TiPb asks: Will you be switching to the Verizon iPhone?

Now that it looks like the Verizon iPhone will be announced, next Tuesday, 11-01-11 we're curious if any of you will be making the big switch? If so what will you be switching from? An AT&T iPhone, a Verizon Android, Palm, or BlackBerry phone, or something else? Will it depend on the plans Verizon chooses to offer? On the release date? What will make you decide?

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TiPb asks: Will you be switching to the Verizon iPhone?


Regardless what people say about AT&T I am absolutely very pleased with there service and coverage. I had Verizon starting way back when they were air touch and leaving back in June 2010 for the iPhone 4. Verizon had many dead spot tons of dropped calls in my area and they nickel and dime you to DEATH. What I look forward to is people leaving AT&T and freeing up bandwidth and having future iPhones with LTE and hspa+ capabilities at the same time.

i'm waiting for all the AT&T haters to jump ship so i can enjoy the extra bandwidth. if the Verizon iPhone reviews are really good, then i'll consider switching back. in my neck of the woods, Verizon > AT&T in network coverage. but i have plenty of time yet on my contract

Att will still have a crappy network. More iphones moving to verizon sure unfortunitely att is investing in bandwith hogging android phones to suck ur network alittle more.

The problem with AT&T has never really been with bandwidth but rather with capacity. It's not that their network can't handle the bandwidth of the devices on it, it's actually that their network simply can't handle the raw number of devices trying to use it. There backbone is "fine" it's their capacity that's the real problem.

Crappy network were? In heavy populated cities like New York and San Fran. I have had way better coverage with AT&T than Verizon. I had the privilege of having both at the same time and it was a joke plus 2 to 3 times faster data on AT&T. I also get 6 mbs download speeds pretty consistent in my area and as you know the iPhone 4 only has hspa coverage which has a max of 7.2. If I am not mistaken LTE on Verizon will have a max of 10 mbs to start with a future max of 100 mbs. But AT&T will deploy HSPA+ and LTE with future devices such as the iPhone capable of using both to almost always give you the fastest speeds available.

+1.. unless the big V has a great deal on iPad data that takes me away from my AT&T unlimited plan and also puts their fake 4G on the phone, then I might think about it.
AT&T has actually been good to me and my wife - she's a pilot for a major airline and has never had an AT&T issue... I think its overblown, but a V iPhone is awesome news all the same.

I am switching away from AT&T when my contract ends in June. Doesn't matter so much what or where, just as long as it isn't AT&T.

I will be switching from a Verizon Razzle to the iPhone because I love the iPod Touch 4th Gen so much the iPhone would combine it all!

sources say that Steve Jobs was spotted purchasing a new turtleneck, so the Verizon iPhone is all but confirmed at this point.

I love my droid, it does everything a smart phone should. But the battery life sucks. End of story.

Not switching. But looking forward to a second carrier and hoping it could bring down pricing over time.

it all depends if the vzw iphone will be capable of simultaneous voice & data. to some, it may not be a deal breaker, but i use it pretty frequently.

i agree, simultaneous voice & data is great. verizon coverage for me isnt that great, which is why i have ATT. i think people need to pick the coverage/company that works best for them.
this whole Verizon is better than AT&T crap is crap.. each company has its ups and downs.
all those haters are just people who want the best phone and knew that the coverage in the area may have not been good but didn't care as long as they got the iphone, (which most did just for status).
now that all these so called rumors started populating because verizon turned down the iphone in the beginning all the haters came out of the wood work.
cant wait for this to be over so these sites can report on real technology..

Other: Right now I'm using a pre-pay Virgin Mobile phone, so I'm waiting until Verizon gets iPhones to upgrade to a "real" phone.

If they can beat my iPhone plan with att I'll switch. I pay for 2 iPhones unlimited data,mms, and 1400 minutes with the a-list for 155 a month after my 22% discount. If they try to limit data usage forget about it I use up about 5 gigs a month.

Actually Verizon's most recent official statements have been that they aren't going to end unlimited data but instead move toward scaled bandwidth with their LTE implementation.

