TiPb Asks: Did Verizon do enough?

Verizon iPhone

Do you think that the Verizon iPhone announcement do enough to capture the hearts and minds of current AT&T customers? I'm not so sure myself. We got Mobile Hot Spot but I was hoping that we would get something more to sweeten the deal. White iPhone, buy out program, hold the iPhone 4 any way I want? Let us know what you think!

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TiPb Asks: Did Verizon do enough?


Great announcement for Verizon but what a collosal fail in the upgrade department. Why not allow users to upgrade early to get them on the Old iphone when the new one will be out in July. I'm not eligible for upgrade until June so why would I waste my time with the Iphone 4.

Not sure verizon will get the i5 till 6 months after at&t so you might have to wait. That's a theory I read off the blogs that sounds good

the only thing I would like over my current phone is the hotspot....for my ipad! But I am not leaving AT&T just for that. I hope that the next iphone for AT&T will have that option, granted I probably won't be able to get it bc of having the 2 yr contract on my other phone but we'll see! Maybe AT&T will drop the having to wait for the next phone deal since they have iphone competition now!

verizons data speeds are beeeeeat, but the good news is, two companies competing against eachother for the right to do business with consumers will make the iPhone more desirable in the future. that in and of itself is enough for me

Isn't the biggest competitive difference between ATT and VZW the fact that Iphone users can upgrade every ~12 months and VZW seems to be allowing only every 20 months?
Given the PR fiasco caused by outraged iPhone users that didn't read their contracts, and ATT relenting, I'm curious to see what happens with Verizon.
For me, it's probably the only thing I care about as I have never cared much about using data and voice at the same time, nor will I probably use the mobile hotspot much. In that way I think I represent the typical user.

why should verizon sweeten the deal for att users??? Att wants to act all high and mighty like no one care about the vzw iphone but everyone knows that if they had he chance to jump ship they would. hate how people put on a front becasue they cant afford it. oh and cardfan...downgrade to verizon??? ha ha ok att worker. jump off thier nuts dude.

yea bro, verizons data speeds are REALLY slow compared with AT&T, I know, I have both.

i beg to differ. i also have verizon and att for my job. verizon, in my area, trumps att all day long. i think most of this is going to depend on the area that you are in. i dont see verizon as a downgrade though. the ONLY thing you are missing is voice/data. and i doubt many people actually realize that they even have that option.

Well they might as well bring the iPhone to all carriers. Then let the carriers truly compete for your service. WAY Back before there were any smartphones out ATT was still the best service with the most features and the best speeds. The same holds true today.

Did some real quick numbers, looks like CNN last year said $2 billion in 2010 (http://articles.cnn.com/2010-01-29/tech/att.network.boost1cell-sites-new-cell-network-upgrades?_s=PM:TECH).
So the senario I'm using is say because of the number of people in contracts that have at least 2 people would be far greater than individual, lets set the number to worst case 3 million users with the 1400 min plan @ 89.99 = $135,000,000 (1,500,000 because we are doing the math with 2people sharing the plan X $90). Lets say only 50% are actually iphone users or have the data plan: 750,000 @ $25 = $18,750,000 to a total of $153,750,000.
As you can see over a year $1,845,000,000 or $1.8 billion is really close to the invested $2billion in network improvements. If we used worst worse case and all 3 million users switching bought the data plan that number would be $172,500,000 monthly and there is your $2,070,000,000 or 2 billion in loss. I'm not saying that that $2 billion is by any means ROI for investment. But for service only not including phones/accessories that is a big deal that will ultimately effect network improvements.

just curious, but how do you figure every year upgrade? dont you still have to pay more than if it were a normal 2 year upgrade?

screw at&t... FINALLY... and i'll gladly pay whatever pro-rated etf... sick of at&t.... #attfail

No, not enough. voice and data feature is a bust on this unit.
Will be waiting for the 4G LTE iPhone...

Verizon's announcement was a huge FAIL all the way around.
On the surface it's good - because competition is always a good thing. It makes good products better by necessity.
But Verizon fails on multiple points:
NO simultaneous voice and data
Mobile hotspot feature DROPS connections when voice calls come in
NOT a true 4G device
What's going to be really interesting is what happens to all these people that jump for the Verizon iPhone in February when the expected annual product refresh comes in June.
You think Verizon will let all these new 2 year contract commitments go so that people can upgrade? NOT A CHANCE.
I can't imagine that they'll have two iPhone new product reveals every year for separate carriers.
Early adopters of the Verizon iPhone are going to be crying in their soup come June. Mark it down.

