TiPb CTIA2009 AT&T Keynote Live-Blog

Editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn is live and on the scene at CTIA, and so TiPb will be covering AT&T's Raphael de la Vega Keynote. (And we hope to hear more about their new Skype-friendly, VoIP over 3G policy). The action starts at 12:30pm ET, 9:30am PT, so bookmark this page, and join in live!

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TiPb CTIA2009 AT&T Keynote Live-Blog


Ask AT&T why can't they improve there data coverage. The inadequate mms coverage is as well interfering with my SMS.

No kidding, expand the existing network and improve reliability before implementing a speed upgrade.

How bout less amount of dropped calls in NYC?seriously, I could standing still at a place talking with my full amount of bars, next thing I know I have another dropped call. I'm tired of this shit already when my monthly phone bill is excess of $150!!
This is 2009 for crying out loud. I previously had sprint for almost 9 years with the same phone number. I never ever experienced this amount of dropped calls during my duration of sprint vs the short time I've been with AT&T.