Last year I would have switched but now I have really gotten to love my Verizon Droid Incredible and will upgrade to the new Incredible HD when it is available. Apple lost a lot of would be users by letting us get a sample of a god Android phone. I have an iTouch and so anything that the iPhone has that I want, I can get on that.

I now own an iPad, it's my first apple product and I love it thus far. However I also have a Motorola DroidX as my daily driver phone on verizon and I love it. I love my droidX and do NOT plan on getting the iPhone on verizon, both devices have their ying and yang differences and both are equally great. I love the functionality and practicality of my iPad but I also love all the features of my droidX such as flash and having a upgradable memory card, being able to tether my droidX to my iPad and so on. I am now experienced on both devices os and features and I am keeping my droidX on verizon, end of conversation.

My entire family is on Verizon. If I switch, we get unlimited calling to each other. So, I'm staying on AT&T.

Honestly, I have been with AT&T for 7 years and had all 4 iPhones ... I want nothing more to switch to Verizon for better coverage, but the fact of the matter remains ... Without voice + data there is no way I could ever leave AT&T for Verizon ... My business depends on it and unless Verizon somehow fixes this .... I am with the AT&T iPhone forever

Totally agree. Why buy a verizon iphone4 when iPhone 5 will come out this year and would possibly be 4g?

I agree it's stupid to get an iPhone on Verizon when a new one will be out in 5 more months and get it at a discounted rate

AT&T is the only carrier that gets service in my office, so I'll stick with them. Not to mention, my contract won't be up for quite awhile.

@Winston Smith, LOL!!! :-) I will be staying on AT&T with my iphone 4. I have great coverage with them.

Verizon is far better than AT&T in my area, so I would like to switch back. (The rest of my family, who relies on the phone part of their phones more than I do, all went back to Verizon after a short trial with AT&T.) Like Chris, I use simultaneous voice & data too much to make the jump. If AT&T can't improve their coverage and call quality before Verizon tackles that issue, I'll jump.

I have a question. If simultaneous voice and data are that important to you and you guys REALLY want to be on Verizon, couldn't you just use Skype for your voice calls?

Not at this point. I'm holding out until Apple gives us a 4+" screen. Since using the DroidX, I am always amazed at how tiny everything is on my 3GS. Don't think my old eyes could take the downgrade in size at this point.

I currently have the Droid X on Verizon. Im not 100% sure I could do that much of a screen fall though. I LOVE my 4.3" Screen, and I really didnt notice the difference until today, when I held both an iPhone 4 and my Droid X in my hands at the Apple Store...

I think it's hilarious listening to my die hard Verizon Android friends rave about the iPhone coming to VZW. Weren't you just saying how Apple is stupid for not having an "open platform" and that Android was better than iOS in every conceivable way?!? Ridiculous.

Staying with AT&T! I just got the iPhone 4 three weeks ago and it is awesome! I have the bumper and installed Ghost Armor on right out of the box and don't get the death-grip issue. Besides, will Verizon magically allow their iPhone to call and use data? Is Verizon going to offer an unlimited data plan for new customers? Doubt it!! Go AT&T!!

Depends does this mean I'll be behind the curve and have to wait for on iPone 5 release?

I will be switching from Sprint Palm Pre to either Verizon or ATT iPhone, depending on who has the better plan/cost. I have been very happy with webOS, but when ePocrates (which I require) abandoned webOS, it became time to switch to iOS. We're a Mac family anyway, so this is like coming home.

I was just at a Verizon store tonight. I checked on how much 3 lines would cost for the same unlimited services I have with Sprint. I also recently checked into AT&T. To have 3 lines on AT&T and have 3 iphones with the same plans I have with 3 lines on Sprint it would be $15 more a month with all my discounts (work, also get same on Sprint). Verizon it would be $50 more a month then Sprint and $35 more then AT&T. SO not going to go the Verizon route. IF I was to get the Iphone it would be on AT&T due to all having the same coverage in my area. I also was disappointed at Verizon not offering any kind of discount even though I am already a Verizon Fios customer.

Not a chance I will never have an locked down POS iPhone. I do not want to be locked into what Steve wants me to have. I may buy one for my wife because she cares less about having an open phone. I will stay with my Droid X until my contract is up and then buy the best Android phone on Verizon again at that time.

