TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings: Jessica Alba, Will Smith, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and more!

Hello everyone and welcome to TiPb’s weekly celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings roundup! Time to take a little break from your daily routine and relax with some gossip from the world of the rich and famous. What do all of these celebrities have in common? They all were spotted with an iPhone or iPad, of course. Check out a ton of pictures after the break, and if you spot a celebrity rocking an iPhone or iPad, drop us a note at news@tipb.com so we can include them in the next roundup, next week!

Please note: Some pictures may from time-to-time be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so use discretion when viewing.

Singer/actress Demi Lovato is seen in Miami with her white iPhone.


Rocker Gwen Stefani has a cute animal case on her iPhone.


You may recognize Jackson Rathbone from the Twilight movies. Here is a picture he took of himself after (successfully) fighting off a guy that tried to steal his guitar after rehearsal with his band.


Jessica Alba took Honor to visit Santa and snapped some pics of the little cutie with her iPhone. Santa looks amazed at the whole thing.


Actress Kirstie Alley is spotted out shopping with her white iPhone.


British model and TV personality Leilani Dowding catches some sun with her iPhone.


French-Canadian glamor model and former professional wrestler Maryse Ouellet takes a self-portrait with her iPhone.


Actress Mischa Barton poses for the camera.


Teen actress/singer Selena Gomez vacationed in Mexico recently. She took her iPhone, of course.


Selma Blair smartly tucked her iPhone in her pocket after shopping.


I wonder what Will Smith is listening to on his iPhone?


Pauley Perrette on the set of NCIS. Thanks for the tip John M!


Jess has her iPhone in a cool blue case on a recent episode of New Girl.

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TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings: Jessica Alba, Will Smith, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and more!


This is the stupidest thread of any smartphone blog ever. Who the F cares if Will Smith uses an iPhone? Majority of people are idiots, not smart with tech stuff, and they all choose iPhone. What does that say about iPhone? Its for idiots. This thread makes me want to ditch my iPhone. The best part of the internet is Google and Google apps. Google integration with iPhone sucks because they are competitors. iPhone is doomed unless they start licking Google's ass real soon. Android has already taken over as the leading smartphone OS.

Simple solution Craig: DON'T CLICK TO READ THE ARTICLE!!!!
Or are you one of those people who goes to the doctor and says "It hurts every time I hit my head with a hammer" - and you persist in hitting yourself in the head with the hammer to complain about how much it hurts... smh. And no, Apple needs to do nothing more than they already are with Goolge, fanboi.

Wow, this is a really tacky post for a serious news blog. Do iPhone owners really care about this? This only helps solidify that iOS owners care more about image than function.