TiPb Give Away: 10 Copies of HanDBase for iPhone... for FREE!

HanDBase should be familiar to the hardcore mobile data crunchers among us: it puts relational database management in your pocket. Now the fine folks at DDH Software have not only brought it to the iPhone, but they're gracious enough to give it away FREE to 10 lucky TiPb readers!

But wait, there's more: you can score not only the HandDBase iPhone App FREE, but your choice of either PC Desktop + Conduit or Mac Desktop and future conduit.

What do you have to do for a chance to win? Simple: just leave a comment below telling us, and HanDBase, why exactly you want to crunch all that data on your iPhone. Enter, search, sort, filter, print, and sync -- what'cha going to do with all that mobile power?

NOTE: Be sure to leave a real email address in the comment field. It won't be made public, but we will need it to contact you if you win!

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Reader comments

TiPb Give Away: 10 Copies of HanDBase for iPhone... for FREE!


I am an optometrist, and I need to reference contact lens parameters several times a day. The available paper catalogs are comprehensive, but cumbersome to use. With HanDBase I could have the lenses I use most right at my fingertips on my iPhone.

Because I was third to comment and like to play with iPhone apps! Actually I can think of many uses for this app for collections, client lists, web dev cheat sets, service calls, etc.

WOW! I haven't totally looked into it yet or watched the video (since I'm in class) but I would definitely get some use out of this app. As a TA I have to keep track of grades. I would also use it for personal budgeting, workout/weight progress, various PDFs I have for school, todo lists, shopping lists, etc... Pick me!

I'm a surgeon and I'm been waiting for this since the iPhone came out. I had HanDBase on my Treo 650 and already had a database to keep a log of my cases and help me with the billing. Now I can come back to have this in my phone instead of the cloud.

Since leaving my palm and "smartlist to go" behind I have had all sorts of GRIEF trying to manage my clients details on the iPhone.!
There doesn't seem to be anythingfor the iPhone that syncs easily to ms access... Could you guys be my saviour??
I hope so and look forward to receiving your handDbase app

Wow....brings me back to the glory days of the Treo and PalmOS. I'll finally be able to flexibly catalog wines, Movies, ect...

I manage the client database for my company and it can get frustrating keeping all these records organized. This would definitely help me get more productive :)

I'd like to use it for storing configuration details for my consulting customers, to make it easier to keep the various sites, servers, and applications straight.

I'm a DBA. I spend everyday thinking of ways to put life's information into new and wonderful databases. Since I am a recent iPhone addict - they probably wouldn't be able to pry it from my cold dead hands if I put HanDBase on it.

I'll once again (since the demise of my Palm) be able to configure complex customer requirements on-site and present an instant price - and secure those sales!

I do the shopping for my family. Would be very useful to keep the shopping list on here for many reasons. I also have a full library of DVDs and it would be very useful to just check this app(after imorting all my DVDs) to look through what I got instead of staring at my wall of movies for a long period of time

Im a developer and I like to look at all new ways I can manipulate data and store it in databases. Also I would like to keep track of my workouts and daily tasks.

I was thinking I could use this to keep information about my Sunday Svhool classes. Student information, classroom inventory data including serial numbers for equipment. Then have personal inventories and some customer data for my business. Lots of uses!

Where do I start, Emergency Medical Technician & Public Safety training guide for new officers, reduce the use of paper when I'm at the scene of an incident, and equipment tracking and ordering. There are just so many ways I could use this at work not to mention at home with CD, DVD, and equipment I need to personally keep track of.

I don't even know where to begin! On the work side I have tons of protocols and treatment algorithms that right now are on paper and in books weighing down my coat pockets (and giving me regular neck aches). I've been searching for a while for a means to keep this info handy on my iPhone, HanDBase would work perfect. From the personal side this would be great for keeping track of books that have been read, books to be read, music to purchase, checklists for around the house, etc.

I would like this because I am broke and will be laid-off next week and can not afford any more apps. I work for Circuit City IT!
Plus, This makes the iPhone that much more of a smart phone used to control data for business and personal. I really like what this app. can do!

I am a Police Officer. My unit is currently attempting to develop a criminal database that other Officers and I can use to keep track of dangerous criminals and pass along intelegence obtained in the field. The iPhone has become a neccesity at our department for communication and organization. I personally have converted many Officers over to using it. I believe that if this database is successful I could account for many more purchases of this software. Thanks.

Sounds like a GREAT DB. I am a DBA and work with Oracle, Sybase and MS Access. Can ew import data from MS Access to HandDBase?
I would love to review it and get back to you on possible enhancements that I gather from using other DB's. Makes your DB more robust and flexable.
Would LOVE to be able to port data from other db's.

I am in the educational field, I used to use HanDBase and applications like it in my Palm OS days. Recently I have resorted to tugging my MacBook around for much of the number crunching I have to do. It would be a lot easier to just carry the iPhone.

This would be the perfect application to track my blood pressure and my glucose numbers and always have them with me.

I work in the Application Support field and I could use this app to keep track of what software is is on what developers PC as well as the licensing information. It would allow me to keep all this information with me instead of always having to log into a PC and check wheneveer there is a ticket opened.

I would use it to track the progress of my triplets and print them later for the family book! How much did they drink/sleep on day 1, 2, 3... Easier to make a schedule once they'll be 3 months old!