What will be funny is all the Android users on vzw switching over to the iPhone after they kept bitching about how they want "open source" and not a closed platform

I just hope T-Mobile and Sprint finally get it soon after that so the iPhone can give the Android platform the true assbeating in sales it deserves and has coming.

Back when the original iPhone was launched I was using a Palm Treo on Sprint and thought that was a pretty good phone. I was at a mall around Christmas of 2007 and stopped in the Apple store and checked out the iPhone. In the 5 minutes I had it I really couldn't stand it. I was so used to the Treo's physical keyboard that even the iPhone prediction couldn't figure out what I was typing.
In April 2008 my PC died. Having been a network engineer for 16 years (at this time I was 2 years retired from that), I decided to give a Mac a try. I know several people who were graphics artists and musicians that loved the Macs and my needs changed greatly since leaving the IT field, I just wanted to surf the web and have a great computer for my music and photos. The Mac lived up to everything I had heard about it.
Later in that same April I decided to give the iPhone a real try. Since there was a 14-day return policy at that time, I figured I would give it the full 14 days and figured I would be returning it. I didn't even port my number over from Sprint, thinking I would be on the Treo for a while. By the end of the second day with the iPhone I ported my number over from Sprint.
From April 2008 to July 2010 I had the original iPhone, the 3G and the 3Gs. I really liked how the iPhone worked, how it integrated with my Mac (I also have the original Apple TV) and how easily and well everything worked together. The only problem was AT&T's service. The service coverage in the area where I live, work and spend most of my time was and still is poor. Another house where I spend a lot of time, as well as the area around it, was barely able to support a signal and mostly no service at all. As much as I liked the iPhone, I couldn't deal with AT&T's service.
I tried several Android phones, the Nexus One on TMO as well as the My Touch 3G, but TMO service in the above areas was worse than AT&T's. I tried the Droid incredible on VZW also, but it was the Droid X that I liked and made the decision to move to VZW and the DX.
I had some hands on time with the DX before the release date and I got the first one at the local VZW store on release day. I like how Android does a lot of things, but believe it or not, it is still lacking in some of the things I really liked with the iPhone.
I have not been able to properly or easily sync the music from my iTunes or photos to the DX. The DX also will not connect to my Chevy Silverado's sound system like the iPhone will. Granted, the DX and Android have some really great features, some much better than the iPhone, but the iPhone also has some great features that Android does not.
It's a matter of personal preference and what works and doesn't work. I prefer the iPhone, so I will most likely go back to it when it becomes available on Verizon. I have not, nor have I any interest in, rooting or jailbreaking the iPhone or Android. I spent much time over the years doing stuff like that and I have designed and implemented many Internet and Intranets and now I just want something that works with the things I want it to work with without any issues.

I will absolutely switch from Verizon Android to Verizon iPhone..... WHEN it's 4g LTE. (Voted other, this is my other)

Depending on what the next iPhone has in store, I might switch to android. If we don't have notifications, and a bigger screen then I will probably switch to android. I'm waiting for the iPhone announcement in June before I think about buying another phone

I am an ATT iPhone user, I was Verizon for years, and I can tell you the difference is HUGE. Same area, same calls are dropped 3x more often on ATT.
I will be going back home to Verizon Wireless IMMEDIATELY (like I'll pre-order and pay my ATT contract cancellation fees).
The only people who won't be doing so are a) the people who can't really afford to do that, and b) the people who have never had Verizon Wireless service before (and thus never actually experienced the difference between the two).

@ John or 3. People who have had both Verizon and AT&T and realize that both have their problems. Verizon love to bloat phones with their software and still cripples them to a degree. Verizon simply costs more. AT&T needs 3G network wide (and they are working on it). And the most interesting thing is that of all the independent tests done for best network, Verizon does not win most of them. What does that say about "the [mythical] network.

my family was with at&t for ten Plus years but switched over to verizon so that my bro and I could purchase the DX. Do not regret that decision one bit, and will stick with Team Droid when our current contact expires.

My vote was for "other" - switch to the iPhone from my Samsung Rogue. I've wanted an iPhone for a while, but Verizon is the only carrier with strong, reliable service at both my home and work.

