TiPb Asks: Do you update your apps?

Do you update your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps? It might sound like a strange questions given Apple's easy "Update All" button, but not everybody does. At least, I don't. I never update an app unless it's added a new feature or game level I want, or fixes a bug that I care about. I'm not a slacker -- okay, I'm not just a slacker -- I've had apps that worked perfectly in the past be totally ruined by a bad update, be it a horrible new feature or a really buggy release. So now I leave well enough alone and don't update until I have to.

Am I the in the minority here? Do all of you update religiously or are some of you more hesitant (or lazy!) like me? At the moment I have 51 app updates pending for my iPhone 4, how many do you have?

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TiPb Asks: Do you update your apps?


I used to update my apps until 2weeks ago every time I was updating it had my storage full with OTHER,just restored my phone took 3 hrs or more but now my storage is not full)).So I will not be updating everything again.

I update compulsively. My wife updates apps when she gets around to it, but never updates the OS unless absolutely necessary. She isn't happy about how iOS 4 slowed down her iPad, and she saw how it destroyed Google Maps on my iPhone 3G. But I always have to have the latest OS to get the new features =]

I hate that iOS 4 has nearly ruined the iPad experience for me. I think that Apple did this so that we would run out and buy new iPad2s. Damn them!

Same here - iOS 4 slowed my iPad 1 too. The same thing happened during the last strech of my iPhone 3G's life.
I love Apple but I really wonder if they purposefully release updates to slow current hardware when new is coming out...

i do update them but i read the update log first, if it's minor bug fixes for an iOS version i dont have then i pass
coming from blackberry, i just hate having a notification there and not get rid of it!

oh man same here...
my Canucks app has 42 notifications I cant get rid of and it's setting off my OCD

Apps regularly updated remind me that the developers are actively working on it and aren't forgetting it. I check for updates daily and always download them. Besides the issue of what the updates are for, though, I couldn't look at my phone and consistently see an icon badge with 51 on it. I just... I've have to get rid of them...

I mostly update apps because I'm one of the weirdos who's bugged by badge icons if I have mail or there's an update. Now I do pay more attention to what's in the update, because one time an AIM update made the already crappy app (which I've since stopped using for Verbs) far worse.

I update compulsively. I want Apple to add push notifications to the app store so I don't have go into the app to check for updates.

I update my apps regularly. I check every day in the evening to see if there are any updates and I download them all.

I always do because I look forward to App updates in the morning. Its exciting (; Howeveer, in the case of Facebook (which gets steadily worse every time, or Titter with the Dickbar) then no.

I thin anyone who doesn't update their apps and is jailbroken didn't do it because of installuous.

I have a 3G and have not updated for a while. Now when I try to update it does not work, but I can install new apps. Any reason why this might be?

sometimes because i'm living in Iran and in Iran itunes store is filter but when i go to another country i can update them .

I can't update my apps from iTunes using the "Update all" problem because i've got that bug with iTunes where it comes back saying an Error and because of that ONE single app error it won't let me update all... =( and i've got like over 300 update alls needing updating and i don't feel like manually doing each one..sigh

I read the most recent reviews first...to make sure that an update didn't ruin a perfectly good app. It has happened to me way too often!

I update regularly (daily) - But I keep the last revision of an app on an external drive so if the new version has problems loading, crashes or they removed a key feature (add the #dickbar) I can easily roll back.

I update my apps in an obesessive/compulsive manner. It makes me mental to see those updates just sitting out there, even if they are crap!!!

I update regularly, unless the app is a large file size. I update most of my apps on the go. I just hate seeing the badge sitting there. 51 App Updates, yea, that would drive me mad! haha

I update my apps daily I don't like to see the badge there , just like I check my email too. I usually don't update android apps tho cause I just clear notifications , but what I look for is for new features like tweetbot getting landscape mode, hopefully soon

I update as often as I can. Normally once in the morning during my regular routine and again in the afternoon. Randomly if a developer (or other site like TIPB/Engadget) lets us know that something's been fixed. I'm pretty OCD about the notification badges, I hate seeing them, it's like a game to me now...I always win.

I update compulsively, but I also back up the old versions in case a new version breaks something or adds an unwanted feature.
Seeing updates makes me happy.

Of course this is georgias article lol UPDATE UR APPS GEORGIA! lol no more lazy lazy! There could b some cool features ur missing out on! ;)

I check updates often and when I am with my friends and they have there iOS devices I will check theirs too because it drives me crazy seeing updates available.

I'm with you. I dread app updates for the potential havoc they bring and the slow download/install times. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. App makers would do well to inform users better on the "What's in it for me?" question when it comes to updates. Short some urgent fix, I pretty much just ignore them.

37 updates pending.
I only update after enough reviews have been published so I can determine if its worth it (or if ads or something else were snuck in the update that weren't listed in the update).
Because of this, I never dealt with the twitter dickbar.

I always update right away because I don't like seeing the badge. It would be a good idea to wait to update until you're on wifi so you don't use up precious data if you're not on the unlimited data plan. Most updates are pointless and don't add new functionality.

