TiPb Asks: What Twitter client are you using for your iPhone?

TiPb Asks: What Twitter client are you using for your iPhone?

Twitter turns 5 years old and we thought we'd celebrate by asking you which was your favorite Twitter client for iPhone? Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie) is probably the most popular but ever since the introduction of the #dickbar many users have been experimenting with other options. We've posted a massive Twitter app round-up of many of them and Leanna has put up a Top 5 Twitter app alternatives, but we want to know what you've tried and what you've currently settled on?

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So happy birthday Twitter! Now let us know how you're tweeting!

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TiPb Asks: What Twitter client are you using for your iPhone?


i like the features of hootsuite, and the speed and auto refresh of Osfoora. waiting for the all mightly new iOS tweetdeck client that's supposed to blow every other client out of the water. current tweetdeck client sucks.

Tweetlist. It's similar to the official app in overall approach, but has no #dickbar, and the name applies, very strong support for viewing lists.

I used Weet for a while since it appears to be what Tweetie once has been. It's incredibly fast and has a gorgeous UI.
But lately I have been missing some features which other clients offer and decided to try Osfoora, cause it's still very very fast and has tons of features.
It's still missing push notifications, but that's okay for me for now.

Tweetlist is the best I've used - and I've tried them all. Exceptional app with great customer support via Twitter.

i used the twitter since day one until i started to have issues with crashing. moved over to weet, its bay far one of the beat twitter apps.

I've tried almost all of the available apps at one point or another and keep going back to Tweetings. I only wish they had an extension for Firefox like they do for Chrome for total syncing with the iPhone and iPad!

echofon for now. But TweetDeck for iOS the second it comes out. I loved it on my droid and just waiting for Tweetdeck to release.

I'm partial to Weet. It's one of those less is more things, and it's the only one I know that supports Droplr and Cloudapp. But Osfoora is nice too, I guess.

Osfoora and Tweetings. Tweetings probably has the best support out of any of the clients I've used. Up to 2-3 updates monthly, just added instant push. That said, Osfoora is probably my favorite.

The dickbar??? I was using the official Twitter app for iPhone but all it does is crash. I call it Crash Bandicoot

Still sticking it out with the official app but quickly losing patience as it keeps crashing! Have used Twitbit and Echofon in the past, both very good.
@liammckinnon @bnluk

Echofon for me. Push notifications for everything as well as read/unread sync between my iPhone and laptop.

Since I use Twitter on 3 separate devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), I will only use a client that will support Tweet-Syncing where marking a tweet as read will be recognized in the other timelines on my other devices. This way I don't have to go thru tweets that were already read on one device or another.
I put a post in the forums regarding this. I have found that only a few clients (with Mac OS Client) actually support this: 1) Tweetings (which I am using now), 2) EchoFon, 3) Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck's iOS client has been really outdated and supposedly is coming with a whiz-bang update. When they do, I might give it a shot.

By the way, your Twitter App round-up link is very old now. Most of the information at the link is either outdated at best or plain wrong.
Original Tweeterena series doesn't exist anymore (but ironically is miles ahead of the current iteration).
Review for Twitterrific is for an old version no longer supported (wrong screen shots too).
Twitbit has gone silent without an update since July 21, 2010 and Fluttr hasn't seen an update since August 25, 2010.
We really need a comprehensive review covering the active staples and the relative newcomers. I'd suggest a review of the following:
TweetDeck (but not till the soon to be release edition is available)
Twitbird Pro

Twitterific. Can click URL in post and go right to content, not futile landing page that you get with official Twitter app. Every second counts!

Tweetie/twitter was my fav until the #dickbar. I switched to Echofon and love it. Should have switched sooner.

Trying out Tweetlogix now based off of this thread. Looks like a great app just wish it did Push Notifications without Boxcar.

Had been using the official Twitter app until the recent upgrade. Have moved to Twitterific and like it a lot!

I've used Twitter for iPhone ever since getting my iPhone earlier this year. Never bothered to use anything else...I think it does a good job.