I am sticking with my Sprint Evo.
What baffles me is why anyone would switch to an iPhone 4 just 6 months before the iPhone 5 comes out. Apple is pretty good at putting together a nice phone and I would imagine that iPhone 5 will be LTE and possibly dual core. Would suck to be stuck with an iPhone4 come the June announcement. You waited this long, why rush now??

What I find interesting is the numbers between BB/Droid/WebOS surpass the number of ATT iPhone switchers.

I want this soooo bad. But i hope it has 4g hardware in it that makes it compatible on 3g for now and 4g also (when they reach more coverage). Its not impossible. They did so with the motorola Xoom

I would imagine the general public who got Verizon Android would switch because now they don't have to get a phone that's "like" an iPhone(which I'm positive verizon employees pulled). They can now just get what they wanted the whole time!

This is a significant truth! Most people I know who aren't with AT&T have come back from whatever carrier's store and told me that the clerk told them phone X was "just like the iPhone."

Verizon has 3G - and better network coverage in rural Iowa than AT&T - looking forward to saying bye-bye to my Blackberry Tour.

Staying with my Evo until the Evo 2. I might jump onboard with a Verizon dual core LTE Android. Sprint's WiMax just isn't cutting it indoors.

I am a Google enthusiast - I use gmail, sites, voice, calendar, docs, apps for your domain, and on and on - I even have one of the prototype Google Chrome OS laptops. I am on my second Android phone (Droid first, Droid X second). I am still considering the iPhone because it just simply works better. I have missed calls because the Droids wont respond to the screen swipes, or not show the call at all although it is ringing - and network switching can be a b*tch sometimes and I have had to reboot the phones. I have an iPad and have FAR fewer technical issues and I find the applications to be superior on iOS, Google created apps on Android not withstanding. I may get an iPhone because I need a device that works better as a phone, and then trade in my iPad for an Android tablet because I need something more like a computer for a tablet, which the latest Android ones seem to be.

Don't see a need to switch, considering that AT&T just switched on 3G in my neck of the woods. Also, I doubt there will any monthly savings advantage by switching to Verizon and I'd lose my unlimited data plan.

Im staying with at&t only because i dont want to pay early disconnection fee. Plus i want to wait and see how Verizon handles all that traffic an if they will allow calling and we surfing at same time. Lastly, i dont want to give up and lose my unlimited data.

i wont switch.hoping that ATT will get 4G.i accept verizon has better coverage.but i am fine with current coverage.i dont go out of city much.and verizon is way too expensive than ATT.with competition rising up,ATT will come up with some better plans and cheaper rates i am sure.thats how they survive.

considering it i have a droid inc, love but i like the retina display........just wished i could customize the way i can with my droid inc, thats why im considering it.....and flash...i like flash on my inc...any thoughts from apple users and please no bashing i love technology period.

I will be sticking with my AT&T iPhone but I'm soo looking forward to the iPhone going to Verizon. That means the rumor stories will stop and the cry babies will find out the Verizon can't handle the iPhone either.

It's a little thing called a contract. I'd have to pay 175 bucks for me, 175 bucks for my fiance, my mother, my 2 stepdaughters to be... and THEN - buy 2 new iPhones, plus 3 other phones...
Yeah - unless someone gives me BIG bucks or a DAMN good reason to switch... I ain't switchin.

Verizon is going to have a hard time handling all the new customers.
Sprint and T Mobile have a lot to gain if only they can get the iphone.

Im going to stick with att I hate verizon internet... An they claim to have service in the part of town that I live but when I had them signal sucked at my house.. So im staying with att

I'm sticking with my AT&T iPhone 4. For one thing, I'm in a contract. For another, Verizon has NO coverage where I live for college. Seriously. If you go to their site and enter my zip code, the site actually says "We do not offer service in your area." Everyone that has Verizon in my town roams on Bluegrass Cellular, since they own the spectrum there that Verizon would need. And roamers get no 3G and VERY spotty data service.

I had Verizon a few years ago and had trouble with my Motorola phone. They basically said oh, sorry and wouldn't even try to help me get into a new phone. So I broke my contract right then. I would never go to Verizon for any reason. I would send smoke signals before going back to Verizon.

