TiPb Asks: How do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?

TiPb Asks: How do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?

Since Apple is going to introduce a built in Reminders app with iOS 5 it's a good time to pause and take stock and ask you, the TiPb nation, how you're handling tasks and todos on your iPhone today? Do you just dump everything into the built in Notes app? Do you use a simple list making and reminder app like Rene's favorites, SimpleNote and Due? Are you an Evernote nerd like Seth and Chad? Or do you use a full on getting things done app like Appigo Todo or OmniFocus?

Do you sync your tasks between iPhone and desktop? iPhone and the cloud? iPhone and other iOS devices like iPad? If you have an iPad as well, do you use a different system or different apps on it than you do on iPhone?

Do you keep every little thing in your todo list, just the big things, or just things you're particularly bad about remembers (i.e. don't want to do?) Do you (or will you) use location-based reminders? Once you've set up your perfect task management system, do you find you actually use it?

And no matter what you do now, do you see yourself switching to Apple's built-in Reminders when it comes out this fall?

Let me know -- how do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?

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TiPb Asks: How do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?


Pocket Informant. Automatic sync with outlook (via toodledo) is all I need. Hate those that choose to put "sync" buttons cluttering the interface instead of doing it automatically

Combination of Mail-Todos sync'd to iCal, Things.app and now everything dropped for REMINDERS in iOS 5 beta. im hoping that the only desktop componant needed will be Mail.app Todo's in LION or somehow i'll just start using iCal Tasks more, wait to see how that all fleshes out but Things.app as beautiful as it is just dropped the EFFIN ball on sync a lonnnnnng time ago.
Plus the location based reminders are just insane.

Been using evernote for a year for all my Business meeting notes. I can organize all the notes in folders and I like the fact that I can use the app on multi platforme.
For reminders, I use 2do only on my iPhone. I would like to use the app also on my iPad (sync) but don't know if I can.

I use Omni Focus for a while b/c it works well with GTD theory.
I sync it with my desktop Omni Client and my iPad syncs in as well.
I use iMExchange2 to Sync with my Work OutLook Tasks and Notes, b/c I have my staff send and sync their task with me..
I set the reminders now in both apps on only time sensitive items, other wise they are done in the order that my GTD program works.
I would use the built in reminders for most items, but the Location based reminders would not really be of use for me.
Oh, I also have used TouchToDo and it works well also.
iMExchange2 seems to be the best fit for my needs with work and Personal collaboration.

I use two Apps. For the more complex matrix-ed todos I use Remember The Milk (RTM). For the simple entry and execution todos I use Zenbe Lists. Both have PROs and CONs that suite their use. Both sink between my iPhone and iPad nicely.
I record Dreams, Goals, Project Milestones, weekly re-occurring todos, and I also record items I already accomplished for tracking purposes and encouragement.
I'm looking forward to the new iOS updates. Especially the location-based trigger capabilities...

I used Google tasks combined with the GoTasks app. This allowed me to share tasks with my GF. She can send me tasks like stuff to pick up at the store on my way home from work.

+1 I use GoTasks too. There are a lot of nice tasks apps in the App Store, but as a Gmail user I need Google Tasks integration. Anything I do on my iPhone (mobile) I need to be able to do in Gmail (desktop) and vice versa and stay in sync. My only gripe with GoTasks is that I wish it used some time of Push. For example, if I add a new task in Google Tasks on the desktop, it will not update GoTasks badge on the home screen of my iPhone until I re-open the app to trigger the sync. When I return to the home screen, the badge is updated. This is a minor thing that I've learned to deal with. However, if the new Apple-made Reminders app in iOS 5 supports syncing with Google Tasks with push similar to how Gmail and Google Calendar work via Activesync MS Exchange account, then I would switch over to that. Anyone know if the iOS 5 Reminders app supports this?

Another Zenbe user here. I rely on it both personally and professionally. I also use Do it Tomorrow for things that repeat every day.

Appigo Todo. Works really well and within the same app can be as simple or complex as you need. Only complaint is sync isn't automatic, or if it is then only at launch, increasing load time essentially.

