TiPb at CTIA 2010


Editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn (@backlon) is once again still braving the Las Vegas strip for the good of the Smartphone Experts network, this week at CTIA 2010.

He'll be keeping an eye on things for TiPb while he's there so if you're at CTIA and have anything iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad related you really want to show off, hit us up at via news(at)tipb(dot)com (or @TiPb).

Dieter will also be covering all the new for PreCentral.net, and he's brought Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) from Android Central and WMExperts and the inimitable CrackBerry Kevin (@crackberrykevin) along with him to round out our presence. Keep an eye on their respective sites for all the news, and follow them on Twitter for the inevitable behind-the-scenes shenanigans that follow. (Which I'll no doubt be poking jealous fun at via @reneritchie -- just sayin'!)

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TiPb at CTIA 2010


this is a bit of a culture shock for me. i wonder what us everyone in a hurry for anyhow, some things, like wine, are better appreciated with more time. where is this technology leading us? what are we all becoming? big brother now knows where everyone butt is 24/7 – people are walking around psychological absent of their immediate surroundings more and more. more textual infidelity. did anyone see the matrix? btw, the devour looks like a nexus killer… haha, i’m starting to pick up on the matrix lingo fast. that songs, i think i am turning japanese, now i comes to mind. does anyone care if a product is made in america anymore? the next phone name i think should be called “the black hole”. it’s up for grabs, with motorola giving the first right of refusal. just give me a bit of credit in the future, i’ve been shy before to claim my 10 minutes of fame.