I'm currently using Echofon Pro. I've switched so many times between different clients and finally settled on Echofon.

Twitbird Pro is my Twitter client of choice (and use "At once" if I want to post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time)

I agree with an earlier comment - please update the Twitter app round-up. I've been trying a number of Twitter clients. I love the interface and options from Tweetings, but it keeps crashing. Tweetlogix is great, but has no push support. Echofon keeps crashing. SimplyTweet3 is an excellent client and my main one since the #dickbar, but it lacks a search bar on timelines. I also bought Twittelator Pro, but I honestly can't see what's so great about it aside from potentially limitless themes. Twitterrific is perhaps the nicest looking app, but it's a love it or hate it kind of thing. Not trying to bash all these, but I'd love to see an updated review of Twitter clients on TipB. Maybe even run a poll and then do a head-to-head assessment of the top ten?

Hootsuite for me - and I've tried dozens of Twitter apps. If I didn't have a paid Hootsuite account, I'd probably tolerate Twitter for iPhone or go with TweetDeck.

I was a big fan of the official Twitter for iPhone app, until it started crashing on a regular basis. Now I've settled on Echofon.

I used to use the official twitter app until they added the bar and took away the absolute time option.
After looking around to find another twitter client with the absolute time option I settled on Tweetlist. It's fantastic.

Twitter for iPhone, but in a version prior to the Dickbar. I won't be updating, and if I'm forced to I'll change client.

The crappy thing about following the TiPb crew is that if you also follow TiPb then if TiPb tweets something, then every single TiPb crew member RT's it. SO you get 10 tweets of the same thing, and that happens about 10 times per day. I choose to pass on that.

I use Twitter for iPhone for now. The new Tweetdeck for iPhone looks very promising, will give it a try once the update is released.

Twittelator Pro on iPhone and iPad, great support from the Devs and fast updates when Twitter introduce new features.

Twitter for iPhone. Decades of banner ads on websites have fine-tuned my ability to ignore the #dickbar etc.

Mostly use twitter for iPhone (when using my iPhone …I mostly use my iPad for twitter)
Sometimes I use Osfoora. You can find me @zwei

I have no problems with the official app, but I find myself using twittelator for iphone more often lately. I actually really enjoy the official app on ipad though, very unique. @brandoncdodge

Echofon Pro (pre the most recent update), very fast and I'm loving the sync with the Firefox add-on. I'm also currently testing Twipple - very good for a free client! Still keeping the pre-#Dickbar version of Twitter for iPhone as backup, but reluctant to use it because I'm so put off by how they massacred it since.

P.S.: Another thing I love about Echofon is the threaded DM conversation view. I use Twitter mainly for group chat/DM with friends, so this is perfect.

I love Echofon, but am having issues with it missing hours of tweets. It does it almost daily. I'll see a bunch at "7 hours ago" then all of a sudden it's "12 hours ago" and longer. Yes I know retweets show the original tweet time, but this is different. Anyone else having the same?
Follow me: @dBsooner

Echofon Pro - their push service is really instant now, and accessing lists is much easier on this app than on native Twitter app (lots of clicks needed in order to access lists, still cannot understand why). Synchronization of read tweets on mac desktop is a very welcome vplus :-)

I use seesmic on my iPhone & the official twitter app on my iPad & as a backup on my iPhone.

Osfoora. I recently discovered TwitBird for the iPad and started using that on the iPhone. But it seems to crash in the background (reopen and all my recently read tweets are unread again). So I went back to Osfoora. I also like Twittelator, but it's been crashing a bit as of late.

Still use the official Twitter app - despite the dickbar. With the second update the dick bar wasn't too bad.

Twitter app for iPhone stell the best Twitter on the iPhone adding trending topics is ok i get to now what the world is talking about. Also and the bar does not take out any features of the app so I am ok with it.

