TiPb Give Away: Hardcore ElementCases for the Holidays!

The kind folks over at Element Case have hooked TiPb up for the holidays! That's right, they were generous enough to drop off a pack of custom tricked-out iPhone cases not just for us to review -- but for us to give away to you, the best dang blog readers, forum posters, and podcast listeners on the interwebs.

These aren't just any cases, mind you. These are the hardcore high-end rigs of cases. Jeremy's already gotten his hands all over them (and took some time out of his hectic holiday schedule to snap the pics above and below) and he says they're well made and built for gaming, with the special bonus of making sure you don't cover up the speaker when holding them (nice touch!).

Thanks to everyone at Element Case for hooking us up, and stay tuned for your chance to take one of these custom TiPb cases home for the new year!

(To check out their whole selection, head on over to the Element Case Shop).

More pics after the break...

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

TiPb Give Away: Hardcore ElementCases for the Holidays!


Seems like a super-suh-weet giveaway, and an excellent finishing touch to the Chuck Norris style iPhone holster that I'm hoping makes it way into my X-mas stocking.
So, how's about you hook a brother up? ;0)

As soon as I found out which contest ya'll are going to put these in, I am gonna be all over it, like a hobo on a hotdog...

Thanks to Element Case! -- and remember folks, these are custom engraved with the TiPb stylings. One of a kind collectors items all (Bad Ash threatened to pummel me for forgetting to state that in the post!)

Im so ready to win one!!! Im getting an iphone for christmas and I am all too excited. How do I go about winning this fabulous prize?

I've already busted a couple cases, so I'll definitely join the raffle for this case. Thanks Rene for the TiPb give-away!

I'd love one! My 3G had a ding a week after getting it, which made me sad, but I've been protecting it fiercely since then.

We do a ton of custom design work, but not everyone has the most engraving-friendly artwork.
These TiPB Element Cases are among the very best I have ever seen produced, and they look SO good.
Renen - be sure to take some pics of the phone lit up with the cover on, especially that pink one! The TiPB logo just POPS out and it looks so awesome. Also, while not everyone enjoys this, you can do some cool color-filter effects taking iPhone pics with the various lids snapped on back.
Happy Holidays TiPB!

This looks pretty slick. Is the giveaway one of those "drop a comment" kind of things? If so, count me in!

This is by far the coolest looking, most functional iphone case I have seen by far, if I don't win a bad arss custom tipb one I'll have to think of my own custom design, aside from saving money for the purchase, well worth it of course!

These look like awesome protection, but they also seem expensive :( but a FREE one, well now... thats a diff story