TiPb Asks: What are the best things to watch on Netflix?

Now that Netflix is streaming to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV, what are some of the best things to watch? There's family programing to keep the little ones entertained, car shows and animal documentaries to keep the men enthralled, recent movies for when friends and families arrive, and sitcoms old and new for when you need a laugh. There are so many movies, TV shows, and specials, it can be hard to figure out what's best to watch next. And because some of them vary by time or by region, it can be a little complicated. (Hello Mad Men in Canada, good bye James Bond in the US!) That's where the TiPb nation comes in, of course!

What do you consider the best things to watch on Netflix? What are the classics no one should miss and what are your current favorites? If we got to peak at your Recently Watched list, what would we see?


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guest says:

Currently working through Scrubs...i also check this website once a week to see if there is anything worth watching coming up... http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon

Bchavarrae says:

The IT crowd!!! great comedy

Thomas Westrick says:

Parks and Recreation-one of the main reasons I signed up for Netflix. Also, all of the DC animated movies.

Lagme says:

Firefly is the best in the TV category by far.

Jcman7690 says:

Documentaries are the best.

Sara says:

Married...with Children
South Park
Arrested Development
Jekyll (British mini-series)
The Vicar of Dibley
Last of the Summer Wine

Sara says:

Oh, and a sh*t-ton of documentaries. Documentaries about religion, non-religion, WWII, WWI, The Civil War, British Monarchy, etc.

Corey Gibson says:

Currently watching the WWII History Channel documentary series. Very good. Looks good on 3g too.

Giancarlo says:

Family Guy
Twin Peaks
Arrested Development
South Park
Sarah Silverman Program
Basically TV shows seem to be netflix main draw. Their streaming movie selection isn't as great (probably due to studios being dumb).

Allen says:

Previous seasons of Psych! (Although I only use Netflix on a TiVo.)

Bill from Fallbrook says:

Just noticed yesterday that Stephen King's 1994 miniseries The Stand is now available.

GAMH says:

Good for watching movies or shows you might have missed. Poor in terms of recent movies. I guess that to have access to iOS devices probably they have non-competition terms with iTunes for new material...

Moderniloving says:

Every season of Saturday Night Live.
Old Alfred Hitchcock Presents and all Twilight Zones.

Jason Deno says:

Titanic IIhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1640571/
Watching movies that only have one star and inviting friends over- awesomeness.
Gor... Ice Twisters..

Austin G. says:

Spartacus blood and sand and gods of the arena is where it's at. ; )

brian says:

yes indeed. make sure you watch blood and sand first!

msandry says:

Our family loves this series! Great CGI and very educational.

fam34 says:

The Larry Sanders Show!

Bildy says:

Two words: Battlestar Galactica

Mikewilson623 says:

Top Gear, UK - My wife has never been one to watch shows geared towards auto enthusiasts but she loves this show and watches with me all the time. This extremely funny and knowledgable team of presenters has sparked like shows in other countries including the U.S.

Artvandalay says:

All 12 episodes of John Cleese classic "Fawlty Towers" are on Netflix. ;)

DataCentre says:

As I live in Canada.....not much as the content really sucks!

mrdavis55 says:

Man vs. Food, Mythbusters, Swamp People, 24

Johnnyreb09 says:

Did the ship sink twice. Lol

Jason Deno says:

Shockingly, the boat sinks. Why they headed into iceberg territory AGAIN to tempt fate, we'll never know!
But if you like no story line, bad editing, PS2 style graphics and a cast of maybe a dozen, this is the movie for you!

derrythe says:

Been watching Cheers and BSG, I also love documentaries and crappy B-movies. Though stay away from Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, the 45 minutes I watched had three lines of "dialogue" and only one of them had a word in it.

Kenwall says:

Have to go with Macguyver, quantum leap! The classics

Sonia Webb says:

I just got through The IT Crowd, now working on:

  1. Flashforward
  2. Dr. Who
  3. Weeds
  4. The Gates

I just started letting an iOS app search for me, it is called Cinetap.

Mojitomandingo says:

The Trailer park boys! I giggled my tits off watching those guys.

allmotor91 says:

Ricky a dope house is no place for kittys.

NeoGeo71 says:

Currently working through season 5 of lost and 40 episodes of rugrats with my 5 yr old. Netflix is such a great value...

Tina Vane says:

watching 24 season 4 now

Avenged110 says:

Psych, Mythbusters, Lost, Dexter, all the good old animated shows from the 90's

techmom#IM says:

The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me, Woonderfalls, Mongol

BillyB4 says:

I'm with those who said Documentaries. Many of those doc's are pretty hard hitting. I like the controversial and conspiracy stuff too.

Kylemer says:

Easy A, Thats so Raven, Law & Order: SVU, and Scary Movie 2!

gmanist1000 says:

Lost, Dexter, Man v. Food, Weeds, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Scary Movie, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Family Guy the list goes on!

Tophewing says:

Kick Ass
Battlestar Galactica
The IT Crowd is a MUST SEE!!

Joshua Wong says:

Better Off Ted is a must. Racial Sensitivity is one of my favorite episodes of television... ever.

dave says:

The Unit and 24 for sure.

loki says:

Anime and Documentaries.

justinleon says:

Skins or pretty much almost anything British.

Jerry Fauls says:

Spartacus is solid. Only the first 6 episodes are streaming, then you have to get the discs or purchase the rest.

Sketso says:

Prison Break
Battlestar Galactica
and of course, the old classic (lol) 24!

Jhunt4231 says:

www.instantwatcher.com is a great source to find the stuff hidden deep with Netflix that the apps don't suggest.
Watched Reveng of the Nerds the other night. All time classic.

JD says:

re-living the first season of Eureka with all the weird time stuff going on now. nice to see the continuity is not lost.

Nate says:

BREAKING BAD - The best Drama to watch

Chris says:

The Walking Dead and if you like anime, Death Note is a must

Tina Cahee says:

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Ben ying says:

The office and weeds are insane, I think I did all 36 episodes of weeds in 48 hrs and the office is just consistently hilarious, the mechanic is a good action film too

rescue me fan says:

Rescue Me, Sesons 1-7 If your into the sad tragic of 9/11/01 then this is the right show for you, if you love ghosts,firefighters, this show will be good for you and, Kids like 1-9 should NOT be watching this Television show ask your parents first kids, because it has alot of inapropiate things happining but i do sugjest this show to all people who love ghosts, the sad tragitey of 9/11 and firefighters of new york city, hope you enjoy the show if you do plan on watching it, Rescue me is a drama i think my self but it is also funny, enjoy it

rescue me fan says:

Reply if your plaining on watching it please and tell me if you like it or not i hope you all love it as much as i do thx 4 your time peoples