TiPb asks: Have you switched to Spotify or are you using something else?

Following months of rumors and tons of hype, Spotify finally made it's US debut last week and... we're curious as to whether or not you've switched to using it for most of your mobile music fix? Given that iPhone users could already choose between Pandora, Slacker, rdio, Napster, Rhapsody, and pretty much everything except Zune Pass (come on Microsoft!), not to mention Amazon Cloud Player, Google Music Beta, and iTunes sync (and soon, iTunes Match), there's some strong, established competition for Spotify to contend to.

If you did switch, why? If you didn't, why not? What's most important to you in a streaming music service? That they offer tons of tracks, that they let you upload your own, rare music, that they offer streaming or subscriptions, that they have playlists or genius/recommendation engines?

Bottom line, have you switched to Spotify or are you using something else? Vote in the poll up top and give us the details in the comments below!

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TiPb asks: Have you switched to Spotify or are you using something else?


I use iTunes for my favorites. When it comes to discovering new music, that's Grooveshark (jailbreak app) all the way.

Wanted to like spotify but 3 devices per account and 1 stream at a time limitation (even with premium account) KILLED it for me. Family of 7 here (btw - iTunes works great in that situation).

if you can use paypal or some sort of US [etc.] form of payment
u can use a VPN to trick it into thinking you are in that country :D
i did it a couple months ago... i was in mexico watching netflix and listening to MOG!

I use audiogalaxy to stream my entire iTunes library to my iOS devices. It's pretty seamless and has very little lag here in SF.

I use Last.fm, because neither Spotify nor other good internet radio like Pandora are working in my stupid geographical location (Poland). F**K MAFIAA!

Register HotspotShield. On iPhone it involves no more than going into the settings, and it's enough to entirely fool Pandora (haven't tried Spotify).

I strictly use my iPod for music on-the-go. The only other thing I find tolerable is Pandora on my iPhone or desktop when I have absolutely no clue what to listen to. Last.fm used to be cool when one was able to play all "loved" tracks.

Streaming's all well and good, but I find that I just can't beat local storage, for instant, reliable music, when out and about.

I just started using Spotify so I can't say it's my favorite yet, though I am enjoying it. Pandora is my favorite as I appreciate how it figures out what I like and does that well. iTunes is my second favorite, but I don't seem to figure out what I like as well as Pandora does.

Where's Last.fm? It's one of the top choices yet absent from the list.
With that said, I use Last.fm and now Spotify as a nice 1-2 punch for discovering and streaming music.

I don't get the hype around spotify. Looking forward to iTunes match to fix up my poor quality songs - no need for a service that can only stream a small portion of my library to me, and I'm not gaga about some of the latest crappy music.

The current iteration of Napster deserves some credit. $10 a month to hear anything, anytime w no ads. You can also save tracks to your device for offline listening. The catalog seems to have everything mainstream.
You can also get an mp3 of any track for $1, but that's competitive.

I was using Rhapsody. Had been a subscriber for many years. But I switched to Spotify as I find their iPhone app to be far superior to the Rhapsody one. So far I haven't seen much difference in the music library's of both but the Spotify app performs much better than the buggy one from Rhapsody.

MOG, it's the BEST
tried out spotify but catalog is about same
MOG puts songs at 320 bitrate in your ios device... makes a huge difference with good headphones... like my sennheisers
[ i actually have a headphone adapter from the 30 pin connector to get the best quality possible... had to since my headphones had a higher range than apples 3.5 jack would put out! ]

While i still use iTunes, I use Slacker. Pandora is great, but has no ability to choose what you hear. Rdio, Slacker and Spotify seem to have similarly sized libraries, but Slacker combines a Pandora like radio broadcast ability with the instant play, has good support for creating playlists and custom stations, etc. I coughed up $10 for Spotify since I'd heard so much about it and was unable to get an invite, but I was disappointed. Also, Slacker has an iPad native app.

I downloaded the app and when registering it asked me to apply for an invitation. I emailed spotify for an invitation and have yet to hear from them.
What's up with this invitation only crap!?

I signed up for Spotify Premium the first day it was available and have had it going on my PC, Mac and iPhone (in rotation) almost constantly since. I'm very happy with it so far.
I do wish I could add music from my personal collection that they haven't been able to license and have it stream to my device(s). I also wish the iPhone app offered a more flexibility for browsing related music/artists and sorting my playlists. And finally, I wish there was an auto-play radio feature was built into the mobile app.
But compared to the alternatives, though, I'm very happy.
iTunes - local storage syncing only
iCloud - no streaming, just downloads/local storage syncing
Grooveshark - jailbreak required and the whole company seems kinda shady
Audiogalaxy (or alternatives) - work decently for streaming from iTunes, but limited to my music collection and requires a home 'server'

I use subsonic which allows you to setup your own server y'all should check it out subsonic.org some knowledge of port forwarding is required for setup though

Other: I use my Zune HD and the Zune desktop software for music and podcasts. I use my iPhone for communications, data, and apps. I love Zune over iTunes for media.

I use Mog for my music... 320kbps downloading and streaming... Can't get better than that!! Same price 9,99$

Spotify and Napster here. Spotify for the mobile client on iPhone 4, including wifi syncing of MP3 files. Both services for Sonos gear. I only use iTunes for apps and podcasts.

Digitally Imported. All day, everyday for my radio/non-library needs. For streaming my own content, Zumocast is my go-to.

I am kinda lame but I am on team iTunes. i find the service to be easy to use and I can choose to buy exactly what songs I want to own. I am very pleased with the service and all the functions coming with iCloud like purchased look up make it a very perfect thing for me when I get a new device.