I used to only accept the updates I wanted, but once I had 100+ for other random apps that I rarely used I just decided to go with 'Update All' and not worry about loss of functionality, addition of annoying ads, etc.

I usually update, but I wish there was a switch, either on the iPhones or in iTunes, to exclude an app from updates. For example, when the lightsaber app went from a fun novelty to an official app with ads for the Force Unleashed, I avoided updating, but that meant I could not use "Update All." I doubt Apple would do this because of the usability can of worms it would open, but it would be a nice addition to be able to pin a particular app version and ignore updates that app.

I agree. However, I'd rather just have a way to remove particular updates from the list (swipe, then tap delete), insead of banning an entire app. That way, like when Twitter backed off, you can still see later updates if you want to wait awhile.

I'm sort of like you I wait a while before updating to see if there are any issues with the update (since once you do it there's no going back, ok not easily). The OS is different I only do that when I have to or there is some new feature that I want.
It funny to think before the iphone how many people ever talked about "updating their phone os".

I update only because I do not like the notification flag on the screen. Also, having JB/cracked apps, some will not update even if there are updates until I redownload the app from Inst.

I usually read update description before updating an app.
I updated Google, hated the new version, deleted it, discovered the old version in the Windows Recycle Bin (iTunes sends all old versions there), and reinstalled. Moral of the story: Don't empty your Recycle Bin until you save off all the old app versions! I could have rolled back Twitter this way too!

I update my apps all the time. I check several times a day to see if I have an update. It kind of is an OCD thing. But I hate to see that badge there.

I update whenever I hit the app store. Not daily but usually 2 times a week unless I have notifications that I must get rid of!

I always used to update, but since I jailbroke my phone I don't update the cracked apps. Is it safe to update these apps?

To be honest, I only update my apps sometimes when I plug my i4 into my MB. Sometimes..... Other times I don't have the patience to download updates for 25+ apps or in your case 51 lol

I check for updates once or twice a day and I will usually update straight away, unless I hear that a certain update has a bug or reduces functionality in some way.

I'm the same way, I have some kind of unreasonable hatred of any notification system. If something is telling me to pay attention, I go nuts leaving it alone.

I'm with you, Kyle, the little notification thingee drives me nuts. I always update even if to just make the numbers go away.

Totally. I DO read the notes though as some will tell you the update is not good for a certain setup (iOS version) etc.
Otherwise, update every day - sometimes even more than once!

Yep, to much OCD to not update. Wish I could untick specific apps NOT to update when I select "Update All" though. Hate it when I don't want to update just one of the apps and have to manually update all the rest one at a time.
Especially since Apple kicks you out of the app store and to a different icon page each time too. REALLY annoying.

People who refuse to update make developers cry. Here I've put my heart into an update that fixes all kinds of things I hope you never need to worry about and you refuse to update. Crying developers write less cool code.

I actually find I have less issues with an up-to-date system than one needing updates.
If you're not updating ANYTHING on your phone, then its probably fine to leave well enough alone. But if you're adding/removing apps and iOS revisions, then updating apps in-kind seems to have worked well for me over the years.

I keep checking if update is available each day and I'll update instantly if any of them is available. I love the feeling being knowing I've the latest of everything in my iPhone. I had that mania for my PC like drivers and software before.. but now I seldom update them until I format my PC so I need to re-install or the software itself gets an auto update feature. But for iPhone, I check AppStore and Cydia nearly on a daily basis. I'm also willing to add beta repo for apps like bitesms and lockinfo. The feeling of getting an update is so great.

Just as obsessive as everyone else here, I update every few days and hate to see a high badge count on the AppStore icon.
As a developer I had been wondering how to interpret the figures on updates for "MailShot".
I have updated every 3 to 4 weeks to add features and in that time around 60% of users have updated. As nearly 20% of users have gone for the in-app upgrade it seems odd if I am losing 40% of users who'd downloaded (even though it was a free download). Maybe there are a certain number who don't upgrade as we do (plus those who just haven't got around to it on all their devices, obviously)
Soluble apps

...Not updating every app. Since shazam removed unlimited tagging and the update doesnt work as promissed i have to update every app seperatly. I'd like to use a function to lock app updates for example to set an option "never update this app" via context menue... But i know this option will never come...

My update badge says 119
I regularly peruse the update list, and only update apps that improve functionality. Adding dickbars, ads, Chinese localisation etc I can do without.

I update ASAP for every app no matter what. If it's a major app then I normally test it out to see if I need to go back to the previous version but other wise I just update.

I will certainly check the update list when a new one appears and see whats new in the app. Usually I'll update it then and there. The exception is for large apps when they add minor bug fixes (that I haven't noticed) or features that I don't need/can't use (i.e. needs hardware I don't have). An example of this is Real Racing 2 HDs latest update for HDMI out. As I don't have the HDMI connector, whats the point of downloading a 400MB file?

I think the question is do you update ios my brother is still runninh 3.1 because apple like to cripple there phones with software perfect example use an iphone3gs with 3.1 thne use one with 4.2 wow they do this so u will buy a new phone i hope apple runs its self into the ground again

I update everyday. I get small amount of joy out of the surprise of who updated something that day. Plus, if there IS a bug that makes things worse, I've noticed devs push out a fix for that ASAP because they feel embarrassed that the update was buggy.
It is annoying at times, though, when there's a new update from a dev almost every day. It's like, "Get it together already, okay?"