Right now I'm using SimplyTweet3. I also like Twittelator Pro, Tweetings and Tweetlogix.
My twitter is @sommergrrrl.
Be warned. I'm crazy. :)

Echofon Pro is my primary one. I'll switch to Twittelator Pro maybe once a month for a weekend and then back to Echofon Pro. Just wish the blocking issue would be fixed in it.

How many more times will TiPB ask this same question? Do you guys really not have anything better to write about? It seems "what twitter client are you using" is posted a few times each month.

I use Twitter for iPhone, it gets the job done for me and the Trend Bar at the top isn't a dealbreaker for me.

@vakrys I've been using TwitBird and I really, really like it. I'm pretty sure I tried all the popular ones in the App Store and I finally settled on this one. I like the interface and all the options it has for following, searching, posting pictures, etc.

I've tried them all! And I can say with pretty much absolute certainty that Tweetlist is the best of the best. It's brilliantly polished, feature complete, and a joy to use.
Also looking forward to trying Tweetbot when it surfaces.
I'm @moviedan. See you there!

I use Osfoora. Really like it. Echofon is great also as it syncs real well with my iMac and iPad but I get a lot of location errors with it on mt iPhone so I don't use it a lot. @Boobsquid

I've used many but right now on my phone, I have Weet, Tweetings, and Twitter for iPhone. Used to use TwitBird pro and Osfoora. I got all these apps when they were free exept paid for Tweetie 2 and Weet.

Don't have a an iPhone but use Flipboard on my iPad. I love the way it displays Twitter and Facebook feeds and other stuff as well.

after tying out about everyone on the market i finally settled on the official app once it got chocked full of all of the features. I used to love twitterific but the lack of nearby search and push notifications just didn't cut it

My username is gamc1982, I use the official twitter app, with that ugly trending bar. I use to use IM+.

i've tried just about every twitter app out there.. I am currently loving "tweetings". I wanted something that allowed me to do all of the twitter things plus publish to FB if I chose.. tweeetings allows me to do all of that and more. Great interface and it looks good too... @rynoondew

Twitter for iPhone. Don't careabout the #Di<£bar as they've moved it out of sight. Used to use Tweetdeck, but stopped because of the bugs it had. I'll check out tweetdeck again when the new version comes out in a couple of weeks.

I use Echofone pro because of it's simplicity and also it syncs seamlessly between phone, laptop and work PC. @davidlawless

I am tired of all the spam on twitter. Do they even check it. FB is just as bad. I got twitter so I could follow news, music, and cooking. Seems lately naked women want to follow me.

I mainly use Twitter for iPhone. I keep Echofon active also, just so I can get a push notification when someone follows me (not that it is really needed, but it's interesting to see who is following you). @WatersWest

Echofon all the way. The Twitter for iPhone app crashed on me quite a bit. Echofon has trending topic definitions and great service, and now it has push notifications that work without fail as well.

official twitter for iPhone ap. Yes, the #dickbar is still annoying, but it's not a deal breaker anymore. I still think the official app is sufficient for what i need..

Was on twitter for iPhone for over a year till they updated then tried twitdeck, twitbird, tweets, twitcaster. Eventually settle on echofone pro for the simple n easy use

I used to use Twittelator Pro (2 years ago) but basically settled on Tweetie (once it became the official Twitter app for iPhone) - and I've stuck with it ever since.
My Twitter handle:

Ever since the whole Twitter #dickbar/crashing fiasco, I have been using TwitBird. Overall very good, although I have a few complaints, who doesn't right. Osfoora is also good.
My wife and I are filmmakers in Greensboro, NC so for all things film & multi-media follow @middle8media & @m8m_elizabeth
Rock on TiPB

I left Echofon free for Twitter for iPhone. I don't care about the bar thing. I tried a few before Echofon, but don't remember which or why I didn't like them. @el_bobbo

use twitter for iphone, tried ubersocial when it was re-released but noties never got pushed to my phone.
@AndMatishSays ;follow me, follow you

I like the K.I.S.S. rule... Keep It Simple Stupid. I use plain old Twitter for iPhone. My tag is @JimDomingo. Be warned, I usually communicate with celebs... alot!