I first bought this fantastic product in May, 2000 for a portable device I had then. (Was it the HP95lx???) A year or so later, I left the job which prompted the need for it behind. It was a GREAT tool and was so easily updatable, adding fields 'on the fly' and more. Now, I may be returning to a similar job and would love to have this on my new iPhone. This is a really wonderful database and was SO compatible with both spreadsheets and text-formatted lists even back a decade ago! I can only imagine how great it must be now.

Oh for the love of data
I'd even take a copy if it were beta
Such is the case of info for me
That I can't do without, especially if free!
So look at this comment and feel what I need
Your gift to this junkie, would be such a good deed!

After using handbase on my treo & having to give it up on migrating to the iPhone, having it come back again is like meeting an old friend for dinner and realizing what you missed. It's let's me tailor my medical database exactly how I want it!

I think this would be great to use for inventory items. While there are inventory programs, they aren't all that great. With the background of the HandDBase and how well they have done over the years, I think this app would do well for any inventory projects

As a father my boys (3 of them) tend to destroy DVDs. So I copy them to m4v format and put them my Popcorn Hour and backup 3 movies per DVD (incase the the harddrive in the Popcorn Hour dies). HanDBase would be a great way to keep track of what I have on it and what DVD-R the backup copy is on.

Being a DBA in life, I can't deal with limited list applications that currently exist on the iphone. I also enjoy having separate tables to hold specific information for ease of entry and using primary/foreign keys to link it to more detailed information. To be specific, I help head a few organizations, and this would be perfect for me to keep tracl of users and their roles and the specific groups the belong to.
I have to say though, I am jealous. I was just thinking about creating a similar app. If only i knew how to program an iphone . . .

Hi I'm interested in building a pilot time tracking application for our in-house shop. If I can get the proof-of-concept up and running maybe I can convince mgmt. to roll it out.

My wife and I are starting a business and we already use the iPhone for keeping up to date with appts, contacts, documents and email. If we had this, we would really have most of the business needs at arm's length! Such a robust relational database app is necessary for us, especially since I have much knowledge in database management.

Two things I'd create immediately:
1) pest control database for my greenhouse/botanical garden staff, they would use to track infestations and evaluate control measures on the spot while making rounds, then upload to desktop to create large scale analysis and management plans.
2) system to manage sailing racing team: specs/stats on competitors, all the gear lists we need for different types of races, results for ourselves/competitors, repair/maintenance tracking, regatta schedules and team member schedules, resource list linked to location (e.g., if at regatta in Miami, local vendors/suppliers list; if at regatta in Charleston, different list), etc.

I want to catalogue everything I own! Well my favorite stuff anyway, books, cds, dvds, video games, even minidiscs!

I have this huge 5.000+ item home inventory database on my PC. Most of the stuff in that database is physically stored in our basement, three floors down. With HanDB on my iPhone I could do most of the database maintenance actually IN THAT BASEMENT. My wife and kids already do think I'm a geek, then they'd start calling me a creep. Great!

I"ve used HanDBase since my Palm days, and love it. I have all my account info, location data, etc and am thrilled there is an iPhone version.
Now if we could only get DB from CESD we'd be set...

I love keeping databases for things. I would use it for storing network switch information, asset management, comic book cataloging, and personal information.

I have used HanDBase on my Palm and really benefit from it for my work and can't wait to use it on my iPhone.

Currently, I am a student attending Ferris State University. I am constantly trying to convince people the advantages of using a database opposed to making a terribly constructed Excel spreadsheet. It would be great to be able to whip up quick examples of how a database would benefit in certain situations, as well as be used practically (I could create a DB for my school assignments and etc).

I am a developer, so in my free times also I would like to design the databases for my projects directly from my iPhone.
Thanks for this app !

I'd use it to track our CD/DVD software library, so I know who has what disk out at what time, being able to answer someone when not at my desk is invaluable. It would also help me remember to get things back so people don't hold onto them for too long.

I work for my school's IT department and this would be great so I could keep track of all the people and procedures that I am currently constantly forgetting.

I love databases and I love my iPhone (of course). I regularly extract between hundreds and hundreds of thousands of customer records to explore the correlations between the use of various broadband services and other variables; I would like to see how the iPhone deals with this on the fly.

I am a teacher and my school has databases of parent contacts and schedules for my students. Carrying this around with me at all times would simplify a lot of what I do. When a kids is late for a bus on Saturday- I could bring up the contact number and call to see if they are sick or are on their way. Poor teacher = needs free software.

I run an auction for a charity organization. I could use HanDbase to keep track of who is donating what to the auction, how many they are donating, minimum bid, date of donation (where applicable), etc and finally who won the auction for each item and how much they paid.
The reason that this needs to be on my iPhone is because I need to go around and ask individuals to donate some thing to the auction. I need to know who donated last year, what they donated and if they have already committed to donated this year as I meet people. (Organization and auction URLs available via private note upon request)
Second use:
I attend multi-day multi-track conferences. I like to plan ahead but I also want to be flexible throughout the day if a session is canceled (or should be ;) ) The catalogs they hand you are cumbersome and it can be difficult to figure out if a topic is offered at multiple times and when. I would like to import the conference schedule into an iphone database so I can quickly search by topic, time and location.

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