TiPb Discounts -- 25% off FictionWise eBooks!


The fine folks at Fictionwise.com (aka eReader.com, or m.ereader.com if you're on your iPhone) are giving TiPb readers 25% off on any eBook purchase until February 28. (Their eReader app for the iPhone is already free -- iTunes link).

Here's the code you need to get your discount:


We should also point out, ALL of their New York Times Best Sellers include 100% Rebates or Rewards, which means if you purchase "Cross Country" by James Patterson for $9.99 (or any other NYT Title), they'll immediately put $9.99 back into your member account to purchase other eBooks.

And if you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments!

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Reader comments

TiPb Discounts -- 25% off FictionWise eBooks!


I've had a fictionwise account for awhile but never really used it or understood how that reward system worked. So you basically get a gift card equal to the value of all NYT bestsellers that you buy? I think there is a certain percentage of other purchases that you get back as well. That's pretty good, but are these ePubs I could transfer to my eReader? I'm not really down with reading on my iPhone.

Yup, you can download them to your PC, use EReader.com reader, or put them on your Nook, Sony, etc.
I have used fictionwise books on my nook, and other than being stuck with sideloading they work fine.
Barnes and Noble owns that Fictionwise, Ereader.com and several other smaller outlets. I wish they would consolidate their delivery system to they all get to me the same way.