TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings for November 8, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to TiPb's weekly celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings roundup! Time to take a little break from your daily routine and relax with a little gossip from the world of the rich and famous. What do all of these celebrities have in common? They all were spotted with an iPhone or iPad, of course. Check out a ton of pictures after the break, and if you spot a celebrity rocking an iPhone or iPad, drop us a note at news@tipb.com so we can include them in the next roundup, next week!

Please note: Some pictures may from time-to-time be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so use discretion when viewing.

Singer Christina Milian was spotted with her iPad.


Austin Russell, better known as Chumlee on Pawn Stars, tweeted a self-portrait with his iPhone recently.


Singer Debbie Gibson keeps her iPhone safe in a pink bumper.


Ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, carries her iPhone in her back pocket.


I know, I know, I'm sorry... it's Justin Bieber again with his iPhone. At least you can make fun of his ridiculous hair and glasses.


As discussed recently on Girls Gone Gadgets, Megan Fox has some funky thumbs. The rest of her is ok, I guess. Thanks to the brother for the tip!

Selena Gomez makes her way down some stairs with her pretty pink iPhone. I still don't know what she sees in the Bieber.


I'm pretty sure the real Pocahontas didn't have an iPhone, but Sophie Turner doesn't look too concerned with historical accuracy.


Jim and Robert California stare at Robert's iPhone during last week's episode of The Office.


Katey Segal's character Gemma has been using an iPhone on Sons of Anarchy the last couple of episodes.

Speaking of Sons of Anarchy, creator/writer/actor Kurt Sutter (also Katey Segal's husband, which I didn't know) is seen in a recent video on his YouTube account using an iPhone. Thanks to @evb624 for the SOA tips!

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TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings for November 8, 2011


The fun part is reactions like "Roller" above :)
Debbie Gibson needs to wear longer shirts - if you ain't got it, you shouldn't flaunt it... #justsayin