@Butch Hauke
Verizon still offers an Unlimited data plan at the same price. Also, they tend to have a lot more business discounts, so depending on where you work you might get a work discount on your plan. some of them are really good when i worked at circuit city i got 20% off. still get it even tho they closed lol

Kinda mentioned, but some of us are mid-contract and ineligible for an upgrade. My buddy and I were talking and curious if Big Red will do a special scenario to allow those of us not eligible to waive that and buy the iphone at the discounted contract price. If they can do that, I think it would be a huge benefit b/c then every cust. is a potential iphone buyer. Otherwise, they are keeping their potential iphone buyers at bay due to contractual obligation. If they allow us, I'm definitely in! Otherwise, gotta wait until September :(

I'm staying with AT&T. 3G is faster, the coverage is as good as it would ever possibly get (for crying out loud, it's a cell phone! not a landline) & the price & benefits are right. I'm actually lovin it. Formerly coming from Sprint. I've heard a lot of bad things about Verizon. Like them being snobby & stuff. I don't really care, ya know. I just want a decent phone with general help of ease. So far, AT&T has always welcomed me with.. "How may we help you, Sir?"

That's a huge reason for me why get the same phone when a new
iPhone will come in June/July and get the discounted rate.

Although Verizon is said to be the best network, I will stick with AT&T.. I like on AT&T I can talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time..Probably can't do that with Verizon. Who wants verizon's name slapped on their iPhone anyway? (maybe that wont happen) I have the iPhone 4 on AT&T and i love it. I also get a discount from my work to have AT&T, so I laugh at all my coworkers who do not choose to go to AT&T. AT&T is really good in my area, so I'm happy with AT&T.. I feel like Verizon plans will be more expensive. I pay like 70 bucks per month with my discount at work, while some other ppl pay like 100 a month.

To be honest I love verizon had them for years never thought of getting an iphone till now I have the droid 2 an d love it..... I just want all the cell phone platforms I have a bb now android and want a ios device they all have pros and cons. But we all need to realize apple made a big mistake with having a contract so long with att cause people that wanted Iphones really bad already switched I don't think people will flock to verizon just to get the iphone like they did with att. People are happy with their androids now and they have a big fan base. Just think what would of happened if the original iphone released on all major networks it prob will be a monopaly and android would of not had a chance to be so big.

I definitely agree with you on that, it would have slowed Android down significantly. Steve did make a major mistake in allowing Android to grow so quickly. Maybe the other carriers couldn't have handled it at first but that long marriage with AT&T did nothing but help AT&T.

But also with that arguement you can say the technology wouldn't be moving as fast, so it's better having those good Android phones. Keep pushing Android, I want better iPhones.

What I will be most happy to see after this is the end of the speculation of what would happen when the iPhone is on more than one carrier. So people can stop bitching about it. We see Verizon isn't giving up their Droid push, so it'll be a fair push for both. Then it will be an end to whether or not the lack of multiple carriers for iPhone is giving Android the lead or not.

no, in fact im switching from tmobile to at&t for the iphone. waited for this announcement to realize that tmo is not getting it, so therefore ill join the team

I'm on verizon now and will be getting a iphone. I'm still using a BB Storm. My contract was up in november and I've been waiting for this. I also get a employee discount with verizon, so it is cheaper than at&t with better service.

I will be switching from android to iPhone most likely but, Verizon has never pushed any of the android products I've bought as anything like an iPhone. Both brands are awesome.

I'm most likely sticking with att. I have a good family plan and I can already download at 6 mb a second @ my house. I'm really hoping that losing exclusivity to the iPhone will force att to expand their network though. Like I said, I have great service in Maryland. But as soon as I drive south of richmond, my 3g is gone.

I'm still hoping for the impossible. I'm waiting for iPhone to hit T-Mobile. Til then, my iTouch & iPad tethered through my Android based phone are sufficient.

I don't think the iPhone will come to T-Mobile, at least in its current incarnation. With different 3G bands, it would be a manufacturing nightmare to do. I think Apple is waiting for everyone (except Sprint) to go to LTE, then get one phone out to unify the experience.