"NO simultaneous voice and data Mobile hotspot feature DROPS connections when voice calls come in NOT a true 4G device"
It wasn't ever claimed to be a 4G device to my knowledge but if you really can't live without simultaneous voice/data then don't switch! Verizon doesn't need you. They're the largest cell provider in the US and millions and millions of people are happy with their service/devices/network. I know, I'm one of them, AT&T still only has EDGE in a 35-40 mile radius around me. Such is the case with a lot of America, all the greatness of the AT&T 3G is hypothetical and 'great on paper' considering a large portion of the country can't take advantage of it, and the places where people can, the network is clogged up so it doesn't work properly half the time.

I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about it, but if you go to Verizon's website the White iPhone is pictured as an option.

I'm no AT&T fanboy, but I think Verizon dropped the ball. All you are doing is giving your customers an outdated, inferior phone. If you're in an area that has terrible AT&T service, but great Verizon, I'm sure you're making the switch.
For everyone else, why would I lose the ability to do data/voice at the sametime only to get a phone that is 6 months old?
They should've just waited to do a dual-launch of iPhone 5 against AT&T. That would've generated more potential jumps from AT&T to Verizon. It also would've stopped the inevitable backlash that is going to come to Verizon if they do offer the iPhone 5 several months down the line and screw the early adopters.
Like I said, if you have bad AT&T service and good Verizon, you're more than likely going to jump ship. I think the rest of us are just left saying "mehhhhh."

no voice and data simultaneously is a HUGE deal, use it all the time, and having the hotspot drop if a call comes in, is a big fail. Never had problems with ATT, was on Verizon and always had problems. Can't wait to hear the complaints of the 600-800kbs download speeds that VZW customers get after they are used to more than 2x that on ATT.

my question to verizon is.... I am not currently up for an upgrade. A family member is. If they are taking all preorders online i am unable to use here upgrade for my line.....How do I fix this problem

No! Verizon isn't allowing upgrades, so I'm stuck with my extremely crappy dumb phone, a Samsung Intensity. If they allowed early upgrades, both my husband and I would be getting iPhones - and adding data plans to our bill. We WILL be getting iPhones in 2012...but now it's up in the air whether we'll stay with Verizon or switch to ATT.

Call Verizon customer service about that. If you are coming from a dumbphone and going to a Smartphone they will probably let you upgrade. They really push to get people to move up and depite what the website says they still have considerable leeway in offering upgrades. Its worth the phone call at least.

It had better be FREE mobile hotspot (no annoucement of pricing yet) to compensate for the lack of simultaneous voice/data.

I think VZW is way underestimating the simultaneous data/voice issue. For current AT&T customers looking to switch, this will give many pause (I won't change on that point alone). And that's for those who understand the difference. For those that don't, they'll be in for a rude awakening when they can't do what they've become accustomed to. Granted, many will cite the network coverage as a more important issue to address. I get it. But I can say that my iPhone with AT&T hasn't really fallen too far short of my BlackBerry with VZW for coverage. I get pissed with the VZW BlackBerry, though, when I'm on a conf call and can't get email or look up a website during the call. It really sucks. This, to me, falls into the category of "you don't know what you have til it's gone!"

Kind of looks like Verizon, AT&T, and Apple are all in bed together, to me! Apple gets a major boost in iPhone 4 sales, AT&T gets a major boost from ETF, and also they get a feel for just how bad they are likely to be hit in June. Want to bet that if a significant number jump ship to Verizon, that Verizon will NOT be getting the iPhone 5 in June? My crystal ball says the iPhone 5 like the iPhone 4 will be either a GSM device or a CDMA device but not both, apple will profit from those who jump ship.
This will also effectively divide the hacker community making jailbreaks take longer as they have now effectively doubled the cost and time to break an iPhone....
I think looking back in a year the community will be disappointed at how little it has actually gained.

I'd like to have seen something to address the new iPhone coming this summer, maybe allow an upgrade without termination fee.

Getting the iPhone on their network is enough.. for now. Lets not become a$$clowns about this already...

Verizon doesn't have to "sweeten" any deal. Buyout? Come on. Mobile carries don't play that petty game. Verizon now has all that it needs, a wildly popular phone on a very strong network.
It will do fine, even if there is no massive ATT exodus. I am placing bets as to when the V iPhone will outsell the entire Droid lineup.
I agree.
I have been with ATT going on 7 years now. It has its warts to be sure, but I have no love for Verizon either (which was my former carrier). I am sticking with ATT (for now).
Let's talk when LTE is ubiquitous for Verizon and ATT.

I think something that is going to start hurting for Verizon iPhone users, is the fact that they will only be able to use their iPhone in the few countries around the world that have CDMA service. I'm sure that will eventually be resolved with LTE, but not before many users go overseas hoping to use their iPhone, just to find out they can't.