TiPb Give Away: Convertbot and Weightbot for iPhone!

The totally titanic team at Tapbot have gone above and beyond for TiPb readers with this one!

First, they've given us five (5) Promo Codes for their latest greatest unit converter, Convertbot [iTunes link], a sweet app with a stunning interface, designed to make the admittedly tedious task of converting one measurement into a another a deliciously tactile, actually enjoyable experience.

But wait, there's more! They've also given us five (5) Promo Codes for their classic weight tracker, Weightbot [iTunes link], a great app with a gorgeous interface, and just in time (again!) for bikini season (or whatever the rest of you wear to work...)

Want a chance to get either one of them -- or if pure random luck comes your way -- both of them, for FREE? Head on over to our forum and post your reply in the Convertbot Give Away and/or Weightbot Give Away threads.

(As always, to use Promo Codes, you need access to the US App Store).

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TiPb Give Away: Convertbot and Weightbot for iPhone!

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