 10/21. i am going to the store friday to cancel my order and by it from the store friday.

Ordered mine as soon as I got through Apples servers on Friday am around 4:30am. Still no tracking number.

Ordered at 2PM CST on 10/7 from store.apple.com. Website still says "Preparing for Shipment". How is it going to ship from HK to Chicago in 3 days?

Ordered from ATT at 3:30 CST on 10/7. Just checked and the order status is set to shipped and there is a tracking number!!!! It isn't showing up in the FedEx database yet but it at least means it will probably get here on 10/14 "fer sure"

Mine still says processing today, even though I have to be one of the first in the world to pre-order it. My luck sucks.

Ordered from Apple at 8am EDT. I finally got shipping confirmation this morning... and it apparently left Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong at 4:20pm (4:20am EDT). Says it is on time to arrive by the end of the day on Friday.
Hope they're right.

It arrived in Anchorage, AK at 9:18am (1:18pm EDT). Not too shabby for just under 9 hours. I imagine if they ship it 2nd day air from there, it'll get here by Friday with no problem.

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