I have tried all the programs, but to me really the best result is the twitter for iphone, because it is the easiest to use. The only drawback is the notification and the update of the tweet

@robertdstark I use Echofon and can't imagine why anyone would use anything else. I tried Twitter for iPhone but what I can't stand is when you fire it up you have no idea where you left off reading. With Echofon there is a line between read/unread tweets. It really does everything I need.

I use @twitterific. It's faster than @twitter. For example, you can click on links w/in the tweet w/o having to open the tweet in a new window.

I have tried echofon, twitter, twitterific, and tweetdeck. Butwhat I use and love is simplytweet. Now if only they would come out with a desktop version.

I'm a new iPhone user, and I have found Echofon to be the best of all the twitter clients I've tried. @aaroncooke

twitteriffic. it's not perfect -- needs better search and autofill features -- but the colors separating the various types of tweets/messages are absolutely indispensable.

I use Tweetings because it's UI is somewhat like the original Twitter app but with all the fixin's. They just recently added streaming updates over WiFi which is pretty sweet, and if you have an iPad you can sync the timeline on both devices so you're always in the same spot no matter which device you pick up. Lots of options and it's polished too (also has frequent updates). Can't ask for more than that! Follow me @Caedo12 :)

Tried them all but Echofon is best. Sync over multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Firefox on Win PC) and very good Push are the showmakers

Still using Twitter for iPhone. Tried some of the others that are popular but the official client has me...
I will try the new TweetDeck when it comes out.

twitter for iphone, i'm still waiting for tweetdeck to integrate facebook as it does on every other tweetdeck app i use, such as android, chrome and mac. @laand

I've downloaded & used most Twitter apps out there, but have stuck by Tweetings. Not always the most stable of clients, but it's feature list is impressive & the pros definitely out-weigh the cons.

I used Tweetie and then Twitter.After a while I felt it was a little slow and had some crashes,so I switched to TweetList..

I've tried them all, and paid for the pro versions where needed, but the one I've personally found the best and most stable is SimplyTweet.

I first downgraded to previous Twitter app version, but decided why give them credit for using their app, and why endure seeing "update available" constantly?
I went back to Echofon Pro, as I had it previously, and it runs on iPad too, but find I really like SimplyTweet the best.
So on iPhone 4, SimplyTweet. On iPad, Echofon Pro (and wishing SimplyTweet made an iPad version!).

I'm using Seesmic at the moment. Was a Tweetie user. Switched to Twitter for iPhone, but, like the UI of Seesmic better. Plus, I use Seesmic for desktop on my MacBook Pro.

Twittelator Pro for me. Auto-filling #hashtags and @person for the last 100 hashtags and all followers retweeters and friends. Find tweets in the hood (also use Layar app for that) emoji's and extended character set build in. Location on/off and Facebook on/off switch in your tweets. URL/text shortener even texts get shortened with SMS/Language (Tested for English, Dutch, German and Spanish). Possibility to tweet which video or music you're watching/listening through iPad, Spotify or GrooveShark. Directly tweet recorded video, audio or photo's or choose them from a library and most important it's without the #dickbar

I was a big tweetie fan, then the official twitter app. Now, because of the dick bar, I use hoot suite for iPhone and Twitter for iPad. My username is @rdpatrick

I'm a Tweetlist Pro user, and I love it...it's clean, fast and good :) And most importantly, it does good multipaccount management, which is a good thing for me, because besides @elvox I have a couple of accounts that I need for different stuff.

I'm using Tweetings Pro-great all around app!
Hootsuite-great free app-I alternate between the two!
Tweetdeck has been promising a new iPhone app forever, but I've given up on that. Tweetdeck app sucks!

been using hootsuite for ipad2. It's decent, the facebook integration doesn't work though.

Been using hootsuite for ipad. its decent. fbook integration doesnt work though. @cappiel

SimplyTweet. Have tried alot of other clients such as the original twitter app, twitterific, and twittelator but seem to keep coming back to SimplyTweet