Thats the first thing I do after I wake up and open my eyes. Check the clock for time the weather and then update apps. Then run into the bathroom to brush teeth. Georgia you are WAY in the minority! :)

Well what I've learned to do is make a full backup of my mobile applications folder on my pc before I do any updates. That way if an update screws me over I can delete it and reload the previous version back on my iPhone.

Everyday I go into the app store at some point just to check for updates. I can't help it, if there is an update, I have to do it!

I always update. Hate seeing that notification icon. As a side note, what is that wallpaper with the flames behind the icons? I Googled but can't find it.

I update mine on a daily basis, because like some of the others it bothers me to see that I have updates pending.

I sync and update every day. I love listening to podcasts as I fall asleep. It is easy to sync the apps and the podcasts simultaneously. It also reminds me to charge my phone.
Habit, and I am on the whole better off for it.

I think an auto update would be awesome! Update in the early morning while I'm still asleep and my phone is plugged in and connected to my home WIFI.....just a thought
Get's annoying to daily update my gazillion apps!!

When I notice it. I have notifications turned off so I only get them when I open up the app store, which is rarely. Or if I hear about an update for an app that I have on TiPB

I don't have a choice it says the billing info is incomplete so I put it in and it doesn't like the card, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it

~~ Correct G. I have apps remove things that i used a lot (can U say twitter?) I only update if it is something I want....N i HAVE OVER 600 APPS ON MY iPHONE, N ABOUT 300 ON MY iPAD, N ABOUT 300 ON MY DELL STREAK...... {"."}

Not only do I update my phone everyday (in both the App store and Cydia), but every time my mother and father are near me with their iOS device I update their's as well.
51 updates would drive me NUTS. I get nervous just thinking about it.

I hate seeing the badge icon and that's why I typically do said updates. But, sometimes I wish I didn't. As in the case of Friendly Facebook for the iPad. The latest version simply doesn't work, and the app developer are still trying to fix it. So of course now am stuck with the latest update, and Friendly Facebook is rather useless...

i update all of my apps... in fact i check twice a day just to be sure there's no more updates available...i think many people do it specially because of notification system, it drives me nuts when i see few numbers in red on the app store app...

I update every day, and sync at least 3 times a week in order to have an up to date backup. I also update the OS as soon as possible after the release of a new version. I like to keep my phone current. I guess I am the anti-Georgia. :)

Wow I finally found someone like me. I got burned far too many times so if the update adds a feature I need/want or a bug fix for I problem I currently have, I update. Otherwise that little number just sits on the appstore, you get used to it if it sits long enough lol. If it's not broke don't fix it! :-)

Some updates are just bug fix's of the bug that i never encounter, i do check for updates and update essential apps like facebook and twitter and the games i like but not all!!

The most updates I had waiting for me was 73. The plan was to update them all on Christmas day. However Apple took the day off and I wasn't able to open my updates till the 26th. That bugged me a little. :-(
Most of the time I keep them up to date.

i am very religious about updating i look what it adds but it never makes any difference! though i do know some people who never do it but if (and this does happen) and check and suddenly i do have like 25-30 updates i find iphone slow,unreliable and impossible to do nearly anything but i have a 3gs so its probably to be expected.

I am also on to update "religiously" but i have had to delete an upgrade to go back to the prevously backed up version in itunes a time or two!

I do mostly, only because I hate seeing the badge! i wish there were an option to ignore. I can't get the jailbreak tweak 'Update Hider' to work.

Hi Georgia. And I thought I was the only one to do this. But like you I wait to see if the update is worthwhile. I've had apps in the past change so much they become totally different. And have been deleted almost straight way. I just use to update straight away. But now after 3 years of the app store, it's a more considered experience. Bye the way I've got 23 updates on the iPad pending 33 on the iPhone 4 and 55 on the iPhone 3.

My OCD won't allow me to slack on updates. I just can't stand to see that bright red badge staring me in the face o.O

I have well over 400 Apps in my iTunes library on my PC. If I don't update them regulary, I may be sliding over the mysterious 100 pending update line again. This was not fun at all! Took me a week to get my updates working again.
The problem is if you got a certain number of pending updates (around 100) iTunes 10.1 was not able to get the update list at all. (The only way to get an update was then to re-buy the app itself. With multiple accounts and trying to figure out with which account you have bought the app before is not that fun either.)
It either told my some iTunes was not availalbe or told me it timed out contacting the iTunes server.
Therefore I update regulary and frequently.

I always read reviews before I decide whether to update or not. Too often updates ruin an up-to-then perfectly good app, like the #dickbar on the Twitter app, apps that start crashing after being updated or free apps that get an "improved iAd experience", i.e. suddenly have huge ads popping up. I wish there was a way to officially skip updates though; the red badge on my iTunes icon is annoying.

How can I update my apps every time I try, it keeps asking for a payment method but they are all free apps