TiPb Gear: mophie Marketplace and mophie juice pack TV (Macworld 2010)

mophie at Macworld 2010

mophie was a good friend of mine during Macworld 2010 as I literally walked the show floor with two (2!) mophie juice pack airs ($79.95 - iMore Store link) to get me through the near-constant use of my iPhone required for the the live coverage -- and yes, I typically drained them both and then some!

New at Macworld, mophie's Jon Bradley was showing off their mophie Marketplace, which combines a case and a credit card reader to handle transactions on the go and the mophie juice pack TV, which combines a juice pack battery with FLO TV service.

Marketplace will be available April 15 while juice pack TV is shooting for March at a price point probably a bit north of the juice pack by itself, but may include some month of free FLO TV service to offset it.

Check both out after the break and let us know what you think. You want to swipe credit cards and watch TV on your iPhone?

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