TiPb Asks: What would like to see in a TiPb App?

We have often been asked why we do not already have a TiPb application. The reason we have not yet gotten one in development is that we are not sure what features would make the application better than what is already available on the web. So we ask our you, our readers what features would you like to see in a official TiPb application?

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TiPb Asks: What would like to see in a TiPb App?


I would like to see tipb live work thorugh the app! So I can watch and comment while on my iPad. Also maybe a really east way to access the tipb store. Thanks for everything you do, love the site!

Look at the Engadget app. If you can't match it at a minimum, don't bother. It is more than their website wrapped in a native app. You can access their podcasts, their videos, save article for offline reading, view comments, post comments, etc. I prefer the iPad app to their full website on my MacBook.

I completely agree. At the least, that's what it should be. Also enable Landscape functionality the the while app, not just while reading the articles.

But at the same time learn from the limitations of the engadget app and overcome those weaknesses.
Oh and just for anyone keeping score a few that bug me: lack of ability to resize images. A lot of their images are too wide for the app and thus require opening up their website to view. Oh and fixing their live blogging tech to work correctly with the app.
In short at minimum make it so that there's never really a reason to ever leave and look at the site itself.

From a computer, TiPb offers an elegant experience with a clean layout and organized contents...but when you transition to the webapp for the iPhone, the experience becomes quite different.
I find the web app more difficult to navigate and the initial loading, even though it's only a few seconds, may annoy me just a little.
From an official TiPb app, I would love to see the older articles stored onto the device for quick viewing upon opening the application, or even viewing when the wireless network isn't available.
Another key feature that I would like to find in an official app would be iPhone and iPad live..the Ustream viewer app is great, but again, it lacks support to play in the background and we can't get to the chatroom.. I am not quite sure if that would be a possibility, maybe I'm just dreaming.
A third killer feature would be a cleaner TiPb store..I find navigating the store on the iPhone quite difficult..
I love my TiPb and I would enjoy to have an official app on my phone..who knows..maybe even notifications for new articles? :)
Thank you for reading
- Brian

on that note I sometimes find that embedded youtube clips get clipped a bit off the right edge (including the fullscreen button)

same clean layout as the website.
keep the ads separate on a ads page.
like a news app. keep the headlines with expandable stories.
add a share to twitter/facebook option.

  • News blog
  • Forum watch, monitoring Your subscribed threads and sub forums.
  • Latest App recommendations.
  • Tip of the week

Google listen for podcast. I know that wont happen but I hope they change the way you subscribe to podcast in iTunes. I would like to be able to subscribe to podcast from my iPhone. . I never use iTunes and I always have to search for podcast. Sometimes I forget podcast that I've tried and liked.

Sorry you were talking about a tipb app.please disregard post. While were here, why oh why is your sister site android central (even on android devices) not a mobile optimized site

Its funny you mention a mobile site for Android Central. I'm in the exact opposite camp in that I don't like mobile sites of any kind. I have the user agent on my Droid X set to desktop just so I don't ever get mobile versions. I've found that. Safari and the Android browser both render full pages very well and I her the full experience. When I had a Blackberry I felt differently because the browser was slower than anything and the screen was 2.75 inches.
As for a TiPb app I would definitely like to see the ustream feed and have the

Mac OS Ken, and Today in iPhone or IOS built apps, and they are great! I don't use them I don't connect well through the app experience with podcasters for some reason.
Apps are apps, people are people. Your website is rock solid, it's a treat everyday to visit. And the weekly connection through podcasts. I would buy your app for support, I most likely would not use it.

I can't always get to a computer in time for tipb live so I'd be interested in an app that would stream a radio broadcast of tipb live when it's happening. Plus push notifications when it's about to start.

I use calendar events for that.. what 'd like to see in a app is push notifications for when episodes become available on iTunes (as that's not on set schedule)

Firstly it should be a universal app for all iOS devices. It should be free.

  • Blog / news tab
    Nice clean look like you have on the website
    Easy to filter and search archive
    Either no ads (make money from TiPb store sales), or implement iAds!
    AirPlay for any media
    Push notification altering you to new posts
  • TiPb Live tab
    Ability to watch the show live with all video streams playing at once like you can view on the website on a desktop, and ability to listen to all old podcasts (with streaming in background too)
    Chat room
    Being able to WATCH the shows even after theyve been broadcast would be awesome too
    Push notifications to tell you when TiPb live is starting!
  • TiPb forums tab
    Easy to use forums section
  • TiPb Store section so you can sell your TiPb gear/accessories and make some money from the app.