Well, it would be easier than creating a whole new iPhone that runs on Verizon or Sprint. (I'm aware we are beyond that at this point, thus the point of the thread.) But generally speaking, manufactering wise, it would be easier to simply switch a physical radio during manufactering of the current iPhone (AT&T) than creating a new one that runs on a COMPLETELY different network.
And yes, I'm aware my statement is pretty much pointless in the point in the game. Was just saying, it wouldn't be hard if they decided to. But I get wanted to go for Verizon first, soo many subscribers.

Hard to tell. Verizon is the network. SME (Dieter, in particular) says to pick your network first, then your phone. I've consistently picked the phone (iPhone, 3G, 3GS) over the network (AT&T), which I think is below average. Still, I'm in a contract. I want to use it overseas when I travel. I want voice/data at the same time. This will be a tough one, but I think I'll stay put for now. Plus if AT&T users leave in droves, it might just improve my coverage.

I am going to switch unless verizon doesnt allow us to keep our unlimited data which i have now with verizon. So if they grandfather those of us who have unlimited data in i will buy otherwise i will wait

I'd switch to the CDMA version, but only if I can get one unlocked and it can run on MetroPCS.

Maybe. Lets wait and see how Verizon's network fares after about 6 months of intensive iPhone usage. Only time will tell. Let the best network prevail and hopefully we'll see more carriers come on board and monthly usage subscriptions going down.

Own the Droid X, Incredible, Samsung Tab and wife has the Droid 2. Always wanted the Iphone from the first time I saw one and hate AT&T. Loyal Verizon customer for years but will absolutely NOT be getting Iphone or any other Apple product. I LOVE ANDROID, NUFF SAID!!!

Nope! Had vzw before at&t. Coverage in my area is actually better on at&t. The vzw folks in my building at work are always losing their calls in the elevator. I've not lost one yet! Customer service has also surpassed MY past experience with vzw. Even without iPhone, I'd stay with at&t! Thank goodness it's not an issue! ;)

I'm staYing on ATT for sure! I've been with them during the wonderful days of CINGULAR (Now THAT was an awesome service) and don't plan on switching now or anytime soon. And from the looks of that poll, I think ATT is still sitting pretty and has the most experience with the iPhone, they can handle all sorts of questions. Verizon is starting on square one with a Gen 4 device. Lotsa learning ahead for Big Red. Experience/ capability with a popular and often problematic network inducing device that's mostly why I'm staying. ATT knows how to handle it.

I'll be sticking with AT&T for the time being. I really haven't had many issues with the coverage or reception where I live and like most on AT&T, it would cost me a bundle to get out of my existing contract.
Back before the iPhone 3G was released I was on Verizon, had numerous issues with both of the Motorola phones I had(Razr and Q9M) and found Verizon's customer service to be greatly lacking.
Verizon will have to offer something spectacular to get me to even consider switching once my contract is up.

i have to say the iphone is a great smartphone my daughter has one and is waiting for verizon to start selling them,she is making the switch just becuse her service is not so great,i am a proud owner of a droid x,been with verizon for 10+ years,i need a good network since im constantly traveling all over the states,im sure verizon has been preparing for all the traffic the iphone will cost,on another note when my daughter came on vacation to travel with me she was pretty upset just becuse i always had sevice ;) wile she was looking for hers :( and thats why i stick with verizon,food for though.

I think I'll stick with my iPod touch, Line2, and Verizon MiFi. It's been proving itself very beneficial and worth the $45 dollars a month that I spend.

Likely switching to Verizon. Not sure if staying with an iPhone, trying Android, or dropping data altogether. When I signed up with AT&T we wanted the iPhone and AT&T was competitive with their family plan. Truth is it is still a cell phone, and AT&T has the worst geographic coverage. For the people I talk to and what they share about Verizon, my best option appears to be Verizon. If I drop the data, I could save a lot of money by using one of many start up companies which in the end are using the Verizon network. Once the iPhone is on multiple carriers, there simply is nothing that AT&T offers which would keep me there!

I've had Verizon before and the service was slow and coverage was (believe it or not) better with AT&T for me... So no.