I use Appigo Todo and really like it. The reason I am going to try out Reminders is for location based To Do's. I have suggest this feature to Appigo in the past but maybe the API wasn't there. I hope it doesn't eat up too much battery.

I used to use the native notes app or the calendar lol but now I use the Reminders app from iOS 5. It's really simple.

I use alarmed. It works fairly well. I can't wait for the native app update though. I really want to check out the location based feature.

2Do by Guided Ways. Sync wireless with Mac calendar. Works great, love the UI. Fast, intuitive and visually appealing

I've been waiting for a built in task reminder since the iPhone came out. I've also been waiting for shared Calendar reminders.
If at work I email my grocery/ to do list to my gmail acct and access from iPhone email
If at home I whip out Notes and crudely jot down list
I used to use Google Task app but it's not user friendly.
Can't wait for ios5!!!!

Love RememberTheMilk. It may not be free but it is worth the small cost. Love seeing my tasks in my iPhone calendar and google calendar. As well as the push notifications and email reminders. It's a well rounded cross platform product.

I used Evernote and Things for quite a while. Now using iOS 5, I've been using the Reminders app non-stop.

I use Remember The Milk, I'm a Pro user and it's a fantastic program that manages my To-Do's amongst all my devices.

Anyone knows if the Reminders app in iOS 5 will have a companion app that syncs with Mac? Will it use the Mail app?

Omnifocus - love it! It's like my external brain and just works. I have it on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and iMac. All perfectly in sync without any effort. Well worth the money.

I have a to do list in my memos. Time sensitive and day specific reminders go into my calendar. I sync with Outlook, iPad and iPhone. Currently don't do anything in a cloud.

so in the reminder app is it shareable like can my wife and I see and check off stuff from say a grocery list?

The calendar. I use the native calendar, and I use it a lot. Easily my most used app, I have the worst memory. Which makes the new iOS 5.0 update for reminders the most anticipated (next to imessage) for me.

I tried both Evernote and Springpad, but they're both too involved for my needs. I keep it simple, using the Notes app and Calendar to keep track of things. So, I'm looking forward to the Reminders app. I'm sure I'll put it to good use.

I use APPIGO TO DO since it syncs with my APPLE COMPUTER and is pretty straightforward. THE Evernote and others like that are very complicated and make a todo list look like a thesis!

I tried a lot of them and the one I kept (and still use daily) is Due (dueapp.com). It's full featured and really quick to add / update entries.

Built in notes, calendar or OneNote, depending on how important it is and what the task is. OneNote sync to desktop, calendar and notes synced to other idevices.

I use Appigo Todo. I don't use the 'getting things done' features of it, but love how it works. I sync it with their sync service and use it with my iPad and iPod touch. I doubt I'll use Apple's new Reminders, as I'm guessing it will be far more basic than Todo.
I put everything in there that I can remember long enough to put in (which seems harder each year :) )

For short term lists, SimpleNote. Everything else, OmniFocus. Either way, all data syncs with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

2Do synching with outlook. I put everything in there, big and small, that doesnt have a specific date/deadline; as that goes in the calendar. Works well, though I miss a more automated synching between devices

Appigo ToDo is on my iPhone, iPad and now Mac - all syncing via their online service. I like the clean, simple interface. Syncing is always going to be a problem because there is no standard like there is for calendars and contacts. But my ideal app has yet to be invented. I'm thinking again about getting someone to develop it.

I use and really like Pocket Informant for tasks and calendar. It syncs flawlessly for me to Toodledo in the cloud and has location-based tasks and a ton more, including sub-tasks, GTD implementation, and powerful filtering. It keeps getting better all the time, and I've stopped using OmniFocus and all my other task apps because of it - more than a dozen of them.

I use Toodledo on the web and "2Do" on the iPhone and iPad (though right now 2Do doesn't work on the ios5 beta). I think what Apple's reminders will do is show people how to do wireless background syncing with every change (every task manager I've tried requires a manual resync or one one startup of the app or closedown which is imperfect to say the least). I don't believe that Apple will make Reminders a fully functional app - just as they let other people do much better apps for Stocks and Weather they will do the same. Plenty of room for new innovation from other apps and continued revenue for them.