TiPb asks: What tech gift do you want for the holidays?

iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox Kinnect, PlayStation Move, Jambox, Nexus S, MacBook Air -- there seems to be so much wonderful tech out there that I am finding it increasingly difficult to figure out what I would really like to receive this holiday season!

What type of tech gifts are you hoping to find under the tree? Is there something cool you really want from that someone special in your life? Help me out, TiPb community, and let me know what you want!


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Happy Holidays from the TiPb Forums!

There are 44 comments. Add yours.

OutSpoken says:

Untethered jailbreak for 4.2 :-)

entwined82 says:

A new camera and Google willing a free CR48..maybe some kind of ihome alarm clock. There are too many options for them, its hard to pick which I like best.

Ronn says:

I need an awesome speaker dock for my ipad. Nothing better than watching my ipad while cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

iTroldahl says:

Georgia, I want an Apple TV... from you! :)

McNessie says:

The AR Drone from Parrot

Tony says:

I want Georgia for Christmas, failing that HP e-print printer for Air-Print (which I'm getting!) and some new SLR lenses!

donnana says:

Ah, I would like Magic Piano. And a device upon which to play it. Please. :) Oh, and iPhone Live on one of my nights off...

applejosh says:

I'd like a MacBook Pro, but I'm not getting that. I'd also like an AppleTV, but I'm not getting that. I used up my Christmas wish on the iPhone 4.

tuscanidream says:

Google tv... So I can surf the web in bed and watch tv at the same time. I love my new apple tv, but it's missing a lot of features.
I want an iPad... But I'm going to wait until iPad 2. I'm afraid 256ram is a bottleneck for what I want to use it for.

Ilovegeorgia says:

Mackbook pro or air, or iPad 2. I already have an iPhone 4. ;)

Chad says:

I'd love a Macbook pro, but i'm never gonna get it :p

JNGold says:

Actually, I have my fill for this calendar year of tech items. Thus far, I have upgraded to an iPhone 4, bought an iPad, ATV, and a brand spankin' new iMac 21.5.
The one semi-relative tech gift (which should have already shipped) that I am waiting for is the Isotoner SmarTgloves so I can use my iPhone in the cold.

Herman says:

I would like a ipad prefer the 3g and/or playstation move!!!!

Tim says:

My dad already told me he got me a Kindle, and I'm buying myself a new MacBook haha.

deferom says:

I'm eyeing the HTC EVO 4G.

iPheuria says:

I'm hoping to get an AppleTV, I know I'm getting COD Black OPs so my X-Mas is pretty set :o)

MAGNUS says:

New iMac, gift card for an iPad 2, and a Synology Disk Station. That's it. I don't think this is too much to ask for.

cardfan says:

Maybe one of those Vulkano players or a slingbox. Still deciding.

Ken says:

I'm with Tony... minus the other stuff ; )

usmc says:

All I want is a printer for AirPrint

Bob Marley14 says:

All I want is to be alive again on Earth writing songs and playing for my fans. One Love.
Georgia would be nice too, but ain't gonna happen.

FLskydiver says:

An iPad with a 1920x1440 pixel display, 64 GB + of storage, and the superfast guts and superefficient battery to power it all.

Daniel says:

A simple unteathered 4.2 jailbreak is all I really need. Got an iPhone and an iPad but they feel handicapped.

cycling56#CB says:

I got a Nokia N8 last week and it is a perfect companion to my iPhone 4. I can't believe you would list the Nexus 2 as a tech gift.

Thom says:

Roku. Happy Holidays to all of you :)

Derek says:

apple tv, cause i have everything else

Gmac82 says:

I would like a new HP printer, so I can airprint. A new MacBook Air would be great also. Maybe an Apple TV not sure what I'll use it for, but it seems Kewl. And a new camera the Canon SD1400. I like the compactness of it. I got my iPhone 4, and my iPad. I would also like some gift certificates for iTunes. And a jailbreak for 4.2 wouldn't be bad either.

Chenzo5151 says:

iPad 64gig and does wold peace qualify?

Colin Shanahan says:

I'd love an iPad but can't afford one. I was hoping to win the one ye had up for grabs a few weeks back but obviously didn't :( Happy Christmas everyone at Tipb.com :D

rICH says:

Verizon Iphone. Guess I'll be waiting for January. (Hopefully)

(Copy of) Dev says:

I avoided gadgets for the first time in years (got a puppy this week, which is more rewarding and more work), but in a weird set of circumstances, it will be our most gadgety Xmas ever, as it looks like a kindle, a wifi ipad, and an AppleTV are all making it to our tree. The kids and I love the puppy, but I can't help a nerdy little happydance. :D

JTechTalk says:

The new ipod nano along with a tiktok or lunatik :)

LastLevel says:

I was given my present tonight...a fancy pants iPad :) I am loving it

R.Henry says:

I want Apple Tv but I wonder how the updates that will surely come be accessible?

Attreides says:

Yellow Santa (DHL) is going to bring me Photoshop Elemnts 9 + Premiere Elements 9. For the other stuff, hopefully familly will also gift me Inception and Pillars Of The Earth, both on DVD. iTunes gift cards are also allways appreciated.
Allreaddy got my fair share of tech this year with an iMac 27", software for it (Office 2011, iLife 11, etc, etc), an iPod Touch 32GB and a new camera.

Pinny says:

There just isn't anything really exciting this year.

Rob says:

I'd love a new Macbook Pro but won't be getting it anytime soon because I've been told giving is better than receiving :(

towelietowel says:

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