TiPb AT WORK Contest: Week 2 Update + Forum Winner!

TiPb's latest, greatest contest is AT WORK, where all the members of TiPb iPhone Exchange & Enterprise Forum votes on their top two Productivity Apps, we review them head to head and app-vs-app, and one of the voters wins the winning App!

Week 2 voting is now over, and the To Do/Task showdown is set: Things vs. Appigo To Do!

Brian will reveal the winning App tomorrow (Wednesday), but right now we can tell you which Forum voter will win it! So who gets the best Task/To Do App on the iPhone?


Congratulations! We'll contact you with details on how to claim your prize.

And for everyone else, you'll still have a chance to win the Task/To Do App by commenting on the blog post tomorrow, and come Thursday, we'll post our next poll, and another Forum member will have a chance to vote for -- and win -- another great App!

(Full contest details can be found here!)

Congratulations again, coreymol, and everyone else -- get ready, you could be next!

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TiPb AT WORK Contest: Week 2 Update + Forum Winner!

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It's quite interesting to see the current winning applications. That being said, I know many people like Appigo To Do because it can sync with Toodledo. That makes me seriously wonder how the new Toodledo native iPhone app does compared to Appigo To Do...