Some sort of social media integration for sharing TiPb content with your friends

(1) A filter, by categories, for the types of TIPB articles your readers would like to have populate the app.
(2) A filter, by categories and tags, for the types of TIPB news your readers would like to receive push notifications.
(3) If your going to mimic the Engadget app, please make sure the comments section is on the same page as the article.

I agree with Ally. Tipb is fine as a web app but a smart phone expert store like the apple store app would get me to impluse buy. $$$

If you could use the Engadget app as a model that would be great. Then add twitter and Facebook integration. I'd love to be able to watch iPhone and iPad live from the app as well.

An advanced search function, like on the website, would be nice to have on the app. Can't do that on the "optimized" version of the website. Really frustrating on 3g to have to spend 3 minutes running a couple searches.

Everyone's already made some really good points so I'll point out some of the not so obvious:

  1. A good icon— I can't stress this enough; needs to be WAY better than the sample in the picture above.
  2. Retina Display & Multitasking— This should be obvious but a lot of apps are still missing this.
  3. Simple, yet elegant UI— Interface can make or break an app.
  4. Polish, polish, polish— Should feel smooth and just work.

Anyway, I can't wait for a TiPb app. Should you decide to go for it however, make sure you hire someone who knows what they're doing and will really try to create something that will do justice to the site.

I'm not really sure what the point of a TiPB app would be. I can't think of any. Recreating the web app in a downloadable app form would be fairly pointless.

Needs easy podcast streaming, and easy access to reading and writing posts in the forums

I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPad2. What I would want would be some way to customize the content of the app to only the device that I want to read about. This would include accessory reviews, app reviews, etc.
Content and presentation are obviously the most important aspect, so good luck with that. I also would like the option to buy an app to avoid ads. I don't want another monthly fee, but a one-time fee. I don't like ads in my apps.
Integrated forums is great as well. I don't want to have to login to the forums when I visit on the TiPb app, it should know who I am once I install (and login only once). When I'm browsing on my iPad, I don't like to type most of the time, however if I do, I don't want it to be my username/password, I want something that makes life easier.
This is one of, actually maybe the only, apple-centric site I visit. Feel free to do throw the kitchen sink in your app, as long as it's related to iOS, but please allow for filtering in case we (your visitors) are a little less rounded.
Thanks for asking!

Your reviews of apps & accessories are top notch, but they're hard to find in your website. Add the often excellent user- submitted reviews in the forums and you have a wealth of really useful information for users of all experience levels. The thing is that this information is really hard to find by searching within your site ( forum searches are better). Usually I google the app + TipB and get it that way. If you develop an app, please focus on making searches within the site more effective. It would also be nice to see a subscription-like service for TipB tv with push notifications.

Pass. Really not needed. Only your hard-core fans would use it, and then they'd constantly complain about everything it doesn't do, wanting updates, etc. Do you really want the hassle of maintaining an app? I suggest you put your ideas for the app up as a poll and then compare the number of positive responses to your total number of visitors (not just the negative responses, since many people skip polls altogether).

Push notification when new stories are available and the ability to have the post read to you if you are driving.

Agree with comments suggesting the TiPb store should be integrated into the app. Also with USMC re: push notifications about new stories.
Start simple, then add features as you see fit.

I think TiPb has done a great job of making the site viewable on iPhone and iPad. Although it would be a feather in your cap to have an app, I don't believe it is necessary.Personally, I wouldn't use it because it would be one more app to organize. I don't use any apps associated with web pages, it seems redundant to me.

A favorite section to put articles in for reading later. A separate section for TiPb TV. On streaming the podcast live, could it be done with airplay to Apple TV with live chat on the big screen using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to chat.

Using pulse for the blog, tapatalk for the forums and iTunes for the podcasts. The only thing I'm missing in all this would be a way to see the live videos as a podcasts.

It should have Notifications for importants news, but we could decide with topics we would like to get notifications..!!1

Whatever you do, you've got to have a nice UI design. I really hate apps with so much stuff packed into it that it make the app look all cluttered and messy. Also I like the idea of implementing push notifications somehow.

