TiPb Discounts -- 25% off FictionWise eBooks!


The fine folks at Fictionwise.com (aka eReader.com, or m.ereader.com if you're on your iPhone) are giving TiPb readers 25% off on any eBook purchase until February 28. (Their eReader app for the iPhone is already free -- iTunes link).

Here's the code you need to get your discount:


We should also point out, ALL of their New York Times Best Sellers include 100% Rebates or Rewards, which means if you purchase "Cross Country" by James Patterson for $9.99 (or any other NYT Title), they'll immediately put $9.99 back into your member account to purchase other eBooks.

And if you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments!

Rene Ritchie

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Al says:

I've had a fictionwise account for awhile but never really used it or understood how that reward system worked. So you basically get a gift card equal to the value of all NYT bestsellers that you buy? I think there is a certain percentage of other purchases that you get back as well. That's pretty good, but are these ePubs I could transfer to my eReader? I'm not really down with reading on my iPhone.

icebike says:

Yup, you can download them to your PC, use EReader.com reader, or put them on your Nook, Sony, etc.
I have used fictionwise books on my nook, and other than being stuck with sideloading they work fine.
Barnes and Noble owns that Fictionwise, Ereader.com and several other smaller outlets. I wish they would consolidate their delivery system to they all get to me the same way.

Greytfriend says:

Thanks, you saved me some nice money!

The Dave says:

Is this coupon single-use or can it be used more than once?

Sena Hemsley says:

You made a few nice points there. I did a search on the topic and found nearly all folks will consent with your blog.