A simple and attractive icon is key, but for the app itself it needs to offer more than just your news feed. Apps like flipboard, taptu and zite can show this along with hundreds of other sites in an intuitive and unique ways.
Customization would be a good idea, so people can pick the bits they want to see. Areas that easier to acces, or updated from the page like app review sections, and tip sections on a main page to accompany the feed.
Also social network integration is key, not just twitter and facebook posting, but a feed showing recent tweets from tipb and your staff.
Being able to watch your live videos in the device and allow comment, but also a way to access past episodes from within the app.
The UI most importantly must be simple and easy to use. A good example is perhaps the BBC website, the version we have in the UK not the new international one, which has customizable widgets but doesn't clutter the screen.

I would like to see push notifications when a certain type of article comes out. For instance, I could subscribe to the daily tips. I really hope to see this app out!!

Obusly the blog with comment posting
Live podcast with chat
Notification for livepodcast
Other podcasts streaming and downloading
Push icons for when there is a new post

Tabs in order to switch between iPad and iPhone news.. Or categories I guess.
And definitely notification system for new stories!!
Looking forward for this!!

I haven't read all of the comments but I'm probably in the minority but I don't think TiPb really needs one. But if you make one it has to be phenomenal. There are too many tech sites with crappy apps. I use Reeder for the blog and Tapatalk for the forums. I come weekly to live shows. When I miss a show I use Podcaster to catch up. I'm highly doubtful we'd get an app that would let us watch the live shows so as of now I can't see what an official TiPb app could offer me.

An app would be awesome, then I can stop using the ugly google reader on my iPhone to manage what I've read and haven't read.
Also would be great to download articles and have offline capabilities.

My 2 cents
1- Full web streaming experience of iPhone/iPad Live!
a- Full Chat
b- Being able to watch one or all participants at the same time.
2- Tipb Store similar to how the Apple Store app is designed.
3- Customizable Push Notifications for blog postings.
4- Everything in Helvetica. :)
Peace, J

A function, such that, when the app is opened there are random giveaways (i.e. every time I open the app, there's a chance I might win something). That'd make me want to use the app frequently.

I actually like the mobile site... better than the website. Clutter free, focus on the articles, and no other crap (ads, bios, etc.) JUST NEWS. No need for the app, mobile site works great.

Have to agree with Kagan. I prefer the mobile site for the same reason. I could see the use of Tipb store app though.

A player for linked videos.
Access to TiPb live podcasts inside the app.
Browse TiPb store in app.
A search feature for all posted blogs.
Quick/snappy and easy photo gallery.
View and submit comments.
Be able to view blogs while disconnected from Internet (load and store data feature?).
Submit stories within the app.

Y'all do a good job Rene. The only thing a tipb app would need is the ability to listen/watch to iPhone/iPad live. But I understand why you wouldn't. When ustream allows you to embed their viewer in your own app then that would be a good time to run with it.

The biggest things you could put in an iOS app to make it a home run would be all of the quality informational articles and how-tos that everyone looks to TiPb for on their website.
Spare us the ads, though - please?

offline reading for touch, different tabs on the bottom for different types of subjects like ipod, mac, rumors, apps that are fully customizable like the old NYT app. easy way to comment that saves your info so all you need to do is comment and not put in your name/email. option to save articles. pull down to load.

TiPb OnDemand
All the TiPb live broadcasts archived ready to watch on iPhone/iPad. Maybe even a way to actually watch live right in the app.

Forums. Watch TiPb live. Enter contest. Things that are offered that r not offered on mobile TiPb.com. Stuff that will make my computer collect more dust.

Everything that the website has, plus wall papers, extras, and NO ADS.
The TiPb site is great, but it would be nice to have extras and fun things on an app.

Oh, and a feature to pull the website's info every morning, then allow for non-wifi reading. My iPad has no 3G, and I'd like to read it in the car.

Acess to forum stories and tips and everything tipb has then give us the store that would tempt me to look at the store more often oh and also give us the ability to watch/live to tipb live! Oh and maybe download tipb articles maybe even some kind of notifications/subscriptions?!? and post searching ability is a must! And in live let us chat!

I love the mobile site. If you had to make an app I'd say make it easier to view forums and easy to comment on them. Other than that I think the mobile site is perfect.

Simple to start. The Tipb app should include 3 things at least

  1. A way to watch TIPB live (with push notifications when shows start)
  2. The mobile version of the Tipb Blog
  3. Mobile version of the Tipb Ipad/Iphone accessory store!